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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For once I was not the chauffeur

Look what rolled up to get us yesterday

We went to lunch with family. Man oh man was it great! I had Bangkok Stir-Fried Pad Thai with Vegetables & Tofu. Yummy! I wish I had some left overs right now.

We've all been so busy no one seemed to be taking time for themselves. AND do you know something?..... My 6th year Anniversary came and went on April 28th. Neither my husband nor I remembered. How bad is that? He's been working so very hard and so have I come to think of it.

(Before you all call the police on me, we had not left yet. The child seat was not in at the time)
Alyssa has grown very fond of Spot's replacement. We had bought 2 of them about 4 years ago in case one got lost so that Christopher wouldn't have to go without a luvie.

Ashleigh and daddy

Mr. Silly was present of course. He's at that age where you just can't get a normal smile for a photo

The girls relaxing. I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to do this again. I think that will be in July for my birthday or possibly before that when we go out for our forgotten Anniversary.

Friday, May 22, 2009

One of the joys of having a daughter

(Earlier today)
Alyssa: Mama where are the "biapers?"
I happened to have a newborn sample from Luvs just hanging around so I gave it to her.  This of course came a short time after she asked me for a hat for Ellie.  Apparently her head was cold.
A few minutes later she showed up with Ellie all wrapped up in a blanket. 
Alyssa: Baby needs a nap mama.
Me: Okay!
She goes back upstairs, disappears for a few more minutes.  Then, I hear her running down the stairs
Alyssa:  Mama Mama, I think Ellie pooped!
Me: Really?  (I knew where this was heading.  She wanted another diaper) I don't think Ellie pooped honey.
Alyssa(sighs loudly) : I'm just pretending mama.  I'm pretending silly.
Silly me.  I see that she is walking all over the place looking for something. Then...
Alyssa: Mama I can't find the wipes anywhere.  Ellie pooped and I have to change her.
I grabbed up a scrap of pink chenille and told her she could use it because we have to save the other wipes for baby. 
Alyssa: Okay
After changing one of her babies, she requested a photo.
And there you have it!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Must haves from Woobie Wear

I know you checked out the photos first so I'll wait while you get your credit cards out your wallet. These are a must! Just click on any photo to see where you can get yours!

I was super excited to receive a package today with a bunch of hair goodies for my princesses. I would have loved to take a photo of the girls in all of them but certain folks needed a nap. I did manage to get one photo of each child before the meltdown occurred, looking their cutest in their new girly girl accessories.

I also received this hat in lime green and you all know how I love my bright colors. My baby looked fabulous in it and she knew it too! I sent this photo to almost everyone in my address book just to show it off. Check her out.

I wish I had this when Ashleigh was practically bald. Alyssa was even worse. Then I could have avoided all the "HE'S so cute" comments even with their pierced ears.

I absolutely love that the flower clip is removable.

Oh the possibilities are endless. I just love the prints.

Long gone are the days of plain Nylon headbands. Now there are stylish stretchy crocheted bands in just about any color. The hats are one size fits all so no need to worry about sizing. They'll grown with your child. There is an adjustable ribbon around the hat so you can tighten it for smaller heads, like Ms Ashleigh's. Oooh and did you notice the sequins on the hats?

You know I couldn't leave Ms Attitude out. Here's my Lyssa. She chose this one herself. She loves "pokernuts"(polka dots) and "crystals as she calls it.

These are really great because you can have only a few headbands and change up your look even with 1 flower. What more can you ask for?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upcoming Giveaway

I am so excited.  I will be having my first blog giveaway later this month.  Just giving a heads up!  So check back.  My first will be a sample pack of hair clippies.  Then shortly after I want to have a late Mother's Day giveaway.  I haven't figured out what to give up yet.   Any ideas?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Check out this amazing find from Etsy.com!

I was speechless

handsoap set
handsoap set
foliage $18.00
Wash your hands with hands!

These are are completely hand made, so each set is slightly different with different hand-shapes & skin-ish colors.

The soaps range from 1/2��� to 3��� tall.

You will get at least 10 hands (at least/about 100 grams of soap). The soap is natural vegetable glycerin & has a very light scent.

Packaged in a pretty bag��� All ready for gifting to a friend with dirty paws!

touching hands
reaching out
touching me
touching you

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© 2008 Etsy All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I can't be the only one this has happened to...

