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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Sale coming up soon!

I can’t drive down the road to my supplier or just run to the store for thread, etc. anymore, so I am trying to get rid of most of the blanks I have left. It’s not much.

Many of the blanks are short sleeved bodysuits so it’s sort of an off-season sale. 

Once I get rid of most I’ll re-stock.  So please feel free to share with anyone you may know.  You guys know when I have a clearance sale it’s a REAL clearance sale.

I’ll post in a day or maybe tonight, once the sale is on.  My FB fan page and my Etsy store will be included so they may go fast.

You’ll have the option to personalize these blanks almost anyway you want.  So if you have time feel free to browse through my COMPLETED ORDERS ALBUM or some of the AVAILABLE DESIGNS for embroidering that are already digitized.

I also still have a couple scarves left that I made last week.

This is an extra long one that I’d love to ship to you.  It’s a cotton blend, that feels like 100% cotton.  No itching and it’s soft.  Just click on the name and read more about today’s featured item.

Extra long Ivory Crocheted Scarf – Unisex





Until later!

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