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Saturday, May 31, 2008

When you're tired, you're tired!

Daddy went to another one of his Cottonmouth Kings concerts so I took them shopping with me. It was a quick trip. I barely had time but I had coupons that needed to be used.

We got home a little after 10pm and while Christopher immediately went to bed, Ms. Alyssa was bouncing around the place. After a couple hours I began to suspect she'd stolen a sip of my Starbucks frap (I cheated and treated myself). You should have seen the child completely out of control and laughing, at nothing. She was running around in circles. Daddy got home at about 12:15am and thought the whole thing was funny.

Minutes later she crashed. Just like that. I was sewing and when I looked over here she was.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't mess with Alyssa or else!


She's been able to handle her brother for the most part. He is gentle with her, most times. He still does things to make her cry on purpose but that's okay - brother and sister, you know. Like take away her special car, hide her favorite blankie, things like that.

Recently she's not been standing for it. Last week Christopher had 3 bite marks, 1 on his arm, 1 on his back and 1 on the chest. He also had a small bruise from her throwing a car at him because he was trying to take it away. Yes, all this from his baby sister. When he provokes her she finds anyway to get him. I have seen her punch him in the back and smack him on the head. Hard ones too. I mean you could hear them. And my sweet son won't hit her back, instead he may cry or at times he'll come talk to me and tell me he is sad because Lyssa hit him.

Don't let that little face fool you! She's a violent one.

Which brings us to tonight. He was trying to grab her light-up necklace and she kept screaming at him no, Christopher, stop it...stop it... You'd think he would learn by now right. Well next thing you know, he starts screaming and Alyssa runs and sits on the sofa. "Stop It" she says. This is how he looked:

OUCH! Yes that little girl busted his lip. Gosh he'd had it rough this month.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My doctor's appointment today.....

...went well. Would you believe I didn't gain 1 ounce? Unbelievable. Where did that ice-cream go not to mention the skittles I have been snacking on?

I confess I didn't even want to give these Kaiser people a chance but they're all so nice (at least the ones I have met so far). Sometimes change is good I guess. Did I mention it's a 5 - 8 minute drive depending on the lights?

I am also able to e-mail my doctor from the Kaiser site and I did too. Remember I was having some issues with the transferring of my prenatal records? I e-mailed her about it after I had confirmed they had indeed been faxed to their office. Then radiology called about an in depth ultra-sound and there was some confusion so I included that info in the email. By the way my records were found in their system so I don't need to undergo any additional needles in my arm. I am so afraid of needles. Geez...I am such a baby.

Today she tells me, "thanks for e-mailing me" and she started laughing. She continued, "I'm just getting familiar with this system" She's such a pleasant young lady. She doesn't rush through the visits and we talked for a little while today before she checked the baby's heart beat.

I asked her what were the chances of her delivering this baby. After I told her what hospital I would be delivering at she apologized and told me that she didn't deliver there. BooHoo........She also thanked me as she was flattered then told me that all the doctors in this office are just as capable and all are very nice. I didn't care though.

So she is looking for the heart beat and this little magician decided to play hide and seek. I felt her kick then she'd move. It was down right funny and the doctor realized what was going on because she's hear the kick on the dopler then silence. We were both laughing and the doctor was asking my baby "what are you doing?" When she found her she was pretty high up. The heart beat was strong and Dr. Penna said she sounds very good.

She had measured my tummy and I asked her if I was larger than I should be at this point because I was so very uncomfortable. She told me I was 1cm more than "normal" .

Bottom line baby is high which explains my heart burn issues so early. Alyssa did the same thing. She cozied up under the ribs pretty early then dropped early too like she was just ready to come out. We'll see what happens with Ms. H :-)

I'll share one of the names we have picked out next time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh husband of mine...how I love you so

You are so patient and understanding. You have gotten no action in months and you haven't brought it up because we spoke about it months ago and you understood. I am the one who felt rotten about it though. You come home from your long days and you cook for us and entertain the kids because mama needs some rest. If you only knew some days, I never get up. I just lay down and let the kids take control of the house, that would explain the condition it's in. I just don't have the strength to be running up and down the stairs every minute I hear the kids getting into things. *sigh*

We changed carriers from Verizon to At&t and you tried to make a decision all by yourself on which phone I would like. Very difficult. You brought home that lime Samsung SGH A-737 and I told you it was okay but I honestly didn't like the color. I was okay with it being a slider but I can't say I liked the whole set up of the menu and all that other stuff, besides we had no service inside the house.

