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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flower Clips, Totes and Sequined check covers

I got a bit a stuff done this week and I’m pretty pleased about that.
Made some boxes for my red and yellow mums flower clippies
 RedMuminbox2 YellowMumInBox001
DSC_2479  Spruced up my boring flippies in an effort to prepare for summer!
BoringSlippers  Bling001
I started experiment with adding Sequins to my checkbook covers but this one was a bust.  I didn’t cut one part of the business card holder straight so it’s now up for sale in my imperfect section :-)
ClosedAngle Opened02
This one came out much better
Opened openedflat openedwithcheck 

My machine wasn’t very happy with me about these next 2 items.    It’s a pretty heavy fabric and even worse when you have to stitch over a double fold or worse, 4 layers!! YIKES!!  but a size 16 needle seemed to do the trick.

It’s not only a tote, it’s a mat!! :-)  I’m sure you can find much more uses for it too
 Closeup Front FrontofBagatAngleBack
 Inside (2)  Openedflat02 (2)
It opens up.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Flippies Transformation ~ My easy Mother’s Day Craft

From Boring to Bling!!!

I think these were $2.50 and I already had the AB rhinestones.  I have to see how my gems hold up!!


You wouldn’t expect any other color from me, would you?  Hehehe…..


You should see these babies shine in the sun-light!

Bling001 DSC_2447 

I love my flippies.  Summer is coming, and as much as I don’t like the heat, I have no choice but to prepare.  So you too can have bling on a budget :-)



My Postcard Printing - 100 postcards Giveaway Winner


Thank you to everyone who participated. 

Congratulations to our winner ~ Marc K. 



postcard giveaway winner


postcard giveaway comment




A “Sweet” Giveaway ~ Winner Announced

Congratulations to our winner : Ellie ~ She has three grown sons and two little grandsons ages 5 and 2. She keeps her grandsons 12 hours a day so she rarely has any "me" time.

Happy Mother’s Day and Congratulations to you!!

Thank you to everyone who participated

Join us next week for our Suave Giveaway, combined with a couple Sexygirl handmade body scrubbing items.  Then once that one is over we’ll have another semi big one :-)

May is my month of giving.


sweet giveaway copy sweet giveaway comment copy


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, my heart goes out to all the mothers who have angels up above. 
Happy Mother’s Day!!
I leave you this post I wrote 4 years ago

I cried today
Not because I'm unhappy
But I cried because I was reminded today how much my husband loves me
I cried because my life is great and I don't always realize it
I cried for my friend, my lucky charm, whose husband is not as kind as mine
She called me this morning running errands on Mother's Day
I cried because my Mother sent me the sweetest card ever
I cried because my husband, my love, who still finds me beautiful, showered me with gifts even though I told him not to

I cried because my kids are happy
I cried for all the moms who never got to hold their unborn babies
I cried because I have the best job in the world
I am a Mother, and I cried tonight because I am happy


Saturday, May 08, 2010

My hanging cactus

I've had this beautiful plant for over 2 years. This year, probably due to all the rain, she decided to surprise me with these lovely flowers in my favorite color too!

Isn't she beautiful?

Another boy thing I guess

I'd really like someone to explain to me why my son thinks the words penis, butt & underwear are so funny.

Even at the park I heard him attempting to tell another boy a joke and the word penis was involved. I personally don't think it's funny. 2 nights ago after repeatedly being warned to choose different words this is what I hear. " Raise your hand if you want to see my penis".

Alyssa says: mama Christopher is saying potty words.

I mean am I making too much of a big deal about this? He knows it's not okay because he doesn't make these types of jokes at school.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Is it a boy thing?


Yeah, I was driving the Target limo bus

My son is 6 yrs old but this started, I believe, when he was 5.  Major B.O. especially his feet and his arm pits.  YUCK!!

It doesn’t matter how often he takes a shower, once he gets active which is all the time, there’s that stinky smell.  So what’s a mom to do?  I started an online search to see if there were any kid friendly deodorants that would help his smelly situation.

This is what I found so I bought it.  He used it for the 1st time today and I am surprised to say there is no stink! As of yet!


The Un-odorant™

Crystal is the world's leading all-natural mineral salt deodorant.  While most deodorants use harsh chemicals to mask odor, we prevent it before it even starts.  Safe, healthy, and totally effective - that’s what makes our deodorants different.

Wish me luck.  I mean could you imagine?  If it’s this bad now what is going to happen when he’s a teenager?  GASP?



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