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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No mama, I'm not tired

Has this every happened to you?  One minute you're talking then the next thing you know it's morning?  Christopher is the only person I know who can fall asleep in mid-sentence.

Taste Of Home

If you don't subscribe to this magazine I suggest you take advantage of this FREE issue in this offer. I was so excited when I received my first issue earlier this month that I took the magazine and hid in the backyard so I could look through it uninterrupted. I really enjoy looking at the photos of the finished recipes. It really motivates me

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doing my part....

and I know I should be sleeping. I just finished another one of my reusable fabric shopping bags. I have no shame. I have a bunch and I will keep adding more and more to my stash. They vary in sizes so they all serve a special purpose.

Do you know I went to Stater Bros and when I put my own bag on the counter for the lady to pack my groceries she got mad? What is that about?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My sweethearts

I've managed to stop hogging the baby a little bit and daddy has been able to get some time with her ;-) She's still the happiest thing around. When she gets up I hear her singing and talking in her crib. No fussing at all. She still sleeps like a champ. She loves her sleep. Many times I have to wake her because she has these marathon nights where she'd go down at 7pm and still be sleeping at 10am. That's just crazy. I'm going to miss these days when she gets older.

My little girl is getting so big. I just want to cry

Friday, April 17, 2009

How professional

I will be the first to tell you if I have a bad experience somewhere, management, corporate, somebody will know about it. So the husband ordered from Arby's a short while ago and when he got home the order was not satisfactory. I know, I know, he is supposed to check before he leaves the premises. So I emailed them to let them know.

Tanyetta you're going to love this

Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 4:35 PM
Subject: arbys experience

Hi Atasha,
I am very sorry to here about your last visit with us. But also thank you for bringing this to my attention. Its a good learning experience for my staff and at the same time hopefully not lose you as our guest...i would love to send you out a V.I.P card to say sorry for the product quality you received...we do our best to make it a 100% satisfaction but occasionally fail to do so...i have your adress as ------is that correct?
hope to hear back soon and again sorry.
General Manager
any questions, comments. or concerns dont hesitate to emial me or call me at
760 471-8771

Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 5:01 PM
Subject: arbys experience

Thank you for replying so quickly. The address you have is correct. As I stated this was the first time I have been disappointed with my Arby's purchase which is why the bag was not checked before I got home.
Thanks Again.

So we're waiting and waiting and waiting and yesterday my husband says. Hey, wasn't Arby's supposed to send you some coupon or something and he was right. So I checked back with them

Thursday, April 16, 2009, 1:14 PM
Subject: Re: arbys experience
I'm curious as to know if anything was actually sent out.
Thank You
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 9:29 AM
Subject: Re: arbys experience

dang im sorry about that, i mailed some out i dont no what happend...i just dropped a couple more in the mailbox right before this message...thanks for letting me know will see you soon!
Now you tell me....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A rare occasion

Someone was not happy this morning
I didn't pinch her if that's what you're thinking. She rarely cries. I was trying to give her some rice cereal which she loves but not this morning. I should have taken a hint when for the 1st couple of spoonfuls she spit it right back at me. I don't mean the raspberry blowing type spit. She spit hard and it flew all on my specs, in my hair and on the carpet. All over the place. Well I didn't take the hint and kept forcing her. She had just had enough. All she wanted were boobies. Fine by me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our very own Easter Bunny

She has had it with that camera in her face

All smiles disappear when she sees me aiming the camera at her not to mention that bright light in her face

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally got some hair accessories in my store

Here's my headband model. I love it
I got these done last night. I had no idea they were so time consuming but I really enjoyed making them.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Last night I was so friggin pissed

One of these days I swear I am going to kick my husband in his frickin nuts.

Last night Christopher threw one of his awful tantrums when it was time to go to bed. He screamed and screamed and I could not calm him down. The girls were sleeping and I didn't want him to wake them, not to mention I was at my end. I told him he couldn't live here if he couldn't follow my rules and behave properly. He yelled "No" to me so I put him out.....in the garage. I kept the kitchen door open since I was cleaning, so that I could see him at all times. That little boy screamed for 30+ minutes. Then he started kicking the door. I kept looking at him as he was doing this wondering what the hell is going on with this child.

You may wonder why I chose the garage. Well I can't put him in his room or anywhere for that matter that has drywall. You know that mess is hollow right? Not like back home where the walls are actually cinder blocks and concrete. That kicking won't work there. Well we have 3 holes in the walls throughout this house. All made by my son. My 5 yr old son! One in his bedroom, one leading up to the steps from a timeout and one in the baby's room before I switched the living situation around. He has some serious anger management issues. He had stopped with his nonsense months ago but I don't know what is triggering it all of a sudden. So I spoke to his teacher who assured me that he is such a sweet, helpful, well behaved child. She says kids usually save that kind of behavior for home. Which tells me he knows what he is doing is unacceptable.

