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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

$1.00 Auction for FB fans –Yes I can be crazy at times

I have so many items that just HAVE to go to make way for my new ones.

I am such a disorganized person and occasionally tend to start things and not finish.  Well more than occasionally.  So many projects I have are either half-done, or completed and have just never made it to my store.  ACK…help me out.  My work space is a mess so SALE there must be Smile

We’ve also officially moved to a new FB page, so we’re sort of starting over.  That wonderful site called FB won’t allow me to change my page name since I had over 100 fans so I had to start from scratch.

The page was initially created to reflect the lady’s items that I made but I have since combined the children’s store and Sexygirl so everything can be found at Treats For Your Sweets.

So come on!  Fan us on FB @ Treats For Your Sweets and score some awesome deals.  After all, the Holidays will be here before you know it!  I’m even thinking of putting up all the earrings I have in my stash and maybe the scarves that I crocheted that didn’t sell.  GASP!  So look out for those….MAYBE…….

I’ll be adding items all day.



Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Additions to the store

So I had to get with the program.  After countless requests for Pettis and Tutus to go with the personalized bodysuits and toddler t-shirts, I gave in.  I’d have Ashleigh model a set for me but she thinks it’s a game.  I attempted once and I had to chase her down to try to get a photo.  I wasn’t successful. 

But first I must share this gorgeous baby girl, Addison, modeling one of my Ruffle Bottom Bodysuits with matching flower hair clip.

Please check out Model Connection USA to book your model.  They have many models available in all age groups.  Christina of Labrador Photography did an awesome job and provided photos within hours of the photo shoot.

I couldn’t be more pleased

Floral Designer fabric Ruffle Bottom Personalized Bodysuit Set

Picnik collage tfrs2



Sets are available right now for $28.00 plus US S/H of $3.00.  International orders can be shipped for $7.00

Here’s our most popular sale item at the moment.

Hot Pink Zebra trim 3 layer tutu Set



Tutu and Onesie Business Copy

Currently priced at $45.00 plus US S/H of $5.00, International S/H $15.00

Comes with all you see here:  3 layer Tutu, personalized Bodysuit, 2 crochet headbands(black and hot pink) and large mixed petal peony.

We also have Petti sets available in Brown and Black Cheetah print.  Matching Peony flower hair clip will vary as I’m almost out of flowers

Cheetah Brown with Black Onesie (1)Business  copy

Brown with Zebra Tutu (1)

I also have a lime green with black polka dot tutu set and 2 pink Rosette tutu sets available but I have yet to snap a photo.  I’ll do that soon.

Makes me want to have another girl to dress up….No not really Winking smile

Our Personalized Toddler T-shirts are on sale all weekend for $12.00 shipped to US destinations and $16 Shipped internationally.  Maybe I’ll extend the sale if the response is big.

Available in various fabrics and fonts.  You can choose to have the name below the large applique letter or stacked like the others further below




Again, after looking through the ALBUM of fonts and fabrics to make your choice, you can place your order from my FB page.  There’s an order tab as these aren’t listed in my Etsy Store.  Just fill out the form and I will invoice you.

Another one of our best sellers.

Personalized Keyfobs/finders/Wristlets currently priced at $9.00 shipped in the US, $10.00 shipped Internationally.

These are also available in custom lengths. I call them Minis for motorcycle owners.  They’re about 3 – 4” so they won’t touch the engine and get hot.

Red 1.5” Polypro very soft and durable

1.5” or 1” Cotton Webbing/Belting


Full Fabric on both sides.  You match up the fabric that you want

DSC_2138 DSC_2172 

DSC_2168 DSC_2164

This last one is the same Keyfob that has been Personalized on both sides.  These are $15.00 US shipped $17.00 shipped Internationally

I’ll be adding the option to Buy Directly from here in the near future as I’ll be able to offer a lower price since there is no listing fee Smile

Talk to ya’ll soon!


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