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Monday, October 20, 2008

What in the world?

I swear I have never noticed this before at any of those drive-thrus. We were on our way to the park today when I realized I hadn't eaten. I was starving so I decided to go with a chicken sandwich. I mean how bad could that be? I paid and drove up to the pick-up window when I saw this sign.

I had to take out the camera. Have anyone ever noticed this before in any other fast food places? I am scared.

Exactly what chemicals are they referring to?

On a happier note, I made it to the park today. We stayed for a couple of hours, then we headed back home for a brief nap. When we all woke up, I got the kids dressed again and off we went to Stu Miller's Pumpkin Patch. Oh what fun! It got dark quickly but I still got some decent photos which I will post at a later date.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Much better today

(The outdoor photos were taken Wednesday)
Beautiful skies but man it was HOT again!

I'm still sleep deprived but things are looking up. I made myself go to sleep at a decent hour last night, well it was really this morning. Compared to 5am, 1am is much better but for reasons unknown Princess #1 (Alyssa) got up super early at 7:30am. Christopher is still asleep but he has just been super.
(And her's Princess #2)
Oh, the maid came yesterday. She's a really nice lady. She spent the ENTIRE day! She arrived at 9am and left around 5pm. That is sad. You should have seen how much dust was removed. I don't dust. So for the moment, we are able to welcome unexpected visitors and not be ashamed or panicked when the door bell rings.
(Ashleigh fast asleep at the park)
Since I upgraded my monitor and man is it ever sweeeet, I was able to set Christopher up with his own half dead system. I've got it working pretty good for simple purposes. He loves his new responsibility of making sure Alyssa does not touch either one of the computers. He finally understands that the computer is not something they touch and mess around with. He is really excited about that.
(Ice-cream Face)
While the house was being cleaned I ran over to Best Buy to replace my printer. Why not? I got him a Scholastics game for his computer and when he returned from school he sat for hours playing/learning. Little does he know, but it will improve his reading, spelling and math. He loves it. I had to drag him off the computer.
(Gosh he's getting so big)

Struggles with Ashleigh and her bottle continue. I have switch up nipples and what I found to have worked with Alyssa at that age, does not work for this princess. Alyssa would only take the Playtex nurser nipples and Ashleigh took it while my mom was here but now she refuses.
(I love crying photos)

I spent 30 minutes off and on last night trying to give her a bottle and my 4oz of milk just went to waste. I guess it's no big deal but I just want daddy to have that bonding time with her. Unfortunately, it ain't happening. She ended up getting so upset yesterday. You should have heard her screaming. I just gave in and let her have the boobies. I am done with that. I hated to see her so upset but she won. No more bottle attempts. Besides I enjoy our time when she is nursing.
(Can you tell he was happy?)

Christopher is doing fantastic in school. We need to get him in there for another day but the price jumps up so much higher that I am not sure it's affordable to us.

(Alyssa is getting big also but she is the laziest thing I have ever met)
Today, I have intentions of taking the kids to the park again but I am dreading the temperatures. I think it's supposed to be another warm day, like 88 degrees. I am so done with these summer temperatures.

(No more training wheels, but accidents still happen) (He looks like that because it was so HOT!)
(Who doesn't love bubbles)

The husband and I decided to spend the Xmas holiday by our selves. No big family gatherings, we're tired of it. It just gets so crazy starting on Thanksgiving. All these dinners and lunches. We plan to rent a house and take the kids up North to see some snow. We didn't make it last Christmas as planned. I'm not sure why.

Well Christopher just got up so I am off to get the kids ready. It takes me over 2 hours to get everyone ready and seated in the van. Wish me luck. I've been told this gets easier at some point. I'm not so sure about that.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm just a mess

(Here's the crew)

I still haven't adjusted to having 3 babies as of yet. I really try but I am just so very tired all the time. The days when Christopher isn't in school I can't seem to muster up the energy to take them to the park. So the poor kids are stuck inside.

