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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Rambling

Maybe this is what I should start doing on those nights when I cannot sleep or work, writing on this poor blog.

Nothing is really new.  Just trying to stay busy.  I was a bit proud to actually sew a couple weeks ago.  I made this “Cecilia” Summer/Spring Dress for Ashleigh, yes Ms. Chatter Box-Smarty Pants herself.


I wanted a decent photo.  This is what I got.  No smile and her looking off at what I don’t know.


I suck at Photoshop, really I do.

DSC_1200 copy

Well once she took off the dress, she decided she didn’t like it.  So I have put it in the store.  I am sure it will fit Alyssa..maybe I should let her use it as a top.  She is pretty tiny.  Not sure.  But can you believe that 3 yr old?  I wonder if she just has too many choices?  Would you believe she has more clothes and shoes out of all of us.  Yes the 3 yr old.  I don’t remember  even telling my mom that I wasn’t wearing something she made/got for me and I am talking about all the way up to high-school.  The general rule was you’re not working, you wear what I give you.  No one said you had to like it.  That was just the way it was.

I also started making Tooth Fairy Pillows.  Why?  Well Poor Alyssa is always misplacing her tooth plus I was tired of her using up our Ziploc baggies. 

Alyssa Class Photo

Look at my 1st Grade baby 

Last time, for days she was complaining how the tooth was wiggly.  She kept running in the bathroom.  I knew she was pulling at it.  I kept telling her, “Alyssa, leave the tooth alone.  It will come out when it’s ready.  If you pull at it, it will bleed a lot” but she kept running in there.  She was in there for a long time when I decided to go check on her. 

This was the conversation:

Alyssa, where’s the tooth?  Did you pull it out?


Where is it?

It’s not here anymore.

What do you mean?  Where is it?

Well, I put it here(she pointed to the shelf) and it fell.

Well I did some searching, it wasn’t on the floor then it appeared to me that directly below the shelf was the toilet scrubber.  Ugh…big sigh.  Sure enough, when I pulled out that scrubby brush from the base, there it was.

So off I went to get my gloves to fetch and wash off the toilet water tooth. 

Anyway, I am straying here.  She usually wraps it in some tissue, then puts it in a small zippy bag and rests it somewhere, somewhere that Ashleigh cannot reach.  Well she usually can’t remember  where she puts it and there’s always this long search for the missing tooth.  I was done with it.  So I started with the tooth fairy pillows

Here are a few:

1 Boy 2

Kitty Tooth Pillow (1)

Yes, you know Ms. Ashleigh wanted one also.  But no biggie, I always need to make up some samples so it wasn’t too much trouble.

Purple HK Angel Pillow (1)Smurfette tooth pillow (4)

I guess that’s it for now.  I am so excited and cannot wait until summer here.  There is just so much “nature” stuff to do.   Hopefully I’ll have some really new fun things to share.



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