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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh how I love mail time!

My packages are finally arriving and I’m giddy with excitement.  Lots of yarn, blanks and embroidery supplies.  I was afraid the bad weather would cause huge delays but it hasn’t really.  I have 2 boxes of blanks arriving later today and I can’t wait


I treated myself this time, well sort of, and got a new pair of Applique scissors.  I had 5 pairs of Applique scissors and only 2 of those could actually be used.  Why?  because certain people in this house sneak and use my scissors to cut things other than what they were made for, making my scissors so dull they become useless.  Still I won’t throw them away.  I’ll attempt to sharpen them soon so maybe it won’t be a total loss.

I also found a new supplier of embroidery supplies whose prices are just right!  So I got WSS and medium weight cut away by the roll


And my beautiful yarn.  My plan is to not only make newborn knitted hats but to donate some every month or so to a local hospital.  So the search is on!






Turquoise and Royal Blue




Pink Ice.  I am having the hardest time capturing the true color of this one


And I couldn’t forget pink one of my favorite colors

Rhinestone are also in.  I had been searching around for reasonable prices for months and I think I found it.  Haven’t used them yet but I am hoping they stick well.  Only offered studs before, so this is new for Treats for your Sweets.  Also had to replace my new 1 month old scale.  One of these kids broke it.  I just know it but no one owned up.  Not much I can do about that but to buy a new one.  It’s a necessity.


More yarn, a book, some stretch needles and I stocked up on some variegated thread which seems to be a hit for the mouse head design, below.




I love bright loud colors. This isn’t really loud but it’s bright!

That’s pretty much it!

Oh I just completed this cool order for someone throwing a baby shower.


And I always love it when customer stray away from the normal pink theme


Yes there is still pink but the yellow and aqua just looks so lovely.

Until soon!  I am trying really hard not to ignore and kill this blog Winking smile

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something New

I am always very flattered when a customer trusts me enough to say, Do whatever you want, or “Make me so and so however you want it, I trust you”.  At the same time I get super stressed and nervous.  This is my last, Do-whatever-you-want project.  I have never made one of these before and I am no pro, as you can probably tell.  I just hope she likes it & that it’s a hit at the baby shower.  I think the colors are pretty.  My 7 yr old & my 4 yr old says it’s beautiful but I am not sure.



I have seen some very lovely ones being sold on Etsy.  Some 3 and 4 tiered diaper cakes.  Ones made up to look like golf bags.  It’s crazy!


So here is my poor attempt. 



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thread disaster

I am always excited when I have to stock up on my supplies, especially embroidery thread.  This time around I am not sure what went on.  I took off the plastic wrapping around the spool of thread and this fell out to greet me.


One can never tell how I will react to certain things, but I screamed out “OH NO!” and just stood there with my mouth opened, as if that was going to help.  The kids all heard me and ran to my rescue.  When they saw the tangled up mess on the floor they started laughing.  The thread is so pretty.  It’s a dark purple-ish blue. 

Then I came up with a grand idea or so I thought.  I’d wind it on a bobbin on my machine and find some way to rig up something so it would work on my embroidery machine but before I could even get the thread in the machine grooves out fell some more.


I wanted to cry.  Anytime I try to get some off the spool it just unravels.  I guess I’ll be in contact with the company. I’m just so sad about this. Not angry, because I know sometimes these things happened.  They can’t all be perfect.  My order was quite large and so far this is the only defective one.  I hope.



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Sunday, February 10, 2013

For the crafter in you…. Free Pacifier Clip Tutorial

Treats for your Sweets freebie
Here’s a very simple one for you to enjoy.  It’s relatively quick to complete.  For the beginner.
These will make 1 Pacifier Clip
  • 2 – 12” pieces of 7/8" wide coordinating grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 Mitten/Suspender Clip
  • 1 set of Snaps Fasteners
  • Snap Fastener Tool
  • 1 - 3/4” x 8 Small piece of craft stabilizer (the iron-on one) some people just know it as Deco-bond
  • Sewing Machine – Of course you can hand-stitch if you do not have one
  • Iron
  • Needle and Thread
  • Measuring Tape/Ruler
READY?  Here we go(Click on photos to enlarge)

We’re straight stitching.  These are my machine settings.  Needle centered and each stitch relatively short

Right sides together.  Of course this will not matter much if your ribbon has no patterned sides. 
Here is one end.  We will use this end for the suspender clip.  I have actually double back on this stitch about 3 times.  This is a bit of a high stress area as the child may be pulling on the pacifier clip pretty often when it’s attached, so you need a strong stitch here where you join the ribbon.
Pass the ribbon through the suspender loop area.  PLEASE pay attention to how you put it on.  You won’t want to end up with the wrong side facing backwards when the clip is attached to clothingSmile
Place right sides together again.  Your suspender clip will be sandwiched between the pieces of ribbon
We’re going to work on the other end now.  This is the end the snap fasteners will be attached.
Fold the small strip of craft stabilizer in half and cut it into 2 equal parts.  You should now have 2 – 4” x 3/4” pieces

On the wrong side of the ribbon, on the opened end, place the pieces like this, shiny side down on the ribbon. 

