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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here I am

Here's my boy. He will be 5 on Monday. He doesn't know this but I am taking them all to Disneyland. I have been trying to book a room for the 4 of us since last night but I cannot find a good enough deal. Better luck tonight I guess.

All of us girls sported Pink and Brown
It's funny how I really don't plan these things
She had such a wonderful time and so did I!
Mama kisses
Happy Baby
One happy mama

I went to a play-date today and this wonderful mama was kind enough to take a picture of me and the baby with my camera. I love them all. "Are you ever in the pictures?" she asked.

I haven't really had any with Ashleigh and myself. Thank God I washed my hair this morning..... hehehehe. I have been battling some serious dandruff...and as if that wasn't enough, my arthritis started acting up yesterday on a drive home. Rain must be coming. This time it was the left knee. So this morning I was hobbling around the house. Walking up the stairs is especially painful.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conversations with a 4 1/2 month old

Someone has been chatting up a storm for the past month+. She can get pretty noisy as you can hear. This is my "work" space so ignore the overfilled shredder bin and my messy desk. Also ignore my 2nd baby Alyssa sucking her fingers. As I sit here typing with Ashleigh in my lap she is talking, very loudly I might add.

Oh and that was Christopher who screamed out. Pure madness tonight! Off to put them to bed.

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Can you say YUCK?

Let me just say that I really dislike these things. I was sitting in the backyard about 15 minutes ago talking to my friend on the phone when I heard the bushes rustling. I thought nothing of it as the neighbor's cat usually jumps up on the fence and walks along to Lord knows where. But wait, I remembered the neighbors are gone and their cat is an indoor cat who only gets let out for a few minutes. It was not Simba the cat.

The noise seemed to be coming from my right so I kept looking in that direction. I saw something but it could have been a wooden beam that holds up the fence but then it moved. YUCK. It was not a cat. I tried to shoo the thing away but it was looking straight at me with nasty angry eyes that glowed it seemed.

Inside I ran to get the camera. I chased him along the side fence with camera in hand. That nasty thing disappeared by the neighbor's trash bin.
This thing was huge!Yes it was a male.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Can someone tell me what's the rush?

I caught her by surprise! Hehehehhee

My baby is growing so fast. I took this about an hour ago and it made me want to cry. I think it's because she's seeing her brother and sister run about the place. Maybe that is why she feels the need to rush this whole growing up business.
These were taken a few days ago. I know some of you have already seen them on FB but since I need to keep up with this blogging I thought I'd post them again. I still want to know how come these thighs don't look cute on me?

Her belly was full!
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