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Monday, October 15, 2012

Crafters tip! Clean your baby

AND you’ll prevent a load of problems.

I know that seems pretty obvious but even I forget to take care of my girls sometimes.  When you’re busy just trying to complete your orders, sometimes the machine gets neglected.

I have to do this every week!  Sometimes I will do it more often depending on what fabrics I work with…..like Minky Melange.  That fabric is nasty.  Not nasty dirty, but nasty in a linty fluffy sort of way Smile  It’s very thick and plushy



Anyway. A few days ago I was about to sew a beanie hat when I realized I could barely see the feed dogs.  I mean lint was almost covering them all!  My poor girl was probably choking!

Don’t be intimidated. Most machines have only 2 short screws on the throat plate, so grab your short screw-driver, you know the one that came with your machine?  Get your tweezers, tiny lint brush(again, that came with the machine) and get to work. Serger tweezers work great.  Just make sure it’s a long pair of tweezers, it makes things a whole lot easier. Take your time and don’t' forget to oil the moving parts before closing her back up.  Refer to your manual.  They’ll tell you at what points to oil.

Look at that mess!


Dust and Lint




I even found a small piece of fabric and loads of thread.  No good for your machine.


This is only a little bit.

She was so happy when I was finished with her!  I even changed the needle too!  Next will be the serger.  That gets worse!

Have a happy week creating and doing what you do best people!

Off to get some work done Winking smile



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Still alive and business is super!

This poor blog.  I keep promising to make time to update on a regular basis but alas, it hasn’t been done!  Maybe the only reason I haven’t folded in and deleted it is probably because I’ve paid up until next year.  So here I am trying again….what a joke

Business is keeping me very busy, especially the past couple months.  My personalized handmade beanies are my HOTTEST item.  I’m so thankful for that! 

Badboy Black Beanie (2)Max white beanieSilas BeanieJake Beanie (2)Jasiah Jade BeanieHailey Beanie (3)Andrew and Austin (2)Evelyn (2)

Available in just about any color you can think of.  These are just a few.  If I don’t have the color fabric you want, I am sure I can get a hold of it!

I’ve branched out a bit in an effort to ditch ebay and their ridiculous fees.  Yes it’s true they bring in more traffic which equals more sales but still, it hurts when I get that notice every month to pay for listing and transaction fees.  AND paypal takes out their share.  These people are making a killing!  So once I can safely say that my new site is busier than ever, it’s bye bye ebay.

As simple as it may be, these websites take up so much time and require so much work!  It’s still a work in progress but please check me out at Treats for your Sweets

Every week and weekend, and maybe I’ll even change up the item daily, I offer a SALE item of the week or weekend.  This weekend, it’s a personalized Keyfob in the fabric shown.  I love zebra


I am only offering about 20 at the ridiculously low price listed, so grab yours now and share with your friends.  The holidays are coming and this makes a great inexpensive gift.  No one has to know that you got it for next to nothing!

So here once again, promising to keep my little blog alive!  Until soon!


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