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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thread disaster

I am always excited when I have to stock up on my supplies, especially embroidery thread.  This time around I am not sure what went on.  I took off the plastic wrapping around the spool of thread and this fell out to greet me.


One can never tell how I will react to certain things, but I screamed out “OH NO!” and just stood there with my mouth opened, as if that was going to help.  The kids all heard me and ran to my rescue.  When they saw the tangled up mess on the floor they started laughing.  The thread is so pretty.  It’s a dark purple-ish blue. 

Then I came up with a grand idea or so I thought.  I’d wind it on a bobbin on my machine and find some way to rig up something so it would work on my embroidery machine but before I could even get the thread in the machine grooves out fell some more.


I wanted to cry.  Anytime I try to get some off the spool it just unravels.  I guess I’ll be in contact with the company. I’m just so sad about this. Not angry, because I know sometimes these things happened.  They can’t all be perfect.  My order was quite large and so far this is the only defective one.  I hope.



Signature stitched

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