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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Relaxation plans gone wrong

I have to do better and post more about family related things.  Being too busy is no excuse.
Anyway, I have been to Bath and Bodyworks several times this week stocking up on their Slatkin & Co. and Signature Collection candles.  It helped that I had a few coupons!  So last night I had huge plans to have some me-time once the kids were asleep. 
First I would take my shower, get all comfy, light my candles, break out my foot spa to soak my feet while having my favorite cup of tea and watching TV.  Oh it was going to be great. 
I decided which fragrance to put in the bathroom and living room.  I chose Leaves.  Oh my word it's yummy but when I took the 1st candle to the bathroom, I couldn't light it.  The kids had made a mess and I can't light my candle in a messy bathroom.  So I rest the candle down and run for my cleaning supplies.  I mean it's a small bathroom it won't take me that long.  Yeah right. 
That's okay, I told myself.  Now you have a clean bathroom right?  I lit my first candle & placed it in the bathroom.  I was smiling until I got to the kitchen and noticed all the dishes and Powerade stains on the tile.  Blue powerade stains......Ugh....
I would do a quick cleaning.  Nothing too serious.  After all it's not that dirty.  I cleaned it earlier that day.........................................
Hours later, I plopped my tired behind on the sofa but it was uncomfortable because the kids had brought a bunch of their blankets downstairs before they went to bed.  Apparently they too had big plans.  Plans to hang out with me but I had sent them to their room.  There'd be no camping with mommy tonight.
I took the blankets upstairs, running, because I was starting to feel like I was running out of time.  Hours had gone by and still my aching feet weren't soaking.  I came back downstairs and remembered I had my tea steeping.  Unfortunately it had gotten cold so I had to re-heat. 
On my way to the sofa with my cup of tea I kept stepping in crumbs.  Crumbs from the kids' crackers.  Down went the tea on my desk.  I could just give it a quick sweep and I did, but I was so tired I just blew out my candles and collapsed on the couch and fell asleep.
Well let's look at the positive side of things.  Sure I didn't get to relax or enjoy my sweet smelling candles last night but at least the entire downstairs is clean and tonight is another night

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Alyssa

I've been terrible updating this blog as many things seem to have taken a back burner to my work.
My sweetheart turned 4 last Tuesday. We celebrated it the Sunday before. We never do huge birthdays here. It's always just the family. I'm sure that will change as the kids get older but for now this is just right for us.
4 Years Ago

I was so overjoyed just to have you in my arms. It was the easiest labor ever!

1 day old and ready to go home

Of course the cake had to have pink

Your girly card with finger nail stickers


You said you wanted another bag with pink so mama made it for you

Apparently the cake was yummy. I had none. All that sweet frosting didn't sound too appealing

Heart attack for me because now they both have skateboards

She had a wonderful time.
Happy Birthday sweetie. You're growing up to be such a lovely person. You are great with your baby sister, you stand up for yourself and you tell it like it is. We love you.

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