Yes honey I know you tried but you failed. So last weekend we spent hours in and out of the store trying to decide which phones we were going to exchange those Samsungs for.

And you convinced me that I needed this

I fretted with you because the phone was expensive and I told you I didn't need all the features. Oh how wrong was I? I have become one of THEM. No I'm not texting while driving but I am texting a bit more since you were nice enough to add a texting package to the monthly plan.

Honey I loooooooooove the phone. Hopefully it will help keep me organized. I know I am late getting with the times but I am glad you made me get it. I can do so much with this little thing. Now I know why everyone else loves their Blackberry.

Thank You dear and I love you for putting up with me through this. Don't worry, about 3 more months and we can get back to business.


It's been rough. I have been feeling so rotten, emotionally and physically. And to top it off the stupid computer crashed. It took me hours to get the thing back to working condition but it's running. I suspect the kids did something. This would be the second one they broke. The last thing I saw was Ms Alyssa sitting at my chair. I was putting a load of laundry in the wash and she quickly took a seat. Pointing and clicking at who knows what!

When I shooed her away there was an error message on the screen then another one popped up saying some systems file was missing. I tried to restart but the thing refused to come back on. UGH!!!

Anyway, thank you all for your concern. Christopher is doing fine. A few days after the bookshelf incident his whole back had blue marks. The bump in his head is still there. He says it still hurts and his eye only turned blue at the bottom of the socket. He didn't look too bad, he just looked like he was really tired.

Talking about tired. I thought at this stage in the pregnancy I should have some more energy. Not so. It's just getting worse and I wonder what will become of me in a month or so.

The house is a mess. I haven't been cooking. The poor husband is getting no attention in the bedroom and I feel like crap. That's about it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I swear I just don't have the strength

For the most part the kids have been staying out of trouble but this afternoon that changed. I've was laid up on the sofa for most of the day. Daddy had the day off. Thankfully. Daddy sends the kids to play in the toy room. I listen and follow their foot steps to make sure that is exactly where they went and not to our room. Seconds later there is a loud crash. Chris grumbles, "what the hell is that?" I tell him we'll find out in a few.

Then we hear the screaming. Really bad too. You know the screams when you know someone is really hurt? Chris starts heading upstairs and he sees Christopher at the top of the stairs. Like some invalid he's telling me that I have to come get "MY BOY". Why? He was standing right in front of him! I was mad because he never handles the kids bruises, which I knew Christopher had. He tells me to get up with some urgency in his voice (man that was hard), because Christopher has a black eye.

Yes the doctor was once more on duty. While there was no black eye, at least not yet, his booboo looked pretty bad. There was blood to the corner of his nose and I couldn't find where it was coming from. He was screaming so loudly, I knew this one must have hurt. Turns out he was climbing up on the bookshelf, something daddy had told him not to do just this morning and yes, it toppled right over on him. Now, this is the bookshelf that is secured to the wall. Thank God it's a light weight one otherwise we know this could have been much much worse. Like broken bones worse.

I checked him over several times and told him to tell me where else hurts. Although he said nowhere, I still checked all over. I found this bruise on his back and a nasty bump on his head. I immediately busted out the ice pack. He cried all the while screaming, "don't hurt it" Well it hurt me and I started crying too. Let's hope the ice helped and he doesn't have a real black eye in the morning.

When he pushed Alyssa into the edge of the window and she hit her head, she had a black eye a few days later as the doctor told me she would. Process of healing he says.

I've concluded that daddy really can't deal with the blood and booboos on the kids. It's not that he is helpless, he just can't do it because it bothers him too much to see and hear the kids crying and in pain. It bothers me too but you don't see me running away from the situation.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Who pissed in his milk

Let's have a laugh on someone other than myself, shall we?

(I'm going to find similar close-up shots of the kids and post them in an effort to find some resemblance)

Every few months when we meet up with my busy mother in law, she brings boxes of baby items that were stored in her garage. Once we got a few 40+ yr old receiving blankets and a beautiful quilt that she had made for her son. She's very handy herself! On another occasion some sports coats, this time some photos. I have more don't worry. We'll laugh at the husband until our stomachs hurt. I also have some photos of her when she was like 20. Chris' dad passed it on to us. She looked great and I think she still does especially for her age.

Last meeting along with the photos, she brought all of Chris' trophies from his tennis tournaments. It's a lot of stuff to store over such a long time I think.

I have to wonder what I will have to give my son when he is older. Could you imagine? I believe it will go something like this:

"Here son".

