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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Darn store tricksters......

Look, let me first say that I am all for store brand items if they are of comparable quality to the well known brands.  It's when they absolutely suck I get turned off.
I had a bit of an emergency and had to head out to Wal-Mart with the 3 kids in tow.  I really didn't want to do it and my kids were not co-operative but it couldn't wait.  I had run out of feminine supplies and while I consider myself a reasonably crafty mama, I was not willing to go handmade on this one. 
To the store I went, moving as fast as I could since any one of the kids could have had an outburst at any moment.  I was not in the mood for that nonsense.  This would explain why I was tricked.  I had managed to convince and squeeze all 3 of them in the shopping cart so I was moving pretty quickly.  I went to the aisle, grabbed up my stuff, self-checked-out and headed home as quickly as I could.
It was when I pulled out my purchase from the bag that I realized what I had done.  You know about the display tricks, where the store strategically places their own brand next to the "top" and in this case "better" brand?  Well in all my rush they got me!
I talked myself into believing that it really can't be THAT  bad right?  I mean really.  I knew one thing for sure, I was not heading back out, so they would just have to do.
Wooooo boy, listen, all I have to say is whether this happens to you accidentally or if you're trying to save a buck, this is one thing that isn't worth it.  Even though we're all grown here, I will save you the gross details of this product failure, but warn you I must.  These things are so uncomfortable and comfort, especially in such a sensitive area when you're already in a foul mood is a MUST.  The last thing you need is for your business to be irritated.
Equate you got me for the 1st and last time.  It is my fault because I didn't pay attention to what I was doing.  I grabbed carelessly and I paid for that.  Never again.
In the trash you go where you belong. 1 day of torture was enough

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I knew it was going to happen

I just love my son's eyes.....

I have to laugh now. For those of you who don't know we are an interracial family. A lovely mix-up of many races and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Fast forward to my trip with Christopher and Alyssa to our local Ralphs. We were heading to the checkout. I had a load of coupons so I dared not go through the self checkout. Those machines get confused when you have coupons that make certain items free. We were next in line and a guy with a brand new baby in a carrier was sort of in the way. I said excuse because my kids almost crashed into his cart. We go to Ralphs because they have the little shopper carts. Each of my kids had one.

Anyway, as we passed the gentleman and Christopher says pretty loudly, "Look mama he's soooooo black!" Someone just bury me because that really caught me off-guard. I hadn't notice the father's complexion when I passed him. I did check out the cute baby though.

I immediately told my boy to keep his voice down and that what he said was a bit inappropriate. He kept asking me why but I waited until we got back in the truck. All the while I was thinking of the simple words to use to make him understand.

It was just so innocent because he really doesn't have a clue.

When we were all sitting in the truck I asked him, "Christopher, isn't mommy darker than daddy?"

Christopher: "Yes. But mommy, he was super dark!" And he was right. The gentleman was super dark.

I then explained to him that everyone has a different shade. Some are brown, some are dark brown and some look like daddy. That's what makes us special. We're all different but it doesn't matter. I then tried to explain that what he said was a little rude to which is asked, Why?

Our talk lasted quite a while but I think he understood when I was done. I mean, it hasn't happened again.

I also pointed out that he is also a different shade to mommy or daddy. He's in between, I told him. And he smiled.

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