(Why did Alyssa make this yucky face? I was trying to get 3 smiling kids)

I wonder how long it's going to take for me to get back to my old self or close to it! I can barely get up in the morning because I go to sleep so late. I wish I could say it was because of Ashleigh but it's not. She, like her 2 siblings were at this age, is a great sleeper. I just cannot shut my mind off when it needs to be so when everyone is sleeping I am not.

I have so many things to do in my mind but I never get anything accomplished. I no longer cook, I barely ever clean, it's just so hard.

(They're so silly)

My mother will die if she read this, but we got a maid to come in twice a month to do the heavy cleaning and dusting. I never dust. Maybe that will help, we will see.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the cooler months ahead. It's not been really hot here for the past 3 months but it seems like Summer is making a last stand before it says bye-bye. Today, like last week Wednesday we exceeded temperatures of 100.

(Look at my handsome son)

So that's about it for now. I apologize for not stopping by all your blogs. The computer finally took it's last breath a few days ago and we had to replace it. There went all my bookmarks/favorites and to add to the confusion I don't remember most of my passwords. It's just a mess on this end.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

We're having a bad week

I was hoping she'd just blend in with the blanket...hehehehe

It was Alyssa's birthday on the 29th so we took a mini "vacation" if you could even call it that, to Disneyland. We left on the weekend and returned last night, well Tuesday night. The night before we left, Christopher suddenly became ill. Just like last year. He was running a fever of 103.1. We went anyway. We had already booked the hotel and all that mess a week ago and didn't want to lose the money for late cancellation. At least we would be in a hotel and not have to clean. Right? We had the coolest room too. We decided to get a Kid's Suite. They had bunk beds in their room, french doors separated it from our room and we had a Cali King bed. Now all of a sudden the husband wants a new bed. I hadn't realized how large a California King mattress is. I admit I liked it!

Anyway, Monday Christopher was doing much better and we packed up and headed over to Disneyland to get them on a few rides. That went well but that night Alyssa came down with a high fever. It just never ends and I feel so bad for these kids. They both have the nastiest cough ever and I have to try to keep them away from Ashleigh. This is especially difficult with Alyssa who always loves to make nice on the baby. Since Christopher started pre-school he's been sick more times than he had been the whole of last year.

She's such a big girl, 0 - 3 month old clothing can barely fit her

One thing I am happy about is the amount of sleep I got. I got more sleep on this trip than I've gotten in months. Chris really did more than his share so that I could get some sleep.

So, this morning when I woke up, there was some message on the monitor informing me that Windows could not load or something to that effect. I tried all how to get this thing to work and finally gave up and went with the system restore....bad! Unfortunately I lost everything this time. Yes I said "this time". It has happened a few times before but not quite like this. I had put off transferring my most recent photo albums to a DVD and I paid the price. All photos, address book, my wonderful bookmarks...gone. Thankfully I had not erased the memory card entirely so I still have these photos and the ones of Ashleigh's birth day.

I told you she has pleasant dreams

These kids have been messing with this computer so it was just a matter of time. Files were turning up missing, settings were being changed, all kinds of mischief was going on. So the husband, who had the day off today, went out this evening to try to get a new one. He was looking at the Gateway® FX4710-UB003A Desktop. Well this particular one was sold out in all the stores. I want to cry. I got this half dead computer working after hours of work but how long will it work is the question. Don't even let me start carrying on about the money we have to spend.

I told him not to rush and make a hasty decision though. This will give me some time to research and get some advice from my brother, the computer geek.

Smiling all the time ~ She's the happiest baby

So that's what's up with us. Sick kids, a broken computer and a very frustrated mama with sore boobies. I was so happy that I was able to have my mom feed her with a bottle when she was here but now since she's been getting the boob exclusively she wants nothing to do with that bottle. I tried to give her a bottle today because she's been gumming me really hard. No success. What will become of all my stored milk in the freezer?
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