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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I’ve just been trying to do way too much

Things have been extremely chaotic on this end.  The good news is I have been super busy and business is good.  The bad news is my husband still isn’t working due to his ski accident on February 28th or somewhere around there.  He’s almost back to normal but after having knee surgery a few days after the incident he has been doing the physical therapy thing.

I love my husband, but having to chauffeur him everywhere and having him home 24/7 for over 2 months is driving me nuts.  I always joked how I have 4 kids.  Well it sure felt like it for the past couple of months.

Anyway, last week I had a major mix-up with one of my orders.  Luckily I completed them and sent them out quickly so I had time to correct my error.  The 2 customers involved got each other’s order and this has caused me sleepless nights.  I pride myself in being extra careful when applying shipping labels.  I even make a note on the envelope as to what’s in there and the customer’s name so it really surprised me when one of them contacted me informing me that she received someone else’s order. 

I immediately tracked down the other package and saw it was scheduled for delivery that same day, then contacted the customer.  She was very understanding(thank goodness) and volunteered to ship it back the next day.  I refunded part of her order for her troubles and to cover the shipping charges and sent out a prepaid priority label via Priority mail.  Needed to get everything back quickly.

One shirt arrived yesterday and was immediately re-packaged and sent out.  This customer needs it by Friday.  So you see why I was so stressed?  I’ve never failed to get an order out in time and I don’t want to start.

Last night I actually slept a little better but I am sure that won’t improve until I see this customer’s package arrive in time.

I just everything to go back to “normal”, if there was ever such a thing.

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