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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lord help me ~ with Ashleigh that is

How did I get such a girly girl.  Yes she is a bit of a rough one. She kick, bites or hits and runs but my goodness.DSC_0548

Last week she was running and fell down.  She wasn’t concerned about her knees or bruising her hands.  No.  Instead she falls, jumps up really fast with her hand on her head and says, “Oh no my hair mom”  I had to calm the child down and assure her that her hair was still pretty.  She’s always with a brush or hounding me to comb her hair.  I don’t know what that is about.


This is her every time we have to leave to walk to the market or fetch Alyssa and Christopher from school.  And this is good. Usually she needs to grab more junk!  It annoys me to no end.

How did this happen?  She certainly didn’t get that from her mama!

I’m rockin’ sweats and stained T-shirts all day long with a hat because I don’t feel like combing my hair.

Her?  She wants her toes and finger nails polished and is forever using out my Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy lotion.  I don’t even use it anymore, yet there are 3 empty bottles sitting on my desk.

But I let her be her.  And here she is my “rotten sugar plum” as Alyssa calls her hehehe


My sweetness


My little sticker girl

Ashleigh Sleeping

She’s always falling asleep in the middle of doing something or in some odd way.


  She just plays so hard during the day, occasionally missing her nap, and this is the result.  Unfortunately for me, on those days, she is extremely restless at night.  She fusses and whines in her sleep when she is overly tired and I am the one who pays for that.


Me and Blog Maintenance = Huge Failure

Last time I blogged I said I would try but I haven’t.  So here I am making an attempt to catch up on everything. 

Let’s see: We’re officially a diaper-free house.  YES!!  All through the night folks.  I’m so proud of her.  I know I mentioned this on FB but I had to be absolutely sure before I put it here Winking smile 

Work is going great I suppose.  I’m still working on a balance but I am not complaining.  Things have slowed down this week so here I am blogging.

The kids are doing great in school but even I cannot believe the amount of homework they give in Kindergarten and 1st Grade and I know it only gets worse.  Poor me.  Yet I still cannot wait for 2013.  This is when all 3 will be in school.  I am counting down people.  This mama needs a small break during the day.


Here they are in the driveway.  I can no longer get all smiles.  Someone, usually Alyssa or Ashleigh has to give some kind of battle face.  Look at Ashleigh~sigh.

What else….oh after about 6 months of talking about it, I have almost completed the combination of my 2 Etsy stores, Treats For Your Sweets (the main store now) and Sexygirl.  Locating the product photos on this computer have proven to be more time-consuming than I would have liked but oh well.

The Ebay store is doing good also. 

That’s pretty much it.  So I’ll leave you with my most recent orders.


Personalized Applique Onesie



Yes folks.  That is a Raiders Applique in the middle hehehhe


I cannot tell you how much I love the decorative stitching on that Applique.  It’s gorgeous.DSC_1376

Personalized Applique Onesie in Swirl Font


This one’s a little more feminine but can still be used for a Boy or a Girl


I’ll be adding more Applique fonts soon!





Still making these

Personalized Checkbook Cover



I’ve got a bunch of these in stock

Large Peony Flower Hair Clips some with crochet headbands

Blue and Light Pink (1)Brown and Hot pink (3)Brown Hot Pink Light PinkDSC_1234Green with Purple (4)Hot Pink and Black (1)Hot Pink and Ivory (2)Ivory Pink and Pink Zebra (1)Pink with Black and White Zebra (1)Pink with Hot Zebra Pink (1)Purple and Yellow (1)DSC_1195DSC_1199Hot Pink Ivory Pink Gem (1)

Hot Pink and Pink Peony (1)Hot pink and Purple Peony (2)Hot Pink Peony (2)Ivory Pink Zebra Petal Peony (1)Light Pink and Pink Peony (1)Purple Pink and Hot Pink Peony (2)Red Flower (3)Solid Ivory Peony (2)Solid Light Pink Peony (2)Solid Pink Peony (1)

Solid Purple Peony (2)

After months in a box I finally listed these.  They’re not being offered at full-price so grab a deal.


 Checkbook Covers with pleated ruffle accent

cover (2)

Pleated Checkcover in Alexander Henry’s Mocca

cover (4)cover (1)cover (3)

Sweet Angel Little Devil Checkcover with Pink gathered accent




Dupioni Silk pleated Checkbook Cover

Red and Taupe Dupioni COver (8)

in RED

I love this color combination

Red and Taupe Dupioni COver (9)

Full Front Pleats


Seafom and Taupe (3)

Looks like a mix between Gold, Ecru and Bronze.  That color was tricky but the pleats are more of a Seafoam color

Seafom and Taupe (7)

Pleated checkcover in Valerie Wells SOLE- Brown & Turquoise

Brown and Turquoise (1)

I was so happy when I found one of these left in this fabric.

Asian Inspired fabric 3 pocket checkbook cover



Isn’t that fabric beautiful?  I think so


Love the gold that always goes so well with these prints


Decorative Stitching on the fold

And my best selling item for the past few weeks have been these Personalized Flannel Blankets.  Who knew?

I have to re-stock like yesterday .  Strangely enough all these blanket sales have been on Ebay. 

Baby Hoover









Tegan's Blanket


And of course these:

Handmade Personalized Burpies

Ribbon Trimmed





This set for Ella is from my slightly imperfect section.  They are not handmade from scratch and are thinner and smaller than my handmade burpies above




I know I posted these somewhere before but I just love that bow over Ava


This is the only order I have gotten for these co-ordinating blue prints for a baby girl and I love it!


One of my favorites.  Custom order for a regular customer.  She is such a delight to work with. It was for her grandbaby’s dedication.  She sent me a photo of the tutu that was coupled with this Onesie.  Gorgeous!!



That’s about it for now.  Once again I will try my best to update this blog.  Maybe promising myself atleast once a week





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