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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Everything MUST go!

Well not exactly.  I'm having a huge lined blanket baby set sale at my "store" - 50% off.  So if you know anyone who is having a baby or just had a baby head on over and get it as a present or refer them.  It's getting warm and I don't want to have these items sitting in here until the next cold season! 
I know I'm awful!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look mama, 1 hand

I had her sitting in the grass but she was stretching to get to the tricycle.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

I suck big time

I have yet to choose what I am giving away for my first blog give away.  I've been such a mess.  It should have happened the end of last month.  I will try to get my act together this week!  I need prayers because I've been going through some shit.
Meanwhile, check out my silly girl.  I made this flower for my shop since "big is in" but I think I will keep it for the girls because I just love the color.  I will never make money this way hehehehe.....

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Friday, June 12, 2009

My sister gave me a blackeye

Here is the photo to go with my last post. Yes, Alyssa beats on her brother. It looks much better than yesterday

5 yr old boy afraid of his 3 yr old sister

That's the headline.  And he has all reason to be.  I remember when Christopher used to push his baby sister Alyssa over like she was a toy.  He'd jump on her, she'd cry, you know how that goes.  I always knew she'd be a tough one from the time I pushed her out and boy have the tables turned.
Alyssa hits with bad intentions.  She doesn't just hit like some kids do.  She hits where she knows it will hurt and she hits HARD!  She will bite if necessary or kick if that's the only option (like if she can't reach with her hands)
I have stopped stepping in when they fight unless someone is really getting hurt.  Like bloodied up or something.  Now a days I tell them to work it out.  They have to learn to be nice to each other and work out little problems when they arise, like sharing their toys.
Yesterday they were playing nicely in the backyard for quite some time, then I hear Christopher screaming.  Daddy asks him what the matter was but he said "nothing".  TRANSLATION: we did something that we weren't supposed to be doing and I got hurt
I call him inside because he wouldn't stop crying.  He was holding his eye.  Even then he wouldn't say.  So I gave him a hug and said (because mommy knows everything that goes on): I know you were playing with something you shouldn't have and you got hurt.  Now tell me what happened.
He proceeds to tell me that he was playing with a rock, and Alyssa grabbed the rock from him and when he tried to grab it back she hit him with it.  Now the bruise by the eye wasn't that bad yesterday and we managed to get some ice on it but Lord this morning the child had a black eye.  He said it didn't hurt anymore but it hurt me just looking at it.  I hope it looks better tomorrow.  If not I will be sure to snap a shot.  I know, I'm slipping. 
He who walks with camera ALWAYS

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boyish things

First off, I'm glad everyone got a laugh at my expense :-)  You all will see.  I can't wait until I read something similar or even worse on your blog, then I will laugh too....... Especially those of you with younger ones and you know who I am talking about! hahaha! I can laugh now but seriously it was a nasty affair
Tonight Christopher disappeared in his room.  Big Chris was on his way to bed and decided to check to see if he was okay.  He peeped in the room then came to get me.  "Go look at Christopher", he said.  I asked him why but he wouldn't say.
I walk to his room and there he is all bundled up in the blanket I crocheted for him.  He really loves that thing.  I still need to make it bigger.  Anyway, so I stood at the door (Christopher didn't see me) and I'm wondering what I should have seen!
I go back to Big Chris and tell him Christopher is under his blanket relaxing.  He tells me to go back. *sigh* nonsense.  So I go back and he had pulled off the blanket and was laying on his stomach.  My child was without clothes.  Naked as the day he was born just laying on his tummy.  I knew he wasn't sleeping so I calmly told him to go put on some clothes because he will get sick if he doesn't keep himself warm.
I mean what else was I to do? 

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Monday, June 08, 2009

More "Joys of Parenting"

"insert a very, very, very angry face"

A few days ago Christopher went to the bathroom. A few minutes later the entire house smells like something died. It was so nasty. I had to break out my Bath and Bodyworks Spray and crack the windows. I wish I had some incense too! He's only 5. Can you imagine when he is a teenager? Oh my word.

