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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Now you tell me..

What should I do with this husband of mine? Tonight I had a scheduled tour of the hospital's birthing center. Let's just say I was not impressed. Nothing is wrong with it but I delivered at their sister hospital and the rooms were much nicer. I'm just spoiled but I'll survive. So I was gone for about 3 hours. I took my time after the tour and lecture was completed. I stopped by Baskin Robbins (yummy) & then the grocery store, to get some snacks for Christopher's lunch bag tomorrow.

I walked in the kitchen when I got home and the first thing I saw was this. Now we can all guess what he gave the kids but don't you think he could have cleaned up? YUCK! The least he could have done was remove the stray popcorn and pass a cloth on those spots. Who knows what that is? What you can't see are the little dots of grease decorating the entire top of the stove. Now I truly have a reason not to cook, not that I needed one.....HA! but I definitely cannot cook on a nasty stove.

Let me tell you the sad thing, I can't play blind and leave it for him to clean either because he can't clean, especially a stove. I have seen the work he does and I guess it's best he doesn't waste his time because I always have to do it over. So guess who has to do it? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr........

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep!
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Mama Piggy


That is what Christopher's been saying for months. "Mama, your tummy is getting bigger, just like a pig!" Thanks, thanks a lot.

This is what I have been eating for my meals for the past couple of days. Occasionally I throw in 1 or 2 mangoes. I know that is quite a lot. I don't feel for anything else. This has caused the husband some concern. He says I no longer eat and this is not healthy.

Funny thing is as I type this right now I am craving a plain spicy chicken sandwich with loads of mustard. Oh dear, I may have to make a late night run.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I had a wonderful weekend

I wanted to say thank you to Shemah from *my sweet escape*, before I even started because it just means so much. It's very special.

Friday, I opened my front door to find this.

Everybody loves packages especially me! Too bad it wasn't for me!
Beautifully wrapped. In case you didn't know I have a thing for pretty wrapping paper. I save them. Yes I have stacks of used wrapping paper from many Christmases ago. They are hidden from the eyes of my husband because he says it's garbage that needs to be thrown away. Isn't this pretty!

Look at those socks! They are the cutest things I have ever seen. The blanket is lined with soft minky and that print is actually one of my favorite. I wonder how she knew...hehehehe...

This really made my day and the rest of my weekend was wonderful.

My babies

This afternoon, the husband took both kids to the beach. Yes 2 of them. I snapped this photo before they had left. The booboo is healing but now the nasty bruised blue look is setting in.
I took this when they returned. They were gone for like 4 1/2 hours and the booboo had gotten darker

I managed to braid the front her hair. She had actually fallen asleep, she was so tired. Then she started fussing and then came the tears. Her throat is hurting. I think she is getting sick. Poor thing. Rough week for her. (Tonight, daddy just tried to have her sleep in the bed with him to give me a break but she was screaming so much I had to go get her. He has to get up at 3am and really should get some uninterrupted sleep. Isn't he lucky that I am so thoughtful?)

I just love Alyssa's bed. It's a grow with me bed. It's currently at it's shortest. It can adjust to 3 different sizes with the max being twin sized

Okay so I cleaned for the whole time they were gone. I was just in that mood. I even cleaned out their closet! This is a partial shot of the kids' room but you can see, no mess on the floor. It may only last for tonight but it's clean. Don't even ask about where Christopher's bed is. Yes it's just the mattress. He broke his bed frame and I have no intentions of replacing it. I decided to hold off on the bunk beds. I really don't think we need to be spending money right now.

I wonder if my husband knows how much money I am saving him. I eliminated the need for an extra changing table/dresser combo, new dresser (for Alyssa) and I can go on and on.....

I think the baby's room is complete. I just have to make a padded changing mat if I could muster up the strength

Don't laugh at the curtain. I had nailed it up when the kids were in this room and never took it down. My mom couldn't believe what I had done. "Where are the curtain rods?"she asked. I told her I was just too lazy tired at the time. Besides, I only put it up to keep out some light when Alyssa was napping, the husband's suggestion. So when mom comes back on the 23rd, I will take the dusty curtain rods out of the garage. I will keep my fingers crossed that all the hardware is in place and we will put up some decent curtains.

I should have taken a photo of the baby's closet. It's all Alyssa's clothing and they look brand new! actually some of them are. I am so proud of myself. I took great care of those clothes. The entire closet is full and I had to use one of those double hang closet organizers to get some more closet space. I need to buy another one.

