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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Update..I know long overdue

So Rania was so close I am scared to post this. This was her estimate!

7lbs 10oz, 20" I think she will be an evening baby: 5:30pm Off by 1oz and 2 minutes. Isn't that crazy?
And the facts!
7lbs 11oz, 20 inches born at 5:28pm *gasp*
She looks exactly like Christopher did. I'll have to do a 3 way comparison..oh wait 4, I'll compare daddy's angry baby photo

I will never again question my choices/decisions when I am 110% convinced that I am doing the right thing. I am no doctor but I know my body better than most people know theirs. Where am I going with this? Well you know how much grief and additional tests I went through to have this baby when I did.

My 2 girls

I dealt with so many people telling me to let nature take it's course and to stop rushing things, and how my dates were wrong, and blah...blah....blah... Well some people's body don't work like they should. I was constantly explaining myself time and time again. Like I was on trial or something. When the doctor saw her she said to me, "Good intuition mom for having her when you did. You knew! And she was only going to get bigger." Yeah I knew that. I also know what would have happened. I know people have larger babies vaginally but what is do-able for someone is not do-able for me. I couldn't get this through to some women. Ugh anyway...

See Shemah, we love those socks
Just came back from our 1st dr's appt (8/26/08)

I never thought anyone could top my old doctor but the doctor who delivered her came damn close. I had the perfect nurses from the time I was admitted on Thursday afternoon. All of them were wonderful especially Eleanor. I had her for the entire day on Friday. She helped me through the first few hours of strong contractions and the much feared epidural. This time it didn't hurt. She held me so close like a mother would, causing me to relax. Something that is unheard of for me when needles are involved and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Perfect feet

This baby gave me trouble. Not only did Ashleigh have her hand against her face preventing her from coming down but she was a bit big for me. I was so scared. I pushed so hard until I had nothing left. It didn't help that I had not eaten since 11:30pm on Wednesday. (This was Friday!) I was weak and they couldn't give me food. Understandably so. The doctor was able get her to move her hand away so that I could try to push her out. After a while they went for the vacuum but apparently the little miss didn't want that thing on her head and right before they tried to put it on, out she came.

Screaming as loudly as ever. The cord was also wrapped around her feet. That couldn't have helped my cause. Well the nurses and the doctor could not believe how thick the umbilical cord was. Hmmmm....I wonder if it was all those cantaloupes and strawberries....hahaha. Doctor said this meant she was very healthy. My husband said he had a hard time getting the tiny scissors through it. He said it was twice the width of Alyssa's cord. He didn't get to cut Christopher's cord because the cord was around his neck and they had to take care of him quickly.

So that's about it in a nutshell. I am doing much better today. But I have already started retaining water. I am swollen all over. My entire legs, feet which hurt to the touch and it's very painful walking, my hands, you name it. I am elevating my legs when I can but it's not really helping.

I came home heavier than I was when I went in. I was afraid of this and hopefully it's not a repeat of what happened with Alyssa. I ended up in the hospital with fluid on the lungs and heart. But after 1 night in the hospital, several test, xrays and a diuretic given intravenously, I was fine. So I'll give it one more day and if on Friday it does not improve I will head to urgent care. At least my mom is here to help with the kids so I need to take care of this now if that's where this is heading.
My breathing is a little strained which is concerning to me.

Anyway........Like Christopher and Alyssa, Ashleigh is a wonderful baby. Hardly any fussing only when she needs to be burped again. Sleeps and eats. Last night she did great. She slept for 6 hours. Sometimes during the day we have to wake her to eat.

So I'll update on my health once I get through this week. Let's hope things improve by then.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hopefully my coach still knows how to count

We're off to the hospital.

I had my amnio on Tuesday and the results indicated not only are baby's lungs mature but baby was showing as 41+ weeks old. Yeah. I am still worried about the size of this girl and I hope with all my heart that all the measurements were wrong and she is close to her sister's size when she was born. Otherwise they may be cutting me but that's okay. I just want her to arrive healthy.

Scary site isn't it!

