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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I do what I love

I don’t claim to be an expert in this “small-business” world, far from it.  I just know that I have learned from my mistakes.  I continue to improve all the time and I want you to succeed as well.

Today’s word or I should say words to consider:

~Find something that you love doing and master it as best as you can.  Your love will show in your work. 

Just because you craft doesn’t mean you can make any and everything.   Be honest with yourself.  You won’t see me woodworking any time soon.  Even though I could probably make a decent looking small table, I am not good at it.  “Decent” looking is NOT good enough to sell.

~ Have an honest group of people in your circle, who will tell you the truth about your crafts; and you have to learn to accept constructive criticism.

~ Never show rudeness in your emails to your customers, even if they are being rude. We all know good news travel but bad news always seem to travel faster and farther.  

~ Always use one of these/or similar in your email messages to your customers (as they apply of course):  Thank you,  I sincerely apologize, I appreciate your interest, you’re welcome, etc.

Because you are not face to face or even on the phone, online messages/emails can be easily misunderstood & misinterpreted so be very careful.

~ Do not argue with your customers.  You will NEVER win

~ Lastly, do not let disgruntled, impossible-to-please customers ruffle your feathers.  They are exactly what they’re called, impossible-to-please and not even a free product, replacement item or refund will make them change.  Just keep on moving.

Eventually you may deal with one of them.

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