I set my iron on wool, blast a bit of steam on it and carefully place pressure on the stabilizer so it will stick.  It may help if you have a precision iron but that is totally not necessary.

If you’re worried about melting your ribbon hahaha…yes it has happened to the best of us, get a scrap piece of cotton and place it over your work before ironing. Old t-shirts work well.  If I place the scrap piece of cotton over the stabilizer,  I turn my iron up on the highest.  Make sure it sticks.
Once it’s sticks, it’s time to close it up.  Pressure foot on the end, needle at the center position and stitch.
This is what you should have.  The Deco-bond would help provide some support when you add the snap fasteners.
Turn it over, so the the right sides of the ribbon are on the outside.
Now you don’t have to do this.  This is just my preference.  I change my pressure foot to the zipper foot so that I can sew closer to the enclosed clip.  Remember the suspender clip is in the middle.
Needle is positioned to the extreme right, to close it up as tight as it can be.
See how close it gets to the enclosed clip? 

This is the result.  Do not worry if you aren’t as close the edge as this picture shows.  You can add a bow to hide any wide spaces later or even a pre-purchased applique.  Let’s move on.
I’m on a simple Deco stitch now to close the whole thing up.  Straight stitch is fine too!  Just be sure you take your time and use your plate guides or pressure foot to help “stitch straight”  Crooked stitching shows up too easily on these.
Notice I am not starting from the end. 
Let’s go straight down to the end with the stitch
Once you get to the end, we’re going to Pivot stitch.  So make sure your needle stays in the ribbon…………….
Lift your pressure foot…………………………..
Turn your work………..

Put the pressure foot down and continue, all the way back down
Notice again, I am not all the way to the end.  Remember we didn’t start the stitching at the end
Pivot stitch again and end up at the entry point you started.
We should have something similar…YES???
So we are here.  Time to add the snap fasteners. 
Get your snap tool and your hardware
Measure about 3.50” out from the stitching not the end
Fold in half
Don’t mind me with my unconventional methods but this is how I mark where I will place my snap fasteners.  You can use some other type of marker like Taylor’s chalk, regular chalk works well too, just mark where you’re going to place the snaps and make the space large enough to go around the average pacifier loop.

One snap fastener will be right after the end stitch and the other will be about 3.5 inches out.
First one added.  Make sure it’s facing on this way
Here’s the other side.  Don't worry too much if you see teeny tiny pulls in the ribbon. It goes with the territory but grosgrain is a little forgiving.  Most holes aren't really visible too much and it closes up for the most part. 
Put on the other one.  Should look similar.  You could also use the snap fasteners with the fancy pearl backs.  I don’t.  It's sort of uncalled for.
Here’s the other side.

You could end it here or add a bow or to the other end

OPTIONAL (adding the bow)

There are lots of online sources that offer awesome tutorials on bow making.  Google it and check them out if you need help
Here’s my little bow.   Hand stitched on

IMPORTANT: If you are making these things for sale, please please please do not use hot glue ALONE to attach to the pacifier clip.  Enough tugging and any child can pull it off.  You can put dots of hot glue to keep it in place before stitching it on though.

IMPORTANTAgain, if you’re making these to sell, please make sure your work is neat.  This is the back side, behind the attached bow.  DO NOT poke right through the ribbon with your needle and thread when you attach it.  Take your time and only make the needle go between the two closed pieces of ribbon.  I hope I explained that properly.

I used light color bobbin thread but if you want to make your stitch blend in more, use the same color thread as your ribbon.  AND make sure you trim your threads

Practice a few until you’re comfortable.  They will become so easy the entire process should take you no more than 5 - 10 minutes
This is it, all completed
They make wonderful gifts and they are fun to make
Get a bunch of ribbon and go crazy!  You can also use fabric only or fabric/ribbon combination.  When I use fabric,  I use feather-weight/light-weight stabilizer the full length of one strip of fabric.  But when using fabric be careful, too heavy a fabric will make your clip stiff.  We do not want that.  It should bend very easily


This clip is a fabric/ribbon combo.  The ribbon is on the back




Here is a photo of the Universal Pacifier Clip.  I used all fabric on these

Signature stitched
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