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Monday, February 14, 2011

Some people are just soo……Yuck!

I loaned my trusty vacuum out a few days ago.  While I don’t have a problem with it, the least the borrowing party could do (you would think) is to clean it before returning it, right?  Hmmmph….  They have already been told “you can borrow it anytime as long as you take care of it while it’s in your possession.  If you break it you will buy it back”  That’s fair isn’t it?

Well this last time the vacuum cleaner was returned I noticed it wasn’t pulling.  Did I mention these people have 6 cats?  Yes, so you could just imagine what goes into my vacuum.  Anyway, so the vacuum wasn’t pulling and it sounded different.  I knew there was a clog, but where?  I checked the hose for the hand tools, that was clear.  So this morning after trying to clean up a few waffle crumbs from off our carpet and realizing she couldn’t even pick those up I got to work.

Well I found the clog and this is what I pulled out.


My  tool of choice (hehehehe) Yes a rusty ice pick Winking smile


I just kept pulling and pulling out ball after ball.  It was nasty.  Dust and cat hair.  Perfect for my allergies. Grrrr…….


Yes I believe this is what caused the clog because that hair clip was stuck in the hose so the hair balls couldn’t pass through and it just got worse from there on.  I also found a marker cover, a tiny dinosaur and another one of those rubber band thingys.  There was also a rubber band tied around the brush.  Looks like we’re going to have another talk this afternoon.



  1. Yuck. I can't stand it when ppl use other ppl's stuff and don't take care of it. You should return them to her and ask her if she was missing a few important items. Kidding :)

  2. Hahahaha that isn't such a bad idea. As a matter of fact I am going to do it. I won't be rude or anything but I am giving the "sucked up" items back.

  3. Umm, that is disgusting!!!!! When my vacuum was down I borrowed my MIL's and even gave it a tune up and clean. She said it was working better than ever when I gave it back. I don't understand how anyone can do that.


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