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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much….


Since the last time I participated in the blog party Thursday.   I managed to squeeze these in!  I love love love the Midnight Kisses large floral fabric.  I really need to head back to the store to see if they’ve restocked.  I got the last yard!

A View of both sides

  Midnightkisses Damaskprintside02

A Close-up of the pockets


Here is another using a different print



Everyone of my aprons are different so the recipient will always have an original, even when the same fabric is used.  No patterns are used and I add pockets and accents depending on my mood :-)  Scary huh?

I haven’t gotten anything else done because I have been making flower hair clips for a wholesaler


This is just the 1st box.  I have a lot more to do! 



Apparently Kitchen Aid makes lemons

There is trouble in the Meyer household.  Early Monday morning of all mornings our trusty or should I say not so trusty Coffeemaker decided she no longer wanted to provide her services.


As a result of this the husband had a bad start to the morning.  She refused to come on as I had set the timer the night before, manual start wouldn’t work and we got the dreadful ERROR2 message on tiny screen thingy.

Now I am the first one to conduct online searches for product reviews before we buy and I did my research at the time for this particular coffeemaker because it wasn’t exactly cheap.  Nothing problematic was revealed, no code errors appearing, no nothing.  However, on Monday when she broke, I did a similar search and found people trashing this particular item.   After reading through a load of complaints, it seemed as though these problems start anywhere from 8 to 13 months after purchase.

One person even suggested that the only solution to this problem is to throw this expensive piece of garbage in the trash and get a different brand.  There were also complaints about the customer service.  I don’t know about that part but I immediately emailed Kitchen Aid's customer service department about my ERROR2  message on Monday, hoping they would provide me with a solution.

I am waiting on a reply.

I always thought the Kitchen Aid brand was a very reputable brand which is one reason I chose this coffeemaker.  Their products have been known to be very durable. 

I am positive that I no longer possess the receipt so right then and there my chances are slim but I am still hoping they can work with me on this.

Maybe I should have went with the Cuisinart Brand instead.



Inconsiderate people

I’ve vented about this before and today I have to do it again because I am just so annoyed.  Why do folks think that rules only apply to some people?

When I went to Kindergarten orientation the principal repeatedly made it a point to let parents know how to avoid chaos and back-up when it’s pick-up/drop-off time.   Yet parents still come there with their nonsense.

I took my boy to school this morning and was getting ready to pull out the car-pool lane when I not only found myself boxed in but noticed there was a huge back-up.

Two moms in their LARGE SUVs decided it would be a good idea to block up the entire 2 lanes to chat.  In addition, some lady had pulled up beside me to let her boys out.  Now they have been asked to only let the kids out at the curb but I guess their safety was not that important to her.  Okay so I had to wait.  All of us parents who can go nowhere are looking at each other just shaking our heads. 

I mean come on!  There is a parking lot a few steps away.  Go park your damn truck there and talk.

I’ve said before that I am going to have words with one of these parents before this school year is out.  It took everything in me not to hop out and make a fuss.  I thought about my son who I would never want to embarrass in public that way, so I held my tongue.  But man was that ever so hard.

UGH! You would think that these grown people have better sense. 


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The thoughtful husband……

with a slight twist.

When the husband goes to the grocery store he never fails to get me something that I haven’t included on the list.  Something that I really like but don’t need, you know? 

So the last shopping trip he comes home and is super excited.  “Sweet, I got something for you!” (He never calls me by name, EVER!) Naturally, I got excited too.  What could it be this week?  He pulls out a 4 pack of Martinelli’s Apple Cider.  “Wait!  Wait! There’s more”, he says, smiling.

Look, he says.  He pulls out a huge bag of roasted green peas, one of my favourite snacks to munch on, especially when I am sitting at my desk.


Okay he did good.  It doesn’t take much to please me.  Fast forward to the following morning.  I go to get my peas and the bag is almost empty.  I mean there was about 2+lbs of peas the night before!

Uhm…“Where did MY green peas go?” I asked.  I hear laughter.  I know it wasn’t the kids who made them disappear, so the answer to that question was pretty obvious. 

