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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Christopher’s Graduation and his issues

Here are a few pics from his graduation from Kindergarten and I still can’t say or type that without laughing.


Here he is with his teacher.  She is a wonderful person.  I hope Alyssa gets her class in September.



I took so many photos of his class while they were signing and singing.  They sang about 6 songs and signed them all.  I thought that was the cutest thing ever.  One of the songs included was Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” which is particularly difficult for a child that age and they all did great!

DSC_2804 DSC_2806

DSC_2818  DSC_2836


I am so pleased with this school and I especially love the mixture of kids in his class.


Here he is at the Carlsbad Flower Fields

Okay, on to Christopher’s issues.  He’s going to kill me when he gets older and finds out I shared this.

Alyssa is enrolled in gymnastics.  Today was her 1st day.  I decided since it’s the first day we’d all stay, just in case.  Mid way through the class Christopher looks at me with the most serious look and tells me, “mama I want to go home NOW”  I was confused.  I said we can’t because Alyssa is half way through her class and it will be over soon.  He tells me he needs to go pee.  So we go to the restroom.  He comes out and he’s doubled over telling me he needs to go home.  I knew what the problem was right there.  He needed to go #2.  My son has never used a public restroom for that purpose.  1 huge reason is that he needs to get completely naked.

Lucky for him the place was really clean.  I convinced him that it was okay to go.  He undressed and did his business.  He stunk up the entire bathroom but then told me he felt so much better.  Oh it was nasty.

So that my friends was the highlight of my day ;-)

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July.



  1. I have another friend whose son has to get completely naked to go. I laughed and laughed when she told me about him stripping down in a souplantation bathroom to go. It must be a boy thing.

  2. Too Funny!!!! I am so glad he felt much better!!


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