"What is this?"
"It's your umbilical cord. I've saved it all these years. And while we're at it, here's some of your hair from when you were 6 months old. Beautiful curls aren't they?"
"Uhm..... mom, you're sick"
"You're welcome, honey"

I am not kidding, I've saved those 2 things in a little box. He's my first child, what do you expect? I know I am not the only one. Or am I?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have a joke - TMI

My mother-in-law snapped this when I wasn't looking. Not very flattering. We got together this past weekend along with Chris' sister & her son and all of us decided upon a name for the baby. (This is the fun side of the family)

Remember when I went to the new doctor for the first visit? Well as I was laying on the table having the ultra-sound done, she's really moving that thing around to get difference shots and measurements right. She wasn't too rough, she was just really pressing on certain parts of my tummy. That was when I felt it. A little discomfort, a rumble and I wanted to laugh but I knew if I did, it would be all over.

The kids had a blast as their auntie really tired them out.

Turns out all the pressing around the abdomen made me want to fart. I know because I get the same gassy feeling when the little miss starts kick-boxing and dancing in there. All I kept telling myself was to relax and try to hold it in and it will go away. Oh gosh, I kept thinking this won't be the first time this would have happened to her, I am sure of it. Could you imagine the talk she'll have with her husband when she gets home or with her colleagues when I left the room.

Alyssa kept going in the bushes for some reason

"So this lady practically farted in my face today" and then they'd all start laughing. Anyway, I'm getting carried away. It didn't happen and I was saved some unnecessary embarrassment that day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WARNING: Self advertising post...Gosh I must be mad

Sooooooo.....after much thought and encouragement from others, ahem....I decided to try my hand at Etsy. Check my link on the side :-) Of course this may fall through at any moment since I am sewing when I should be asleep.
I truly don't know how long I can keep this up. I've been thinking about doing this for a very long time and since I created the account I've been stressed.

Why you ask? Well I would love for my work to be flawless and next to perfect but I don't see it when I look at the items I make. I've been working on cleaning up the underside of all the clothing that I sew for Alyssa and I'm getting better. I do see a huge difference since the husband got me the serger but still. Now to add to the stress I think I need a new machine.

This is my latest project. I would have completed it this morning but I ran out of green thread for the blanket/play-mat border. One side is flannel the other is fleece and of course the matching burp cloth.

So wish me luck. I've ordered some things which should be arriving tomorrow so my "shop" should be stocking up soon. I also have to get boy themed cloth. All that fabric I am using was sitting in mys storage area so I better use them up first.

I am so nervous, what if I don't get anything sold? Oh I know, I will have a clearance/going out of business sale and sell all items for $5.00 :-)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I told you I would stay away from the pink :)

I love the combination of colors on this cloth. The color looks nice on her too!

She did not want to co-operate at all even though I managed to get her to smile. Yes it's Saturday morning at 1:18 am and neither one of us are asleep. The boys are though. I am tired but too uncomfortable to lay down right now.

I tried to bribe her with her softie soccer ball but she only wanted to play. No pretty poses once again.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just stuff

Before I start my little list of things, look at what I just made for Alyssa while she napped. I think the color is pretty. I also made some comfy summer pants for myself from the same cloth. Maybe we'll take a photo together.

No big poses this time. She had just gotten up, saw it and said pretty. So I asked her if she'd like to put it on

A close-up of the pretty button bows I made. She loves flowers. I think they look a little bit like flowers. Yes?

  • won't eat crackers if they come out the box broken
  • won't eat chicken if he sees a hint of any type of sauce, it must be plain
  • picks out every piece of carrot and pea from his vegetable fried rice and gives it to Alyssa
  • won't eat freshly steamed green beans but would eat a whole can of the not-so-fresh ones
  • does not eat bread
  • loves king crab and swordfish (pricey taste)
  • loves steak
  • loves plain lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, uncooked broccoli, cauliflower and carrots
  • will only eat pizza with daddy, Christopher doesn't touch the stuff at all, but she needs to wipe her hand after every bite (don't ask)
  • loves bread particularly French
  • isn't crazy about cookies or anything sweet for that matter
  • hates seafood, hates steak and really hates my curried chicken (HA!), regular chicken she likes
But both kids love to eat my Special K and we always eat it plain and dry. That's right, no milk. Plain rice is always a hit at this house, and so are noodles without sauce/butter.

She also got this top

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Doctor's appointment today

All photos taken last week at Disneyland

I just returned from my doctor's appointment with my new doctor. She is nice. Well you know I had to take these 2 kids with me and boy did they act up. I was trying to fill out some paperwork - that didn't happen. They all felt sorry for me.
The admittance lady, the nurse and the doctor. I was on the verge of tears and they kept telling me it's okay.

