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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh how I love mail time!

My packages are finally arriving and I’m giddy with excitement.  Lots of yarn, blanks and embroidery supplies.  I was afraid the bad weather would cause huge delays but it hasn’t really.  I have 2 boxes of blanks arriving later today and I can’t wait


I treated myself this time, well sort of, and got a new pair of Applique scissors.  I had 5 pairs of Applique scissors and only 2 of those could actually be used.  Why?  because certain people in this house sneak and use my scissors to cut things other than what they were made for, making my scissors so dull they become useless.  Still I won’t throw them away.  I’ll attempt to sharpen them soon so maybe it won’t be a total loss.

I also found a new supplier of embroidery supplies whose prices are just right!  So I got WSS and medium weight cut away by the roll


And my beautiful yarn.  My plan is to not only make newborn knitted hats but to donate some every month or so to a local hospital.  So the search is on!






Turquoise and Royal Blue




Pink Ice.  I am having the hardest time capturing the true color of this one


And I couldn’t forget pink one of my favorite colors

Rhinestone are also in.  I had been searching around for reasonable prices for months and I think I found it.  Haven’t used them yet but I am hoping they stick well.  Only offered studs before, so this is new for Treats for your Sweets.  Also had to replace my new 1 month old scale.  One of these kids broke it.  I just know it but no one owned up.  Not much I can do about that but to buy a new one.  It’s a necessity.


More yarn, a book, some stretch needles and I stocked up on some variegated thread which seems to be a hit for the mouse head design, below.




I love bright loud colors. This isn’t really loud but it’s bright!

That’s pretty much it!

Oh I just completed this cool order for someone throwing a baby shower.


And I always love it when customer stray away from the normal pink theme


Yes there is still pink but the yellow and aqua just looks so lovely.

Until soon!  I am trying really hard not to ignore and kill this blog Winking smile

Signature stitched

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