Anyway back to last night. Now Chris was not home. He was on a grocery store run and was supposed to be home in 5 minutes when I called him to tell him his son was misbehaving and I needed a break. 30 minutes later he was just rolling up. And what did he do? He asks Christopher what happened, took him upstairs, put him in our room and turned on the TV. Yes a reward. It was f-ing bedtime. Why can't he work with me? I feel like I am all alone trying to discipline these kids. I keep stressing the importance of consistency with him. He's telling me some shit. blah...blah..blah....I heard none of it because I was so angry. Man it was so hard to bite my tongue. So I put myself on time out and went outside. We don't argue and I didn't want to start one either and raise my blood pressure higher than it already was.

So a few minutes later he comes outside and starts talking all sweet to me like nothing is the matter. Again I tried to tell him that Christopher is 5 yrs old. He is smart but his brain does not work like an adult. I told him it was bedtime not TV time. He is in trouble. He cannot behave like that and you just pretend that it's okay. When you do what you just did he is thinking that "mommy punishes me but it's cool with daddy so why should I stop"? I have lost track of how many times my husband and I have had this conversation and he was doing good with the whole discipline thing for a short spell but I don't know what happened.

We have 3 f-ing kids I am not going to have them all out of control in this house because it will send me to the grave early. I had to call my mom to calm me down last night. How come he can't get with the program by now? I feel like I am raising 4 kids. These kids are already on to him. The sucker. Anything goes with push over daddy. Most times anyway. Heck, I think I need to start acting crazy too so he can deal with that shit and see how stressful it is. Damnit.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I am so ashamed

We've had a bee problem for about 3 weeks now. Like last year, they decided that our roof was a wonderful place to settle in. Well the guy finally showed up about 30 minutes ago. I'll tell you something, if I could turn red I would have. Man he was cute and he held me up in conversation for so long I didn't know what to do with myself. It was so weird and then I realized what a horror I must have looked. I haven't combed my hair for days. It's pulled back and braided in one and I've been sporting a knitted hat.

Anyway, I watched that man suite up in his bee gear and I enjoyed every minute. Can you tell I don't get out much? I watched him from upstairs with the kids because they thought it was so cool....and it was. I ran upstairs because the bees are in the corner of the house and I could see them going crazy when I look out the bathroom window. Now I don't know how many bees had moved in but the buzzing was so loud in the bathroom. Crazy!

When he was finished, he said he had to come back tomorrow because he needs to seal up some more spots by the roof. Okay buddy.

Do you know I called my husband right away because I felt so dirty?

I know I know. I am married, not blind right!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I have so much to do but not enough time

Wait.....before I start. I've mentioned before that my kids talk a whole lot. I mean a lot. Well Christopher is still up. Yes it's 12:49am and he is still TALKING! What gives? My ears are tired. It's time for me to relax. Anyway.....................

The house work never ends over here especially the laundry. It's a ridiculous situation really. So here is my to-do list for tomorrow in no particular order. We'll see how much I actually get done. I think I would have 2 tasks completed by the end of the day, if I'm lucky.

1. Don't wake up too late ;-)
2. Fold the clean clothes
3. Do more laundry
4. Clean up downstairs particularly the living room area
5. Clean up the kitchen
6. Go to the fabric store
7. Make something to add to my etsy store, anything
8. Take a nap
9. Wash my hair

So much personality

Look at my little model. She works for cheap. She loves Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie so I paid her for her work with a 3.6 oz container. Price $1.00

I think it looks okay. I've had this embroidered cotton for over 2 years. I have decided not to purchase too much new fabric and try to get rid of the boxes and boxes that I have stashed away.

What color is that exactly? Is it considered orange? Peachy orange. Ugh I truly dislike the shade of whatever it is. I swear my eyes cannot recognize colors properly anymore. This was not an enjoyable project. I may just let her have it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

So willing but it doesn't look good

My husband and I have been discussing the surrogacy issue and while he is very supportive he reminded me of the complications I had after the last 2 babies. This brought me right back down to earth because I know he has every right to be concerned. I was just so excited of the possibility of me being able to do this that I completely forgot about my own health.

What we don't want is me to place myself in danger. I have to see the cardiologist anyway so I will still consult them but I doubt very much I would be a good candidate. I have been feeling so low for the past 2 days and when I told my brother who I had never told about my problems he thanked me for even considering helping them but thought it better not to go that route as it's too risky.

As part of their therapy they got 2 puppies yesterday, 6 month old Mya and Snow. Here they are. I am assuming the white one is Snow.

That's pretty much it. I am supposed to be looking into surrogacy in the state of CA for them. I know there are agencies but I don't even know where to start. The bad thing is I have read so many horror stories of shady agencies with bad practices robbing couples out of 10s of thousands of dollars. They have enough to deal with including the ridiculously large bill from the private facility where his wife's life was saved. But like he said, you can't put a price on someone's life.
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