I told all our family, please no clothes. Let's see how well they listen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Doing much better tonight

After my last sort of angry post I am happy to report that tonight is going much better. I don't know what I would do without my mom. It seems as though she is the only one who can talk to me and put my mind at ease. After our initial conversation, she called back and said she would not cancel the flight. She is one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason so she is coming whether baby is here or not. She also said she will have a talk with Ms. Ashleigh and maybe she will make her appearance, just for grandma. It's funny how confident she was that her method would work. My mom is nuts! We also plan on getting really worked up to get the ball rolling. I'm talking about walking twice a day around the local lake.

My husband on the other hand was furious. He accused my doctor of not knowing what she was doing because if that is Kaiser's policy and it is (I learned that today also) then why did she initially tell me she would induce me. He was mad to the point of suggesting we pay my previous doctor to deliver the baby. I told him that was madness. I mean honestly, that would really put a dent in our pocket. Could you imagine the hospital bill if we do it that way? I had to tell him that my doctor may not even take me back at such a late stage in my pregnancy.

So it is out of my hands. I just pray that someone is here to watch the kids and that someone else will be here to take me to the hospital whenever she is ready to show her face.


Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was something more positive. I admit there are times when I forget how blessed I am. I met a lady at the park last week Thursday. Yes that was my drama filled baby shower day. She was there with her 2 babies and overheard a conversation I was having with my friend who threw the baby shower for me.

She approached me and said that she has a bassinet and she would be happy to give it to me. Just like that. Now this particular item is one that I wished to have for all my babies but I couldn't justify forking out all that cash for something that is used for such a short period of time. So I was really happy when she told me this. I didn't care if it was a fancy schmancy thing. I just wanted something that could be moved more easily than our Pack N' Play which has a removable bassinet thingy.

We've been e-mailing each other for the past week and I was able to go retrieve the item tonight. When I saw the thing I couldn't believe it. I don't even think it was used. It still has that new bedding smell, you know of the one I speak.

It's the Kolcraft Cuddle 'n Care™ Rocking Bassinet with Light Vibes® Mobile
And the total cost, FREE! Ooh the bassinet of my dreams. Featuring:

  • • Electronic Mobile with Rotating Images and 3 Soft Toys
  • • Soothing Vibrations with Variable Speed Control
  • • 8 Classical Songs and 4 Ambient Sounds with Volume Control
  • • Soft-Glow Light
  • • Easily Converts to a Rocking Bassinet
  • • Mesh Side Windows for Increased Air Flow
  • • Quilted and Padded Interior Fabric
  • • Thick Vinyl Covered Mattress with Washable Fitted Sheet
  • • Easy Roll Casters with Locks
  • • Adjustable 3-Tier Canopy
  • • Extra Large Storage Basket
  • Back from the dr and I'm so upset

    I wish I could have a drink right now. I was happy up until today with my visits and the whole insurance change. I think I mentioned before one of the main reasons I loved my old doctor so much was that she listened and understood my situation in regard to the planning of my babies arrival. She tried her best to accommodate my requests while avoiding putting my babies at risk for the most part.

    When I first met my current doctor, I specifically asked her if they were going to let me go to my due date.
    Well her answer was, NO. I explained my reason asking. I needed to plan to get my mom here when baby was due. We don't have a sitter so it was very important that we make arrangements with some family member. These people are never home and always traveling.

    Unlike many moms, I want to be induced as I did with my 2 babies. I don't want to be at home or God forbid at the grocery store when I go into labor. My husband sometimes will not come home from work. He needs to inform his job and request not to be sent too far. She also added at the time, that the earliest they would induce was 1 week before I was officially due, which gave me a date, after a few changes, of 8/22/08. The tech had moved up the date to 8/20/08.

    Now my mom purchased her ticket this week. The closest date she could get was 8/23/08 with a departure date of 9/01/08. She would not be here for the birth as my doctor's story has now changed and she has informed me that she will not induce. She's also pushed the date to 09/01/08. My mom is canceling her flight as it makes no sense for her to be here when there is no baby. I would much prefer if she came later than earlier. She is unable to change to a later date as she works and already changed the requested date with her employer several times. I just want to cry. This is most likely my last pregnancy and I really wanted her to be here either when I came home with the baby or within a few days of coming home.