So about the amnio, I guess I was lucky that I was this far along because the doctor explained that the membranes are much thinner at this stage in pregnancy and the needle will go through easily. YIKES! I was so scared of the pain going into the hospital that I almost fainted before anything even started! Big Chris was there to hold my hand and it was a good thing.

My eyes were tearing as they prepped my belly. The doctor and her team were so nice. We laughed and joked and she was actually successful in making me a teeny bit relaxed. I barely felt the needle enter me and I honestly can't say that it hurt. Yes believe it and this is from someone who couldn't be more afraid of needles. I would say there was a bit of discomfort but that's it. It took her a long time to find a pocket of fluid. It seemed like I barely had any left from the image on the monitor.

You know I am glad my family's
excited and all, particularly the in-laws, but I really wish they'd give us some space when we come home. My sister-in-law already said she was coming to the hospital tonight and my nephew's girlfriend, who's name happens to be Ashley :-), wants to come see the baby when we get home. I hope I don't sound terrible but I don't recall wanting company when I came home with the other 2. I expressed my concerns to my husband and he didn't understand.

His response, "Well what do you want me to do?"
Uhm how about tell them that your wife isn't up for company as yet. I am sure they will understand. Ugh......

So wish me luck!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why do I always wait until last minute?

Before I start, I shamefully admit that my daughter has more skills than I. If you have a daughter you know what I am talking about. My husband spoils me for the most part but now I have competition. All this little girl has to do is pout and daddy melts.?????? My pouting doesn't have the same effect. I mean I'm his girl too! I will be last in line when this baby comes, competing with daddy's 2 little girls.

A few weeks ago, daddy comes home and Alyssa runs to greet him, "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy! You're home!" And she runs to him. He picks her up and gives her an "airplane". She immediately says, "Daddy (and you should hear the sweet voice), I want to go in the big truck." Daddy says, "not today sweetie, maybe tomorrow" and he puts her down. (I have to try to get a photo of the "I-can-get-anything-I-want-face") So she puts on the face, then she starts to cry and daddy turns to mush and gives in. It takes her less than 5 seconds.

I told him he needs to tell her no sometimes and stick to it otherwise he will be sorry.

All I can do is laugh because he will be in so much trouble with 2 girls.

I haven't finished up things on this end

Why isn't my hospital bag packed?
Why isn't Ashleigh's coming home clothing washed?
Oh no I haven't bought her her own baby book. I need it to get her footprints in it.
Why haven't I gotten the baby carrier ready? I think I should have it in the van. Oh wait I washed the lining so I should have at least put it back on, right? Geez... where did I put the breast pump & my nursing bras for that matter?

I have 3 hampers of clean clothing that need to be put away, 2 of those aren't even folded. Can you believe one of them my mother folded when she was visiting? I haven't put it away yet. She will most likely return in a few days to see it sitting in the same place she left it...hehehe...that will be funny.

Take your best guess

Give me your best guess on this baby.
Weight, Length, time of birth....you know how it goes

Christopher was 7 lbs 14 oz, 21" and was born at 7:01pm. About 12 hours after I walked in the hospital. I pushed for 30 minutes
Alyssa was 7 lbs 1 oz, 19" and was born at 4:26am. about 10 hours after I walked in the hospital. I pushed twice

So keep your fingers crossed for me. Alyssa was the perfect size plus she had a small head...hahahha

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My big guy

Why buy pricey toys when you have.......cardboard boxes?

I am constantly amazed at the games these kids create using things that lay around the house. This box like many others was a hit! He had actually gotten stuck which was funny. Look at how much fun he's having!

No baby yet. I was hoping something would happen this weekend and I know the weekend isn't over but nothing as of yet. Instead, I remain in discomfort. On a happier note, everyone but Alyssa is helping out.

Today I planted my behind on the sofa and barely moved. I had the remote in hand and switched back and forth watching coverage of the Olympics. I even squeezed a nap or 2 in there. Food was brought to me on a tray and when I was finished Christopher would come take the bowls or the cups away. No one had to ask him. I am amazed at his understanding of the situation. He was by my side a whole lot today, asking me to feel the baby and when he caught her doing one of her dance routines he was so excited.