Oh and get this, weeks ago when I filled out those insurance forms to have my records transferred to Kaiser, well they weren't transferred. I was so mad because now they want to redo all the blood work and other tests. I told them I would drive down to the office in person and request them but I could not escape another pap-smear and pelvic exam. Ugh! It was extra uncomfortable.

Stepping on that scale was another frightening experience and the nurse heard me sigh and grumble and started laughing. I am officially up 8.8 lbs.

So we're in the examination room and the doctor hauls in the ultra-sound machine. Yippee! But before that she saw me fumbling with some other forms, trying to fill them out. Well the paper fell off the clipboard onto the floor and I almost started crying. The kids weren't behaving and nothing was working out. It was too much for me and tears were welling up in my eyes. The doctor says to me, "it's okay I have 3, I know"

Anyway, I got to see my little girl again (still remains a she). She was awfully quiet in there. She stretched her arms & legs and banged me in the bladder a bit with her head but other than that no waving. I think she was asleep. Her heartbeat is strong and measurements look great. No change in the due date.

I have to admit it was nice only having to drive 8 minutes as opposed to 25. Next appointment in 3 weeks, May 28th. I'm also going to be getting another ultra-sound later on to confirm the due date and check up on her measurements. YAY! I can't wait.

That's all!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - It's hard to return a borrowed toy

Can't really complain today

I have to tell you something. When I moved to the US way back when, I had never seen unseasoned meat make it to a grill. For us and many I know, whether it's chicken, fish, beef, you name it, we always seasoned it and put it in the refrigerator for at least 1 day. I am surprised that my husband's food tastes so good seeing that he basically seasons the stuff on the grill. Occasionally, he'll marinate the fish or beef for a few hours. But that's about it. Anyway.........

Start them young I always say

Even though my nap only lasted about 20 minutes I am still in a decent mood.

We enrolled Christopher for swim lessons and today was his first day. I was so excited for him. I knew he would enjoy it. These kids love water. At least now they do even though it was iffy with Alyssa for a minute.

The plan is for daddy to take him when ever he can but that's a big joke. His lesson was at 6 pm daddy still was not home. He will be going 3 times a week. Tuesday, Thursday (evening) and Saturday morning.

Anyway, that went so well. I really wish I had not listened to my husband, who really meant well, but simply didn't have the time to teach him, himself. He should have been enrolled in this program a long time ago. I was amazed at the younger kids dunking their heads freely, swimming a whole lap. I was also pleased because that told me the school was good and worth every penny.

I find it funny how the color never looks correct in photos. It's Teddy Bear Brown & Cinnamon Chenille yarn.

So tonight, I am relaxing with my yarn that I've been storing for months. I am still on the hunt for some pink Chenille for a more girly blanket but hey who cares.

What else.....Aha, our light in front of the garage door was acting up for months. It's one of those sensor thingys so it's supposed to come on when it's dark if someone passes.
It's beyond my reach so I dragged the ladder from the garage since I had seen some sticks coming out from under the wood. My intentions were to inspect the wires, like I knew what I would be looking for. When I got a little higher this was my discovery

I didn't have the heart to disturb the nest but I suspect those birds probably damaged the wire. How cool is that? My husband wanted to tear down the thing but I told him NO. Ha! Most times I am the boss in this house.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I almost called the police tonight.....

.....but not for anything related to my runaway kids.

I ran out at 8:15 pm to the mall because I had some coupons that were itching my hands. 1 for JCPenney for $10.00 off (no minimum purchase), a Bath and Bodyworks coupons for a free "Stress Relief Foot Duo" when I spend $10.00 and a a coupon for a free Blockbuster new release rental.

The mall closes at 9pm and I got there at 8:30 pm. We had to move quickly.

Since I needed this:I figured it was worth the trip. If you haven't used it as of yet, run on over there. Man it's great! I love the smell and the way it makes my belly feel.

Anyway, I got this for free Then it was off to Penney's. My husband bought Christopher these today. Price tag $34.99. I would never.
After I told him the largest size to buy, size 13, he still came home with size 1. Well they were huge and way too big for him to wear. I told him I would take them back but would you believe he couldn't find the receipt? Gosh my husband is a real gem.

I had promised Christopher since last week to get him one because I got one for Alyssa and he liked it. So what better time than tonight.

I saw these with a price tag of $28.00. Not bad but I wouldn't spend that much on these things. Luckily for me they were on sale. After the sale mark down & coupon deduction I was pleased with the outcome.