    She also ordered another ultrasound which I am to have in 3 weeks and radiology at this location is completely booked until 8/28/08. Way too late. So they want to make me drive like 45min - 1hr away to get an ultrasound at the other office. I didn't make the appointment for this. I admit I was already in a pissy mood due to the kids' behavior and just walked away from the receptionists desk when she informed me of this. It's just a follow up to see if the date will change AGAIN. The clot on my placenta is gone and baby is perfectly fine. I am so frickin' annoyed with these people right now. I know there is nothing I can do and that sucks.

    I want my old doctor back.

    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    These are the things I can do without

    It's been a while since one of these kids had a bad booboo. I think it was Alyssa last, yes! Ah yes here it is. A full month ago. Well it's her again. Does she need to break a limb to stop her wildness? Tonight she and Christopher were playing. I am trying to calm them down because it's very late and they should be sleeping.

    Alyssa is totally out of control. She is trying to jump up on the back of the single living room chair. I am telling her to stop it. I warn her she will hurt herself and get a bad booboo. She looks at me and laughs. She jumps, misses her grip and hits the hard tile.
    In some ways I prefer the tile to the carpet but the bad thing is, when the kids fall, the injuries are much worse.

    It sounded horrible. I waddled over to her as fast as I could because I couldn't see her. She was behind the chair. She was screaming which I know is a good sign.
    I tried to get a closer shot.

    This thing was swollen so quickly. I got scared. I tried to apply the ice and although I succeeded for a little while she kept pushing it away telling me it hurt. My heart was aching and I started to cry too. Why couldn't she listen to me?
    I had to hold her down a bit to get the ice on that bump because if don't it will be worse in the morning.

    So tonight there is no sleep for this pregnant tired mother. I will be monitoring her and will wake her in a few hours which is what is suggested if I am not mistaken. I have gone through this so many times you'd think I'd be a pro at handling these things by now.

    I will be a mess tomorrow for my 12pm doctor's appointment but I am thinking if she looks bad in the morning, I will take her to see her doctor at the same time. Thankfully they are all in the same building. Or, I may take her to urgent care if she is acting strange.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    He's becoming quite the artist

    I am not laughing at his handy work this time around. Not only has been drawing like crazy he's also practicing his writing and numbers a whole lot more since starting school. One night last week, he was up at 10 pm writing his alphabet. How could I send him to bed? He wants to learn so badly and I am so happy for that. Let's hope it stays that way.

    I've been on the husband daily about having chats with him. He needs to talk to him more than he does period and I am trying to do the same. I will take some blame because I am so caught up with Alyssa at times. She's becoming such a mischief maker. I am always trying to keep her out of trouble. He may be feeling neglected just a bit. So we've been having wonderful talks every night. Just the 2 of us. I remember when it used to be like that. I will to keep up with it. Oh the stories he tells me. Okay so here are his most recent drawings which he asked me to tape to the wall and I did.

    Mommy ~ I have no hair, no arms, no fat! Just a head, a smiling face and 2 legs... :-)

    "Space ship" It's funny that even Alyssa knew what it was. Interesting
    His friends at school. Everyone is smiling and they all have hair.
    At the left top, Ryan...the largest one is Carter...top right is Christopher
    He made a mistake so he had to cross that one out. That's what he told me.

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Better late than never I guess

    It took my husband almost 2 yrs to finally believe what I had been saying in regard to Christopher's behavior. He went through his terrible 2s and I dealt with it all by myself, well almost. Daddy was hardly around. He was working so very hard. Ever since then I've been having occasional talks with my husband about consistency. I've had this talk with him so often it's almost like trying to teach another child. He just didn't get it. Now look at where we are. And look who has to deal with it almost all the time, AGAIN!

    Make Clown Hats Day

    He made this the day he was sent home

    The last time I told him that he needed to be "completely" on board with me on the whole discipline thing & that he only made matters worse when he gave in to the child, he told me I was pointing fingers. I'd explain to him that children need rules and parents need to enforce them. What good is it if I am the only one doing it? I'm with them whole day until he gets home, telling them "don't jump on the table", "don't jump on the chair", "stop climbing on the rails", "don't thrown the cars at the light fixture", "don't play on the stairs you'll hurt yourself", quit doing flips on the couch". Then daddy comes home and he either says nothing when he sees them doing this or encourages them to do flips and cartwheels off the couch. "Good job", he'd say. Grrrrrr......

    What message is he sending the kids? He failed to realize that these little people are smart. They know who the pushover is from the get go. And yes I've told him that to his face.