He smiled and said, "Mama she kicked me!"

"Mama", he said, "baby Ashleigh's coming out next week?" I told him, I hope so. "Mama, can I carry her?" "Mama, I'm, going to teach her how to jump like this" I'm thinking, Oh dear, I sure hope not. Another heart attack child coming soon!
"Mama, I'm going to be a big brother?"
Yes Christopher.
"Mama, I will have 2 sisters?"
Yes Christopher.....and on and on he went.

Now don't get me wrong. I love having these conversations with him but he wouldn't shut up. So I told him, "Honey, it's time to rest our voices" He stopped for a moment, maybe a few minutes then started up again telling me about the bad dreams he's been having and he's been having them pretty often.

Christopher's bad dreams

Last night, he said he saw a monster. It had claws and a tail and it went snip, snip, snip.....he was motioning with his fingers
Now this monster sounded awfully familiar because daddy got them the Little Mermaid and I think he was referring to the crab because the monster in his dreams was also red. What do you think?

Friday, August 15, 2008

I struck out today but I am looking forward to next week

Ugh! So the doctor I saw today was quite the bitch... impersonal. First of all, I had to wait in the examination room for a long time. Then when she came in she walked right pass me and went straight to the computer. Without even looking at me she asked whether or not everything was okay.

Okay? I wanted to say woman, I limped in here, I cannot breathe, you had me waiting for way too long and you ask me if everything is okay? I hesitated a bit, just looking at her type away, as she located my medical record. Then I told her of my pains. All she did was shake her head and say, "uh hmmm" What kind of a doctor is she? I don't even think she was even listening.

I know I posted this sometime before but I cannot believe that little girl was so chunky. Look at those thighs

She was not nice to my children either and when Christopher decided to take her rolling stool and put his foot on it......hehehehehe.....she started to raise her voice saying, "NO". I mean she was so loud even I got scared, but I was quick and I stopped that nonsense in a hurry. Look, she has no business raising her voice at my child. She didn't even get out the whole word NO, when I butted in and said, "Christopher honey, give the doctor back her chair. I don't want you to fall." And he did. He stopped smiling & pushed the stupid rolly chair right back in it's place.

She seemed like she was in a rush too and I don't like that. Ah, maybe it was lunch time. I told her I wanted her to check me for any progress. She only came in to take measurements and check Ashleigh's heartbeat. She did try then to get the kids' involved when she was listening to the heartbeat but like me, they wanted nothing to do with her. She had blown it.

Check out that head of hair. He was born with it! Unlike Alyssa
This was his 1st luvie until he lost it in Macy's. They never found it and we replaced it with a cow (similar colors). That was over 4 years ago. He didn't know the difference and he still has the nasty animal

So I was not upset. I won't see her dumb a$ again. Baby will be here next week one way or the other, I hope. My last doctor, the one who insisted on dating me 2 weeks later, agreed last week to induce me (well it won't be her doing it) as long as baby's lungs are mature. I think she is covering her behind which is why I am scheduled for an amniocentesis on Tuesday. Hey, you can never be too sure so that will work for me and she got taken off my $hit list. I told Big Chris to take the day off to accompany me. I was scared at first but somehow having him there with me will make it all right. I'm calm now and to be honest, part of me cannot wait. Besides, I need back-up in case I go into labor :-)

I will get my results the same afternoon and as long as the numbers are where they should be, she will schedule an induction on Wednesday or Thursday.

Geez what a day. At least the last doctor was always nice to my kids and looked at me when I was speaking. I cannot believe this new doctor. I give up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've been better

I want to do things with the kids but I can't. I had intentions of going walking this evening but I am in serious pain. I remember when I first got my bicycle. I went riding, trailing the kids for 10 miles. My husband had re-adjusted my seat without my knowledge and for the next few days after I was in so much pain between the legs. Horrible. Well that was mild compared to what I am feeling now.

