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Monday, May 03, 2010

Is it a boy thing?


Yeah, I was driving the Target limo bus

My son is 6 yrs old but this started, I believe, when he was 5.  Major B.O. especially his feet and his arm pits.  YUCK!!

It doesn’t matter how often he takes a shower, once he gets active which is all the time, there’s that stinky smell.  So what’s a mom to do?  I started an online search to see if there were any kid friendly deodorants that would help his smelly situation.

This is what I found so I bought it.  He used it for the 1st time today and I am surprised to say there is no stink! As of yet!


The Un-odorant™

Crystal is the world's leading all-natural mineral salt deodorant.  While most deodorants use harsh chemicals to mask odor, we prevent it before it even starts.  Safe, healthy, and totally effective - that’s what makes our deodorants different.

Wish me luck.  I mean could you imagine?  If it’s this bad now what is going to happen when he’s a teenager?  GASP?




  1. I have heard about the Crystal deodorant. I think that it is not a boy thing because my oldest started by 8 or 9 but the middle one started at like 6.

  2. Really? Wow. I was thinking that he's too young to have these perspiration issues

  3. If you’re looking for some great deals on natural organic products, check out its ingredients before using.


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