Anyway, this is where the action starts

Christopher: Mama the poop won't go down and the water is getting higher
Translation : Once again I put half the roll of toilet paper in there and it clogged.

Me: *sigh* because I was eating before the nasty smell hit. Okay, don't flush the toilet again, close the door and I will be up in a minute! Nobody go in there okay?

Seconds later! A very panicked child is jumping up and down. I know this because I can here him. Then he starts screaming, "Oh no! Oh no! Mama....mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I knew exactly what had happened. I was quick. In a flash I'm running upstairs with plunger, mop & gloves in hand but this job was too big for a mop!

Guys, I got in the bathroom and I started crying. I am ashamed to say that I may have said some not so nice words hopefully under my breath so the kids couldn't hear

Christopher: Alyssa did it. She flushed the toilet!

I run back downstairs for the RIDGID Pro Vac. Yes and even as I was running downstairs the water for some reason just kept on running and wouldn't stop. You should have seen how much water was on the floor. I couldn't believe it.

Thank God for that wet/dry vac I was done in a flash but my flip flops unfortunately wasn't high enough and that nasty toilet poopy water got on my feet. The flip flops were trashed and I immediately had to take a shower. Man I felt dirty but I guess it could be worse. At least it was my child's and not a strangers poop, right? Yuck!

Maybe I need those tall rain boots for when this happens again because it will. I know it.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

I actually did the impossible

I got something done with 2 toddlers and a "crawling-getting-into-everything" baby. Man it was hard having to stop every second to get her off the step, out of my flowers, away from the kids' computer, then off the steps again! That's how my days go now.

and if you're feeling patriotic the 4th of July Stars Dress with 3 tiers of frills in the back. It's a little hard to see but I like it because it's not too much red, blue and white

It's a little too big for Alyssa but she was kid enough to put it on for me.

That's about all that's been going on in here.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Notice the photographer to the right

Recent drama:

Week before last week (Tuesday) I get a call from Christopher's school that the following Friday the school will be closing. I was speechless on the phone and the receptionist had no additional information to give. There was just silence.
I told my husband that this definitely had to do with finances. I felt so bad for the teachers who would have no job in 1 week. And for the parents who are not as fortunate as I, who would be scrambling to find a new pre-school for their kids in only 1 week!!!

My plan was to head to the school on Monday to talk about the Cap and Gown that I had purchased for the June graduation and if not receive a refund then at least be given his "certificate" so I could take my own photos. Instead 3 days later she calls back saying we have great news, we found an investor and the school will not be closing.

Anyway so I take him to school last Thursday and his teacher runs to me and whispers "Did you bring his cap and gown?" I looked at her puzzled shaking my head I said No and asked why? She explained that in all the confusion they didn't want to kids to "not graduate" (remember they were closing) so they moved up the date. Unfortunately some people never got the phone call, me being one of them.

Since I could make it home and back in 15 minutes and other kids weren't as fortunate, I told them rather than have him use the spares I would run home and get his . Besides I needed my camera. They couldn't stop apologizing. So I flew home with Alyssa and baby Ashleigh grabbed the camera, cap and gown and beamed myself back there.

As you can see I was not dressed for the occasion, nor were my kids. Gosh I look a mess. I'm having one of my hat wearing weeks.

My husband was so upset because his mom, who is currently in Paris for the French Open wanted to come and couldn't attend, his sister also wanted to join us but no one had any notice. He also grew very wary of them saying "how do they know this current investor won't back out this month and take the school's tuition?" and I guess he is right. He was so upset about this rush rush grad business when I called him on my drive home.

He accused the school of being scandalous. I was initially going to send him for the month of June for the graduation then take him out and just continue his studies at home. I wanted to spend some extra time with him before he starts Kindergarten. He is supposed to go tomorrow and I haven't paid as of yet as it's due anytime before the 5th and I can't decide. So we are left with a decision to make. Should we keep him in the school or take him out?

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