We're serious about our trains in here
I played trains with the kids tonight

My hips are out of whack causing me to be wobbly and unstable on my feet. While I know that is normal, I never had these kinds of pains with either of my kids. Lucky for me I got pregnant now. Who knows how bad things would have gotten if I had waited for about 1 yr or so. I'm getting old.

All these aches combined is making it almost impossible to leave the house. I barely made it out this morning to take Christopher to school. He was very late. Let's not even talk about me going to the bathroom. Even that's a struggle.

It was all I could do

At night I barely get any sleep. One reason of course is the frequent bathroom trips. One night I was up every 5 minutes. I sleep sitting upright on the sofa. I have a head low down in my pelvis and feet up under my ribs causing extreme discomfort and trouble breathing. Yet I am still trying to enjoy the last days of this. I know I will miss it....the kicks keeping me up at night, the hiccups...... I always do.

My next doctor's appointment is on Friday with a different doctor. Hopefully that will go well and I'll show some kind of progress, no matter how small. Surprisingly at my last appointment I had lost some weight. My blood pressure was also a little high last week probably because I was so stressed.

Well, I haven't packed my bag as of yet and I guess I should. I always get a case of the nerves a little before I deliver and this time it's no different.

Friday, August 08, 2008

YAY! I got my BK Apple Fries!

Finally, it's my turn! Thank You Tanyetta! Those people were fast! I was so excited when I woke up this morning (and I just did), and remembered there would be a UPS delivery today. I was beginning to feel so left out reading other people's entries about their Burger King package.

This is the coolest! I'm lovin' that lunch bag.

We are definitely heading over there today because this mama no longer cooks! Ok it's really not that bad, let's just say I hardly cook anymore.

Christopher had already filled up on his waffles but he still ate a few. You know who ended up getting his remnants

This child was serious about those BK Apple Fries. I only got 1 Apple Fry! She ate 2 1/2 packs in total. We don't do the caramel sauce so it was just plain apple fries here.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This is one form of therapy for me

I had a horrible day today but I won't get into that now and upset myself AGAIN.

I finished this last night for Ms. Alyssa and she loved it. She chose the button so excuse the bright color. It doesn't look too bad against the natural color yarn though.

I have to shorten the neck band. I did have fun making this. What matters most is that she loves it. She got so many compliments today.

I think I will dig up my scraps and make another.

Today we went to the park after my wonderful doctors visit *rolls eyes* and we were watching my friend's 9 month old while she took her older girl to the bathroom. Alyssa was so good with her. She played peek-a-boo and held her hand. She was so gentle and she couldn't stop laughing. She kept saying, "look at the baby", and "the baby laughing". This was a surprise to me and suddenly all my worries about her accepting her "soon-to-be-arriving" little sister all went away.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I shouldn't leave things until last minute

Good grief. I just came back from running about the place with 1 tired kid (Christopher) and a hyper one (Alyssa). The printer was out of photo Cyan so I couldn't print a decent photo. I had to go to the store. UGH.....

I went to Walmart first but they close the Kodak Kiosk at 8 pm. Off to Target across the street from Walmart. Target was no better, they close theirs at 9 pm. The lady suggested I run to Kinkos. Now why didn't I think of that. In and out and in and out of the vehicle. Alyssa was trouble!

Well Kinkos was it, and $0.78 later I had the 2 photos. Geez the things a mom must do! It was either runaround tonight or wake up extra early in the morning with 2 grumpy kids to do it. Of course I could have also sent him to school with no photo but what kind of parent would I be if I did that?

Christopher's Homework

His homework to turn in tomorrow, Thursday, is to bring in a photo of himself and a photo of his family. I sighed when his teacher told me this because believe it or not we have NONE of the family all together. What is wrong with us? So I hurriedly set up the tripod a few minutes ago and did a rush job in the bedroom. I had to wake up big Chris. Look at his eyes. Poor man has to go to work at 2:15 am. YIKES! I don't know how he does it. I would have been fired so long ago. Getting on the job-site over an hour late.