    Last night, we had another talk, by phone. He didn't come home due to work and I stressed to him that he has to talk sternly to the kids when they do something wrong. I didn't mean yell but let them know he was serious. It needs to come from daddy too! Christopher knows I correct him and he has since stopped listening to me because daddy lets everything go. It's confusing to a child. I explained this to my husband and he finally admitted that he was at fault. WOW...it took him how long?

    I don't understand why this was so hard for him to comprehend. So when I was finished I told him he needed to speak to Christopher this instant about his recent tantrums at school and at home. I gave Christopher the phone and they had a talk. Afterwards he apologized to me for screaming and saying NO. He wanted to try again at school and he gave me a hug. I added to the talk that he needed to apologize to both teachers and the director as soon as he walked in, which he did.

    The day was wonderful. No drama! I was spying on him for a little while before I ran some errands and when I picked him up the teacher was a bit surprised at how well behaved he was. I wasn't because this is how he used to be. I know he knows better than to carry-on the way he did last Thursday.

    I still had to explain to the husband not to expect him to cease all his bad habits immediately because it took a while for him to get this bad. So we shall see how it goes.

    Monday, July 21, 2008

    I guess he is entitled to have a really really bad day

    Last week Thursday, a wonderful friend of mine threw a "bows & buttons" baby shower for me at the local park. She asked that the guests bring some ribbon to make some bows for the new baby's hair. She said every child must have their own shower no matter what number child they are. (I apologize for the lack of photos.)

    She baked these beautiful baby girl cupcakes. Each of them had a different expression on their face and some even had little icing clippies in their hair. I was just looking forward to sitting and chatting with some friends but I was so surprised that they actually brought presents. It was a beautiful surprise. I am so blessed to know her and her daughters. She even watched the kids for me at a nearby park while I went to have my ultrasound done this past Friday.

    Happy times

    Okay so here is where things turn sour.

    My phone rings at about 12:45pm. I am at the park having a great time and I look at the display and immediately felt sick. It was Christopher's school. (I only had Alyssa with me). I take a deep breath before pressing that "ANSWER" button and once I did that I heard the screaming in the background.

    It was the director, apologizing & explaining to me that this is the last resort when they can't calm kids down. Now I know how Christopher can get and there is no calming him down if he reaches that certain point. She tells me I have to come get him because he has become "violent".

    I gasped! She explains that he was on the floor kicking and carrying on and a few teachers got kicked.

    Thank goodness I was only 5 minutes away. I had to calm myself before I got there so I drove slowly. I was furious. He already went through this screaming phase a few months ago and had improved so much. He was doing great at school and at home. So what the heck is happening? I got there way too fast and we talk. She tells me it all started when it was nap time. Now they are not required to take a nap just rest on the mat. Christopher, however, has been taking his naps. I've seen it on the online camera. What went wrong on Thursday?

    I see him in the director's office sitting on the floor without shoes. They had to be removed because of the kicking. I got down to his level and tried to talk to him. He wasn't having any of it and started up again. The thing is he didn't want to leave school. I explained to him why he had to leave, the kicking and screaming was not acceptable. I literally had to drag him out with my pregnant self. The director helped me out by carrying his bags. I was so embarrassed.

    Fast forward to later that evening. He gave me hell at home. And wait you know what he tells me, "I don't want to stay here anymore" I calmly said okay, made him put on his pajamas, put him out in the garage, threw his slippers for him and told him bye-bye. I told him the only thing he was getting were those pajamas so he would have something to sleep in when he found somewhere to sleep on the street. My gosh I was at my end. I left him out until he asked me to come back inside.

    Continuing....daddy comes home and even after I tell him about my rough day with his son, he still decides that this was a good time to go to his friend's house for a beer. (See what I mean when I say clueless) I was so mad I couldn't speak.

    Christopher continued to act a fool for the rest of the evening. I called my mom to complain and she tells me not to stress and try to ignore him as best I can but I couldn't. He screamed for hours. I mean hours! I put him in his room and closed the door. Then the contractions started. I put up my feet and tried to relax downstairs but they kept on coming pretty frequently, every 20 minutes to be exact. The husband calls and I pretend that all is well. I was still so mad with him I didn't want him here but I guess I couldn't hide it in my voice because he kept asking me what was wrong.

    He comes home and it's only after hours of asking I finally tell him that I was having strong contractions, regularly. Well he must have gotten scared because he took the kids upstairs and I didn't see them for the rest of the night. I stayed downstairs. I was up off and on for the whole night, and so was he. He kept coming downstairs to see how I was. And for some reason I felt some satisfaction in knowing that he couldn't sleep. At least I had company.