I just can't be.
I can laugh about it now but in the wee hours of the morning (this morning) I was grumbling some very nasty words.
It was "our night" last night. I think I mentioned this a while ago. I choose certain nights to spend time with the kids - one on one. I don't want any of them to feel left out. I also hope this will help Christopher's attitude improve. I think he needs more attention.
Anyway, Christopher & I stayed up late talking and watching my DVR'd cartoons. Don't laugh. He fell asleep on the sofa and since he exceeds 50 lbs I left him right there. My back is already in shambles. I guess I had fallen asleep too because the next thing you know it was about 2:45 am. He wasn't laying next to me and I was about to go look for him when I see him walking out of the kitchen. His pajama bottoms were twisted and looking a mess. His eyes barely opened. I asked him what was wrong with his pants but he didn't respond. He just plopped himself right back down and went to sleep.
A few minutes later I had to get some water. I opened to refrigerator and immediately stepped into something wet. I was mad because a lot of things have been breaking in this house recently and here comes the refrigerator. Maybe that little water line thing for the dispenser broke somehow. I turned on the kitchen lights because I had to clean it up, right?
Well the way the "water" splattered on the floor certainly didn't look like a leak. Not to me anyway.
So I started grumbling some more because obviously Christopher got up for some water too, spilled some and left it right there for the live in maid to clean. And so early in the morning too! Grrr.....why is everyone so lazy..........my thoughts.
Now the water bottles are on the lowest shelf on the refrigerator door. So as short as I am I still had to bend down to get them and that's when it hit me. Strange smells from the floor. Everything came together and I realize what the "leak" was. Yes that explains the twisted clothing. Before I got this mess off the floor you know I had to take a photo because there is no way daddy is going to believe this.
Our son got up confused, dragged his half-asleep self to the kitchen and peed right in front of the refrigerator / door to the garage. I wonder what his little hand grabbed when he "flushed" the toilet.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Drum roll all!

Please welcome Tanyetta and family's baby girl Gracen Ahlia. 6 lbs 3oz and 17.5 inches. I absolutely love the name. I am so overjoyed for them. We cannot wait to meet you. Another baby to spoil. Let's keep Tanyetta in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! Yay! Now I can sleep.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

*Shaking my head*

Excuse the quality.  I took it with my phone in a hurry. I was driving and just had to!  I know safety first right?  I immediately thought about Tanyetta when I saw this.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

No rest

I am so exhausted.  It's so hard taking 3 kids house hunting.  We've been looking off and on for a little while now but we serious about it now.  Well the plan is to find a house with 1 month.  Yeah I can hear you all laughing.   I don't think it's possible.  All that driving is tiring but I feel like I have no space to move in this house.  Things are getting very chaotic in here.
The dining room table is no more.  It's become my sewing table.  We won't even talk about my storage area for all my crafts.  I dread going in that tiny room.  We need a guest room and a larger kitchen.  I'm done with this house.
Please wish us luck.  We'll need it.

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

My niece, captain Mikaela

I can't wait to meet her.  I hear she's one smart-mouthed child.  Reminds me of myself when I was younger.
Here she is in Florida.  My brother and his family headed over there to meet with a potential surrogate.  I am hoping for the best and praying that everything works out.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Innocent kids with inappropriate behavior

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.  I've already had a few talks with the kids but more are surely coming.  The first time the talk was brought on when Alyssa hit Christopher on his privates and ran away.  Not funny and definitely not a good game.  He started crying of course. I spoke to her back then (she thought it was funny) and I had to tell him don't let anyone hit you there. 
Another time Christopher is putting his behind in Alyssa's face, farting and laughing.  Yes disgusting I know but kids are kids you know especially those boy children.  I told him to stop it. 
He's mooned us a few times.  Don't even ask where he got that from because I couldn't tell you.  So he's running around the place, with Alyssa, laughing uncontrollably and in between laughter I'm hearing, "Lyssa touch my butt, touch my butt".  We had another talk at that moment.  A few days later Ms Alyssa decided to play the same game because she follows everything her brother does.  I sat them down again to have a talk.
Now yesterday I was paying some bills online.  They're playing on the chair a few feet from me where their computer is set up.  I didn't turn to look at them until I heard Christopher laughing so hard he could barely talk.  "Don't bite my belly"  I immediately stopped what I was doing because I know what he calls his "belly".  He knows the proper name but for some reason unless you ask him what it is he calls it his belly.  Now my son walks around the house in his boxers most times most of which aren't boxer briefs.  So I made him go put on some clothes.  At least his stuff won't be falling out to the side all the time.
No my lectures don't  seem to be registering.  What am I to do with these kids?
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