Test Shot # 1

If he doesn't bring in a photo he won't get a star so I couldn't let that happen, regardless of how sloppy the photo came out.

Test Shot # 2

This is so darn funny. Pure comedy. I told daddy he had 10 seconds. Then I tried to run, hahaha...yes run from behind the tripod, to get in between the kids and accidentally elbowed Alyssa on the side of her head. As you can see daddy never made it in time either. Let's try again

Test Shot # 3

Almost. Need to reposition tripod

Test Shot # 4 ~ Eeek someone needs some sun on those legs hahaha....

And this is what they'll be getting. Yes it's lousy but it's the family.

On to the next. A more recent photo of Christopher all by himself.

This will have to work

and of course Alyssa needed to get in on it too.

She and her filthy blankie.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back from the hospital

Man this place sucked. I couldn't find parking. I mean.......really. The additional parking structure to the rear was also full so I had to go back around in the front and wait until someone pulled out. Meanwhile, my overfilled bladder was screaming for help. *sigh*

One good thing, when I finally went in I was called almost immediately. That was great!. I got to see the little Miss again, waving hand and all. The tech also zoomed in and showed me HAIR on her head. Well we'll see. Alyssa was almost bald.

I am hoping that my doctor takes heed to the measurements this time. Miss Ashleigh is completely measuring
(not just the head) at 38 weeks, arm, foot, head, etc. The technician was very sure of that and raised an eyebrow when I told her the last tech had already made a note that she was 2 weeks ahead but the doctor never changed the date. So she sent me a note to take to her. A note, like we're in primary school.

Anyway, Thursday's visit will be the last with this doctor. She is a nice woman overall but niceness isn't enough for me.

Baby's approximate weight is 7lbs 6 oz, already bigger than Alyssa was at birth ( 7lbs 1oz). This really scares me. Christopher weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and gave a heck of a lot of trouble as I mentioned before.

Okay so before I forget, the technician gave me a revised due date of August 20th. Let's see what my doctor has to say on Thursday.

Monday, August 04, 2008

I couldn't help it

We're alone again tonight. The poor husband is stuck in Torrence so to keep his company we had dinner together on the phone. How corny? Hehehe....... It's like we're still dating but isn't that great!

Tomorrow is school so my baby went to bed early. I still check on my sleeping kids. Not sure when that will end but when I went upstairs (and that in itself was hard for me), this is what I saw. I stood there watching him for quite sometime thinking about how hard it would be to get my waddling self downstairs, grab the camera, walk upstairs again, then come back down. It's funny when you think about it.

Before he went to bed I always tell him, "get all your babies". Well recently he has started to correct me. "No mama, they're not my babies they're my boys!" Uhmm okay. I am sure that was daddy's doing. Whatever, just get them.

Funny thing is both of those animals belong to Alyssa. Froggy sings and that white bear lights up. Alyssa knows he needs light so she always lets him have light up teddy bear. His fear of the dark has returned and I'm not sure why. We leave his door opened so it's not completely dark in there.

We're almost there

Anyways, I am off to get another ultrasound tomorrow. The husband's friend was thrilled to help out. So I am dropping off Alyssa at about 10:20am. I hope she doesn't freak out. As far as the U/S is concerned, I am not sure what that will achieve and then on Thursday I have a doctor's appointment. I will have the doctor check me then. This child is sitting so low I can barely walk and these contractions aren't letting up. So wish me luck!

Giveaway over at...

Chic Shopper Chick, for the Micralite Stroller Of course I am secretly hoping that none of you win and that I do....hehehe....it's the truth. I never win anything and this would be so cool! It would go great with my spankin' new red blanket. I will snap a photo of that and post it soon! I just keep getting lazier and lazier!

So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Labor dreams

My baby was having a sad moment. Look at that face!

I know I am having them because I am so afraid of going into labor when I am all by myself. I am down right panicked. Scared that I won't get to the hospital in time for my epidural. I had told someone this at the hospital when I went for the tour and she seemed so shocked. I said "Yes, I am one those women! I can do without the pain thank you". Mind you this is going to be her first baby so she has no idea what she is in for.