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    34 week ultrasound & some poor quality photos

    I felt pretty good this morning after a very rough and scary evening yesterday (I'll tell you about that in a few days), so I put on my little black dress. The baby-gaga ticker has been updated to reflect the new due date according to the tech. I'll probably have a different one this Friday at my doctor's appointment so I'll still leave the old one on the sidebar.

    This is what happens when you ask your husband to take photos with your camera

    After I set it on Automatic for him, he got me at an odd moment. Ignore the face, I don't think I look too fat in this one

    Today was my last ultrasound (@ 34 weeks) to check fetal growth and that clot on my placenta. The technician was very nice. I'm getting to like these people more and more. Anyways, so we're talking about my due date and blah blah, blah...We're both looking at the monitor and she says, "how far along did you say you were again? Because you're measuring at 36 weeks, at least her head is."

    Now I had told her that I was being induced. She then says, "it's a good thing you're having a c-section because her head is measuring big!" I tell her I'm not having a c-section. Apparently she had assumed since I was being induced that I was. I grumble, "Oh no" and tell her that my son's head was big and I was 10 minutes away from a c-section but thanks to some strong pushes and a vacuum he was able to come out vaginally. I'm still dwelling on this big headed baby thing, so I say, "you know, my daughter's head was really small, she came out very easily" My comedienne of a technician says, "that's because your son came out first, so it made it easy for her" We're both laughing.

    It was strange to feel so comfortable with her but it was nice. By the way, Ms. Ashleigh is way down head first. She's been that way for a long time. All my babies head down early, like they want out but then when it's time to get out, it's like they change their minds or something. I've never went into labor on my own.

    Anyway, she calls my attention to a certain spot on the monitor and I see her face. I cannot even explain, the feeling that ran through me. I have never had an ultrasound so late in my pregnancy and this was amazing. It was so clear, now mind you this was not a 4D. I saw her lips, nose and eyes. I was so taken with this I couldn't cry even though I wanted to. It was the sweetest thing I had seen in years.

    She did give me the print out but the quality is not as good as what I saw on the screen. Here are a few of the ultrasound photos.

    Could you make it out if I hadn't labeled it?

    Here are 2 more face shots from the front.
    I cropped this one a bit, hopefully you can see the alien like face. Strange enough, my clueless husband recognized it without me having to tell him. He was pretty spooked. One of the shots (not included) really looked creepy.

    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Mommy's gone until next month

    It's going to be rough month. My mom is the best. I didn't have to lift a finger. It's really nice to have someone around who knows and understands how hard it is to do anything far along in your pregnancy. With mom here, I didn't have to bend down to pick up anything. No toys, no mess, no clothes...she even folded all our laundry. She said she likes to do it! Okay......The clean clothing had been sitting in the baskets for weeks.

    I pulled some photos, old and new off my mom's camera. They may be out of focus and the color may not be balanced. This year my brother got her a digital camera and my mother still doesn't know how to use it. Can you believe she has been using those film cameras up until now?

    I was happy to get this one. My mom snapped it on one of his visits to her in NY. I have been trying to get a photo of my brother in his full uniform but have been unable to. This is as close as it gets I guess. His daughter modeling his hat and he in most of the clothes. I don't understand why he doesn't want us to have photos of him all dressed in his uniform.

    Mom took this one of Christopher being silly. Why do these kids always have to place the stickers on themselves?

    Anyways, I pulled out some of the baby clothes yesterday and did 2 loads of laundry today. I went upstairs to get a basket and on the way down I slipped and fell down the stairs. It was so scary. When I felt my footing slip I knew what was coming and all I could think about was my baby. I screamed, and the husband and son came running to ask me if I was okay. I was already in tears when they got to the top of the stairs. I think I am fine. The fall wasn't too bad, more scary than anything. If I start getting cramps, bleeding or anything I will be sure to call the doctor.

    Also I've been reading up on the whole "clot on the placenta" bit and it's been causing me some stress. I don't like the things I've read. I can't wait until I have my ultrasound on Friday. I think that will put my mind at ease. Tomorrow is my hospital tour. That's about it.

    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Some annoying stuff....

    She's getting so big

    After dropping off Christopher this morning, I decided to cheat a little and headed straight to the nearest Starbucks for a Mocha frap with no whip added chocolate drizzle and a crumble coffee cake. Yummy....... I normally would do the drive-thru but why should I today? I didn't have the kids so I walked in.

