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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can you say YUCK?

Let me just say that I really dislike these things. I was sitting in the backyard about 15 minutes ago talking to my friend on the phone when I heard the bushes rustling. I thought nothing of it as the neighbor's cat usually jumps up on the fence and walks along to Lord knows where. But wait, I remembered the neighbors are gone and their cat is an indoor cat who only gets let out for a few minutes. It was not Simba the cat.

The noise seemed to be coming from my right so I kept looking in that direction. I saw something but it could have been a wooden beam that holds up the fence but then it moved. YUCK. It was not a cat. I tried to shoo the thing away but it was looking straight at me with nasty angry eyes that glowed it seemed.

Inside I ran to get the camera. I chased him along the side fence with camera in hand. That nasty thing disappeared by the neighbor's trash bin.
This thing was huge!Yes it was a male.


  1. Oh my. Possum porn.

    I hear they make good stews! We are in recession, you know, and bullets are cheap!

  2. Umm, that think looks scary. Definately male-LOL

  3. u wanna know what i think.



  4. You are brave. I would have ran into the house and stayed instead of taking a picture. I'm such a wimp.

  5. Ha. Raincoaster you're hilarious

    Keya, I was wondering if they are aggressive little things. He did look scary

    Samaria doesn't it look nasty?

    Kenya, t hat would have probably been the smart thing for me to do since you never how these critters can react. Supposed he had jump at me from the fence?

    Scrapping servant - I totally agree


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