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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lord help me ~ with Ashleigh that is

How did I get such a girly girl.  Yes she is a bit of a rough one. She kick, bites or hits and runs but my goodness.DSC_0548

Last week she was running and fell down.  She wasn’t concerned about her knees or bruising her hands.  No.  Instead she falls, jumps up really fast with her hand on her head and says, “Oh no my hair mom”  I had to calm the child down and assure her that her hair was still pretty.  She’s always with a brush or hounding me to comb her hair.  I don’t know what that is about.


This is her every time we have to leave to walk to the market or fetch Alyssa and Christopher from school.  And this is good. Usually she needs to grab more junk!  It annoys me to no end.

How did this happen?  She certainly didn’t get that from her mama!

I’m rockin’ sweats and stained T-shirts all day long with a hat because I don’t feel like combing my hair.

Her?  She wants her toes and finger nails polished and is forever using out my Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy lotion.  I don’t even use it anymore, yet there are 3 empty bottles sitting on my desk.

But I let her be her.  And here she is my “rotten sugar plum” as Alyssa calls her hehehe


My sweetness


My little sticker girl

Ashleigh Sleeping

She’s always falling asleep in the middle of doing something or in some odd way.


  She just plays so hard during the day, occasionally missing her nap, and this is the result.  Unfortunately for me, on those days, she is extremely restless at night.  She fusses and whines in her sleep when she is overly tired and I am the one who pays for that.



  1. She's so cute. I have a question for you Atasha, how do you get your child to be pamper free at night time? Do you have to wake them up an night to use the bathroom? Or limit their liquid intake at night? Adonis sometimes takes his pull up off at night cause he's use to wearing underwear all day.

  2. Aww!!! Ashleigh is just so adorable and I love the girly-girl thing. Well Mama does make some pretty hairbands, bows and accessories and a girl MUST have her Bath & Bodyworks fragrance! :)

  3. Keya, when I started "through the night" potty training yes. Her cut off time for fluids is about 30 - 60 minutes before she goes to bed. Even then at the beginning, she would only make it until about 5:30am the next morning so I started waking her up at about that time and carrying her to the bathroom. She is such a grouch when she's woken up like that.

    After about 1 week or so she got it. As long as daddy doesn't sneak her something before she sleeps and she uses the bathroom, she is good until she gets up.

  4. Sheliza I cannot keep up. I'm just too old ;-( and I didn't even share about the amount of time she tries to change her clothes per day. Ugh that is one reason I had so much laundry a few months ago.


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