I thought he bought them for me?  That wasn’t very nice.  This is not the first time he did this. 


The only thing I can guarantee that won’t disappear are my chicken feet.  I think I will get some and cook them up.  I want something for ME, darn it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness 3 Winner Giveaway

This Giveaway is now closed!  Winner will be chosen & contacted within the next few days.  Thank you to all who participated.  Our next Giveaway will begin in about 1 week!
I’ve finally come up with the prize packs for my store giveaway. I know, I know, there’s been much talk but nothing for weeks. So here it is! Information on each prize can be seen below. Be sure to read the rule and entry methods and Good Luck to all!

I’d love for one of you to experience the wonderful feelings that I have when I’m in my apron. Last week I made myself one due to constant harassment from my husband. Yes it was him! After all, I make them right? So why shouldn’t I have one of my own? Well let me tell you, I felt so sexy and beautiful. My husband couldn’t stop watching me. I sewed my most recent apron while wearing it. It really helps to have some place to put my scissors since I am always misplacing it while doing a project.

Also handy for the kitchen of course. Pockets are large enough to hold recipe cards and the apron itself will offer you full protection from soiling your clothing, unless your pressure cooker explodes LOL…just kidding

So ladies & gents(if you’d like to win this for your significant other) go ahead and enter. It will spice things up! Just add heels :-)

The Full Apron


Similar colors will be used as in the photo above

Midnightkisses Damaskprintside02

This is the fit

The Half Apron


Only an example. Different fabric will be used

These are made to wear as high waist aprons which tend to flatter any figure. Just as girly.

The Scrubbies & Checkbook Cover

for duplicates

DSC_1796 DSC_1794


We’re all about going green. The scrubbies you will receive can be used for the dishes or the bath. Your prize pack will also include my exfoliating scrubbie. It will give you that clean polished feeling. It can be thrown in the wash and used over and over again. I have 1 for each of my kids and they love it.

The fabric checkbook cover for duplicate checks/register will be similar to the one you see above. Enough of those boring plastic things that they give you at the bank. They always get a tear in them anyways. Now you won’t have to worry about that.

So here we go!

1st prize – A sexy reversible apron of your own in Black & White Silhouette/Black & White Polka Dots. Don’t worry, I have designed them to fit all sizes.

2nd prize - A half apron in the same style

3rd prize – A variety pack of handmade (crocheted) scrubbies and checkbook cover

How to enter: (leave separate comments)


Tell me which of the prizes you’d like to win and why

Additional Entries (5)

1. I need something from you! Advice! Go here and tell me in what colors I should make my next Sexy Reversible Ruffle Apron. This is the style of apron you will receive in the colors indicated above. (leave a comment letting me know)

2. Tweet this giveaway. There should be a button to the right of this post (comment with the link)

3. Follow this blog. (leave a comment letting me know)

4. Follow me on twitter @thesweetesthing Link is on the side bar also (leave a comment letting me know)

5. Grab my button (leave a comment letting me know)


~ Your prize will be handmade for you once the giveaway has ended so allow about 1 week for shipping confirmation

~ Open to US residents only

~ Giveaway will end on April 15th

~ Entries with “Enter me” will be removed

~ The winner will have 2 days to claim prize

Claiming your prize:

So that you’d feel more comfortable about giving your address to a “stranger” All prizes will be claimed through my etsy store - Sexygirl. That way you’ll know it’s legitimate and that I’m not just some crazy person gathering your info :-)

Once the deadline has passed & the winner is chosen, I will contact you. So be sure to either have a contact link on your profile if you blog or leave me your e-mail address with your comments.

Good Luck everyone!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TMI?: Where should someone draw the line

I’m not even sure why she came to mind today.  Could be because my mind tends to wander a lot.  I knew this one girl about 8 years ago(known her for about 2 yrs) We were sort of cool.  Not cool enough to actually hang out and shop together but cool enough to converse by phone, little things like that.   She was nice.  She always shared her problems with me.  It must have made her feel better.  I can be a good listener, sometimes :-)

So I’d always noticed that she had a little acne issue on a certain part of her face.  Not too bad, but sometimes it would be worse than other times.  Those bad times she’d try to cover it up with make-up but it wasn’t very effective.  Anyway, No biggie right?  Well one day we were talking, in person.  She was drinking something and was nice enough to offer me a sip.  I know I know.  The germs.  She was drinking from a straw.  I took a sip.  No harm done. Right?

