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Saturday, February 27, 2010

So I’m on a roll!!

Just finished the“Going Green” Shopper which features again fabric from Heidi Grace. I’ve had this forever and just couldn’t figure out what to make. I think it’s just appropriate., you know the trees and all.

DSC_1612 DSC_1616

DSC_1618 DSC_1619

Inside pocket for whatever and it’s comes with a rigid insert for the bottom(removable). Fully washable bag, just throw it in the wash.
And it also comes with matching duplicate checkbook cover


  1. Okay, you are making me want to go green pretty bad right about now! How gorgeous!!!

  2. This bag is do gorgeous you're so creative. I think this the time to go green. Save planet earth..

  3. @ Sheliza, girl you better get with it! AND I know it's not much but most grocery stores refund $0.05 when you bring your own bag :-)

    Thanks Tanyetta

    Thanks Vince. You're so right. NOW is the time, otherwise we are surely heading in the wrong direction. It's a small way to help but it's a way


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