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Saturday, April 03, 2010

To my husband…..


I wrote this 3 yrs ago on 3/16/2007 and since we're on the topic of marriage, I thought this was a suitable repost! Things haven't changed except that we've added 1 more to the family :-)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still love you honey! More than before if that is at all possible.

Sometimes I sit and think about things. I also think about why I have not become bored with him as of yet. I know that sounds bad but in the past I became bored very easily.

My husband left this morning and arrived safely in Colorado. When I spoke to him he was heading off to the mountains about 100 miles away from where ever he was picked up.

Anyway, this morning and every morning for that matter, he kisses me when he leaves for work. Even though I am the deepest sleeper alive, I know when he does it. Isn't that strange?

We still leave each other messages with the magnetic letters on the refrigerator.
We always tell each other thank you, whether I cleaned the kitchen or he sends me out for me time and stays with our kids. I think many people feel that thank yous are no longer necessary when you're in a marriage. My friend for one asked me why I told my husband thank you for watching the kids while I went out. "That's his job!" she said. While that may be true, a thank you never hurt anyone. Maybe that's why you two argue so much. No I didn't come out and tell her that but she needs to look at how they treat each other.

The point is even though we are married , nobody "has" to do anything. I don't have to make him lunch for work, he doesn't have to get up early on Sundays, to watch the kids so that mommy can sleep in. You know what I mean? Even though it is expected that as a parent the responsibilities are shared. I think a small thank you still lets the other person know that they are still appreciated and not taken for granted.

I also still sneak love notes in his lunch bag.

We talk to each other several times a day while he's at work regardless how busy he is.

Most important, we still laugh about silly things.   I don't have any secrets from this man and I am quite comfortable with him knowing all my faults.

When we are alone and the kids are sleeping, we always like to "remember" the hard times. Just this past weekend we both sat in the back yard under what stars could be seen and just talked. "Remember when we didn't have enough gas money?" "Remember when we had to pawn my wedding ring?" (Yes we did) And we laugh about it. Oh how good it is to have these memories. I don't ever want to forget it.

We are in this for the long run. Divorce is not an option.  There isn't anyone else in this world I would rather go through tough times with. Since we've been married, he has always come through for us. He does what he says and hasn't let me down. He spoils his wife and lucky for him I am super low maintenance :-)


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  1. Awww, this was so beautiful and inspiring. You have a good husband. Mine is the same.

  2. Keya, I am sure our husbands feel the same about us. Apparently these "good husbands" that we have been so blessed to grab up are going scarce. I'm tired hearing it for females. :-)

  3. Yes! This is so sweet and the part about saying thank you is so true. husbands love to feel cherished and respected too!


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