I guess she really began feeling comfortable with me because a couple weeks after she tells me her husband cheated on her.  O.K.A.Y!!….. AND…. had given her herpes!  In both places..below and on top. 


GASP!  I know.  I know. Then she went on about something else but I honestly can’t remember.  Maybe I didn’t hear her because I remember thinking.  “I drank from this chick’s straw probably on one of her outbreaks”  She’s going to give me oral herpes and I’m not even sleeping with her….

I mean isn’t that selfish of her?  Just like it was so wrong of her husband to do her that way.

Oh well.  Maybe it was best she told me, that way if I had an unexplained break-out I’d know what it was! 

Hehehe…..that was my totally random thought for today.  Loud thoughts   Ahhhhh…..


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not very productive

I don’t have much to show this week.  I’m a little disappointed.

I also haven’t even started the apron for the contest.  Not sure why it’s taking me so long.  Still gathering things for my giveaway next week…well actually it will be this week.  I’m thinking to have 2 or 3 winners…Maybe.  Haven’t worked that out yet.  Anyway, this week was filled with a bunch of flopped projects.  What can I say?  Some weeks are just like that.


A few days ago I washed, dried and ironed a few cuts of fabric.  I also did some darks.  Only 6 pieces of darks which is mainly for the 2 sexy flirty aprons.


This was supposed to be a comfy blanket made with corduroy on one side and fleece flannel on the other.  Lined inside with batting for extra warmth.  Well I have a bad habit of not measuring my things.  Most times I am right on point because my hand actually is trained to know how to cut and what size to cut.  Funny…I know.  Well on this particular project I guess my hand fell asleep because when it was time to sew the blanket shut, ends didn’t match up.  I put it down to continue at a later date.

DSC_1878 I made this over-sized magazine bookmark for Ms. Renee from CSL to celebrate her new tatt.  :-)  I thought it was so darn cute.  Don’t laugh.  It’s supposed to be a crazy shape. hehehe


I also made a practice closed-tie top.  Haven’t stitched on the ties yet.  I used some scraps of fabric from my very first half apron.  A floral cream fabric.  It came out okay but those bothersome sleeves always try to get me.  I’ll get it right eventually.

And I made this for Alyssa.  A little apron.  What can I say, it’s PINK


The bobbin ran out of thread while sewing so the beginning of the stitch on the pocket is all jacked up.  It’s okay though!  It’s not like she is going to a show.


That’s pretty much it.  I’ll be busy for quite some time with flowers.  So I may not be able to get to sew much but that’s okay.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Have you “hugged” today?


If you don’t already know, studies show that

we increase the level of oxytocin in the blood.

This hormone is known as the bonding

hormone because it triggers a “caring”

response in both men and women.  It also

stimulates contractions of the uterus during

labor and the release of milk during

breast-feeding.    As adults, that daily dose of

oxytocin-laced hugging protects us from heart

disease.  It works for both men and women

but women seem to benefit more!

So what are you waiting on?  Don’t reserve

your showing of affection for February 14th

alone.  Get your “hug-on”! and while you’re at

it, tell someone you love them and MEAN IT!


Friday’s Find - FANTASTIC FUN FAN FRIDAY @ It’s Sew Macy!!

It's Fantastic Fun Fan Friday over at www.sewmacy.blogspot.com . Follow her blog, fan her page, blog about this and choose between a free business card holder, tissue holder or choose 50% off a baby item in her store. She does lovely embroidery so check her out!

While you’re at it check out her Etsy Store – Sew Macy.  Some of my favourite items in her store can be seen here.

Pink Onesie with Matching Korker Headband


  Check out the cute corker that comes with it!

Mini Easter Basket

easter basket

What a fantastic idea!