Look don't get me wrong I don't have any thing negative to say about anyone's birth plan. To each his own. My plan just happens to involve some drugs that's all. Does that make me less of a "loving mama"?

This is what she does when Christopher is asleep

So last night I had a dream that I went into labor and somehow I had gotten to the hospital. You want to know the best part? I got my epidural and it didn't hurt. I always have trouble with it. I tense up so much, it takes the anesthesiologist a long time. I have a fear of needles and well you know this needle is extremely large
See the booboo can hardly be seen

Friday, August 01, 2008

Almost completed projects

I gotta tell you this before I start griping AGAIN.

Christopher says to me today: Mama, when I get bigger I'll get some money and drive the van
ME: Oh?
: Yeah! And I'll carry you.
: Carry Me?
: Yes mama, I'll take you to the doctor.

I wanted to cry. That was the sweetest thing he told me today. He is so caring. I knew then he had overheard me complaining to my mom & husband about having to drive to get the ultrasound and how tired I always am. He's a sweet boy.
Okay back to the complaining.


I have been crocheting squares. It didn't come out too bad

This blog has seemed to become one big complaining diary and even I am tired of it but what else can I do when everything seems to be bothering me now? So I think I had mentioned that my doctor wanted me to schedule another ultrasound but they were booked until late this month so I didn't schedule it, right. I think I wrote about this before but I honestly can't be too sure. As my brother tells me, I am operating on only half of my brain cells. Yes I know he loves me.

I ran out of yarn but it's almost finished. Just need to get one more skein to straighten the edges

Well this morning, someone linked to the doctor's office called to schedule my ultrasound by force...hehehe... Apparently my doctor put in some urgent note on my medical file that it needs to be done within 2 weeks now, so they MADE room for me. Whoopteedoo!
So this lady schedules me for this Tuesday at 11:30am. Now you know what I have to do? Find someone to watch Alyssa, (luckily Christopher will be in school) while I drive all the way down to some unfamiliar place with a very full bladder. That ought to be fun.

Anyway, I am almost finished Ashleigh's blanket as you can see above. All the kids got one. Alyssa has a pink one which I crocheted before she arrived and she has only now taken to the thing. Christopher had a tiny one so I am making a new one for him. No fancy stitches on any one of them. Simple as simple can get.
Christopher's blanket
It's getting to be a decent size but he told me he wanted it big like his bed. *sigh* I'd started this so long ago and only now decided to finish it up

We made it to the park today

I have been trying really hard to take it easy most days but every night the contractions come on strong. It takes my breath away and ideally I would like her to stay in 1 more week if she can't wait until closer to the end of this month. I remember feeling this way with Alyssa and I was wrong. I thought she would come early.

Alyssa's booboo is healing well

My husband is panicking more than I, as I am sure she will be just fine if she comes early. He called his sister and dad today. These people are so busy. His sister just returned from a cruise to Alaska with her son. She was extremely disappointed. So while they are not exactly close, they are basically on stand by cause my honey is worried. Poor man. Not the best back up plan. Dad would have to drive from Irvine and his sister would be coming from Del Mar which I guess isn't too bad. She'll bring her son so he can stay with the kids and she will drive me to the hospital if I am alone.

She loves blowing bubbles. She's gotten much better

I am also proud to report that I have not cleaned the stove. Instead the husband did. I'll leave it at that. While it is not up to my standards atleast he tried. He also yelled at me to sit down tonight because I was trying to clean up the living room. I told you he's panicking. If I am not smiling he thinks something is wrong.

Every time we go here she is always hung up on this tree

I am getting a little annoyed as every couple of minutes he asks, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Whole night tonight before he went to bed, it was, "Can I get you something? Are you thirsty? Do you want a snack? Do you need anything at the store?" And without me answering, he continues , "because I can run to the store really fast" I know he is nervous and all, but this is not our first baby and sometimes I just want to sit quietly and relax. I know I should enjoy all the attention and I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything but come on now.
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