    I was greeted by the morning crowd. Oh the line was so long but I was in no rush so I happily stood there enjoying my "freedom". I had on my movie star sunglasses and apparently the man in front of me didn't realize I watching him eyeballing my boobies. He kept staring. Had he not seem boobs before?

    Eventually I began to ignore him because I felt a warm breeze on my back similar to that from a vent. I foolishly looked around and up to the ceiling thinking to myself why were these crazy fools running the heat in Summer. The breeze was that strong. Well I realized it wasn't the vent when the "breeze" kept starting and stopping. It was the man to the back of me breathing on me. I got so annoyed and I turned around with a look of disgust but he didn't get it. So I kept inching closer to the boob watcher and just hoping this line would move faster.

    I felt so dirty, like I need a shower. I absolutely hate when people breath on me. Why was he standing so close? Another thing I hate. He was invading my space. YUCK and it's not to say he was something good to look at. He was a so sloppy and dirty looking. Why me?

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    My talented Christopher

    Tehehehe....I hope I don't get struck down for this. I picked him up from school today and was given a bunch of his worksheets. He's doing so well. Writing his name, math, numbers, alphabet, etc,. I do have to take all the credit for his knowledge of numbers and the alphabet though. I taught him all he knows. He can count to 100 and he has known his alphabet for a long time. But he draws like his daddy.

    Presenting Christopher's Kitten:

    I made out where the eyes were then he showed me the face and legs but that huge part to the right I don't know what it is. I asked him if it was the body and he said "No" so what is it?

    Anyway, I was at a stop light when I peeped the thing and when the light changed green I swear i almost crashed into a car in the next lane. I was just laughing so hard. I couldn't help it. Of course my mom and I behaved as though I was looking and laughing at something else. I would never want to hurt his feelings. I love the drawing. He said, "mama I was trying" I love my boy. Wait, you know what? The more I look at it I can see the animal. Just tilt your head to the left.

    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Cheer up mommy session

    They were watching TV

    My son is so sensitive to other people's feelings. When Alyssa is sad/hurt/crying, he tries his best to make her laugh and if she doesn't start laughing he starts to cry too saying, "It's not working". Then I'd have 2 kids to console. I tell him it's okay and it's really nice of him to try to cheer her up but it isn't all the time she'll stop crying.

    So today, although I am feeling better, he knew I was tired and a little down so he attempted to cheer me up.

    This one took the cake and made me laugh so hard. Isn't he silly?

    Look at that face!
    Alyssa tried to get in on it too!
    That was all she could come up with
    Then it was over. He's a cute one if I may say so myself
    Oooh Alyssa. As you can see we're still having a bit of an issue with those fingers in the mouth

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Not having such a good week

    ....and it's only Tuesday. I hate these ups and downs. Oh the unfairness of it all. Today Chris had the day off. Do you think he could take the boy to school? Noooooo. He got to sleep in. At least I didn't have to wake Alyssa.

    Last night, well this morning, in the wee hours, like 2am, I had fallen asleep with Ms Alyssa right next to me. This little girl must have waited until just then because I woke up a short while later to the smell of nail polish remover. The downstairs bathroom light was on. I rolled off the sofa and walked as fast as I could to see what she was doing.

    Look at this and tell me what am I supposed to do with this child.
    You have no idea what this child had to go through to get a hold of this stuff. Also I had tightened the bottles with my teeth so how did she open it? I am confused. She not only dumped out the nail polish but also the remover so we have no more. I was too tired to go to the store today so the door has remained close to keep the strong smell a little under control. Hopefully I can get to the store tomorrow.

    One thing I am grateful for is that she made the mess on the tile and not on the living room mat. That would have been something else.

    Anyway back to my whining. So I was about to take a nap this afternoon since Chris was home that way someone could keep a close eye on Alyssa. Well I settled down and had dozed off when I heard, "Okay I am leaving" I said "leaving to go where?" "To meet Bill and his son. We're hanging out at the beach until K flies in then we're going to dinner" "Oh", I said. I was too
    upset, too tired and too disappointed to utter another word. There goes my nap.

    No why can't he see something terribly wrong and unfair with this? It took me a while to train him with somethings and he has done well but what went wrong here?

    Now I called my mom to whine about it and get some sympathy and you know what she says?
    "The man is working hard! If he doesn't get his own time he will get burnt out"
    Uhm, so what about me?

    I need a hug.
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