Days of Week Redwork Sunbonnet Sue Floursack Towels


I love this! 

So come join the fun!!


Suggestions please!!!


So I am hoping I will find some time to enter  The Sewing Republic Apron Remake Challenge.   In this challenge you’re invited to use your creativity and imagination to reinvent the Two Tone Apron as shown below.


 I know the photo is small but you get the idea.  This is the fabric I would like to use for the 2 outer panels.



in Black

My question to you is, what color fabric should I put the middle panel?.  Of course I’m going to modify the design but it will still be two toned, similar to the original design above.

As I was typing this watching the fabric I was thinking maybe blue?  Either the darker or lighter shade that’s on the fabric.  Just need suggestions.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At 6 yrs old the tantrums still continue

Although it has gotten a whole lot better, we still have the occasional screaming session in this house. On this particular night he screamed for what seemed like 2 hours. I am sure it was more like 30 minutes but the noise was ridiculous.



I have learned that when we go for months without an outburst, I better get ready for something big and this was the night. Look at him. When he saw that I had pulled out the camera the noise ceased but not for long. He was sent upstairs and the screaming continued. He put himself to bed that night but not before I took out the video recorder and got a recording of the noise. He was screaming.

He was at the top of the stairs screaming his lungs out. Angry at the world because he was misbehaving and got sent to his room.

I just rested the recorder at the bottom of the stairs so you’ll have a twisted view of a fish tank through the holes of the child gate LOL

Now you’ll understand why I need to escape and play all those FB games.


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I guess I showed you who was boss

That’s what Renee of Candy Stick Lane & The JumpOff said I should do LOL. I feel good so thank you. This little flouncy half apron was about to get me down.


The Floral Flounce Apron made with Valerie Wells Olive Rose Floral Dot Blue fabric in Size M/L


Close-up Of the pocket


Close-Up of the hem and flounce


That’s me in it.


Get on the “FREE” train

This week started off great! Aside from my crafty self getting busy, a couple requested samples arrived and it’s only Wednesday I’m like a kid when I open the mailbox to find such things.

SCJohnson You can never have too many of these. My kids tend to destroy our plastic bowls so we are always in need. I like these because the covers screw on. It makes me feels that my stuff is more secure inside.


These samples arrived today. Yes that is 3 Pampers Cruisers! Ashleigh grabbed the diapers and started pulling at the ones she already had on, so I took the hint and I changed her. She still gets to wear her cloth diapers occasionally but we also have the disposables because daddy wants no part in the cloth.

I used these with Christopher and liked them because they were so thin. I didn’t think they could get any thinner but apparently I was wrong and even though they are thin, they still offer great protection.

I also had a pretty creative week I think. This set is almost completed. Need to take some decent photos right after I put on the buttons. I couldn’t decide which color to use but eventually settled on yellow.


It’s a Capri set using Benartex Bandana Beauties in dark pink, blue and yellow with brushed denim. They’re soooo soft. It looks kind of sloppy the way I have it hanging, I know but it really is cute.

This one I am considering to be a flop! It’s a simple half apron with a flounce at the bottom. Unfortunately I tried to get too cute and I think I ruined it. The flounce isn’t sitting like it should in my opinion. I loved this fabric from Valerie Wells and was holding on to it for months just waiting for something to make with it.


I was looking through this catalogue at the fabric store and decided it would look so cute in an apron but I messed it up. I will finish it but I’m not happy. The apron that I saw called for lip cord and bias. Well I decided I would make my own bias and ditch the lip cord, so I used some polka dot fabric on the edges, the middle and as the waist ties. I think that’s where I went wrong. I am thinking the fabric was a little too stiff who knows. Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out once I am done.

I also made this fabric checkbook cover. See, I’ve been practicing my appliqu├ęs. I’m stuck on hearts since that is what I’m comfortable with at the moment.

orbs001orbs002 orbs003

My girl has been behaving fine. I opened her up and applied some oil and removed a bunch of fluff that was inside from weeks of not being cleaned. Now she is behaving herself but I fear that the time for a machine purchase is near.

That’s about it for me. Still keeping busy!


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