Total $7.53. YAY me. Wait until I tell the husband. Christopher loved them so much he wouldn't take them off. That made me happy.

I ran out of the mall with time to spare, it was 8:53pm. I'm quick! Off to Blockbuster which is closer to my home.

I pull into the parking lot. Christopher gets out and I tell him to stand on the side-walk. I kept my eyes on him while I unbuckled Alyssa and noticed he was staring at the car next to me with a frightened look on his face. So naturally I looked too, just in time to see the driver's head go back and a Heineken bottle being moved away from his mouth.

It was then he noticed Christopher watching, then he looked in my direction. He tried to hide it because at this point I am staring straight at him with a puzzled but angry look on my face. He is there with his daughter and someone who may be the wife. I boldly stalled as I waited to see where they were going.

They all leave the vehicle and enter the Blockbuster. The man's eyes meet mine and he had the nerve to smile at me. He gets nothing in return. I grabbed up the DVD that I went in there for and told the kids to pick one each. By the time they were finished that drinker and family was at the checkout so I went up too.

The little girl was so dirty and her pretty brown hair was all in knots. Her clothes were so stained.

We completed our transaction and I ran out behind them, ready to call the police if I saw him behind that wheel.

I am happy to report that mom got behind the wheel and dad sat in the back seat with the little girl.

Could you believe these people?

Can you say blow-up?

I'm smiling & looking happy but that's not how I feel. Thanks to Christopher I got this photo the same day of the concert. That explains the poor quality. I e-mailed it to my mom and she couldn't believe how large that belly had gotten. Since this pregnancy started I have gained 8 lbs. So why am I feeling so much heavier?

Me at 23 weeks. Could my boobs get any bigger?

Anyway, I think my mom was afraid to bring it up first so I did. She knows now that I'm sensitive. I don't recall (with the last 2) ever feeling as uncomfortable as I currently am, at such an early stage.

Did I mention that I've been feeling like crap, emotionally? This happened with Alyssa. I remember the husband coming home and finding me crying. He was asking me what was wrong but I had no reason to give him. Tonight was no different. I tried my best to hold it in but then he sat down next to me and was asking me a whole bunch of questions. I feel so out of control of my feelings.

This weekend was particularly hard on me. I didn't get my couple of hours of me time and like a spoiled brat I was upset. Oh and the bitching begins. Today, even though the husband told me to relax, he was nowhere to be found when I needed him. In and out of the house and the kids were driving me nuts. He gave them crayons and told them to color. Well didn't Mr. Wise know he is supposed to keep and eye on them?

I finally put that dusty old Tripod to use

So he comes back inside and Alyssa has colored the tile blue and purple. Well I looked at those marks whole day until I couldn't take it anymore. He didn't clean it up as fast as I'd like so guess who ended up cleaning it. I was so mad. You should have heard me huffin', puffin' and grumblin' all the while.

Some weeks I feel like I am a single mother with benefits. Usually he helps out but other times, I feel like beating him with a broom.
Yesterday, well Saturday, he tells me at about 3pm that his friend is coming over......to spend the night. I thanked him for giving me so much notice. He claims he didn't know. Ooooh I was mad. So he cleaned up the toy room and prepared it for his guest. Well they were drinking and the smell of the liquor turned my stomach so much that I was sick for the whole evening.

When I got up this morning, I caught him sneaking out to go surfing. He knows he is supposed to entertain the kids so that I can get some sleep. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't as I kept thinking about that man who got killed last week or the week before by that shark. So I started crying and waited for him to call me when he got out the water, as he usually does. This is just too much for me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Our at home concert

with Christopher using the Tripod mic

Look at his face. Where'd he learn that from?

and special guest Alyssa w/Christopher as backup

Live show and she shouts her name before performing

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They're quite the performers

Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm ashamed.....

This past Monday my phone rings. It's my mom.

Mom: Happy Anniversary!

Me : What?

Mom: Happy Anniversary!

Me: Oh my goodness! What is the date today?

Mom: What do you mean what the date today? It's the 28th.

Me: I know you're not going to believe me but I forgot.

Mom: You're joking right?

Me: No. I lose track of dates all the time.(I forgot my own birthday last year) I know it was this month but I completely forgot about it. Thank you, you're much better than I am. I really forgot.

Mom: Did Chris forget too?

Me: I am sure he did.

Mom: Oh my Lord. You all are jokers. Anyway I have to go but I'll call you later.

I met him about 10 years ago. 5 years ago we were married. I can't say either one of us had the slightest idea that we'd have so much in 5 years. We've been through some awful times and it did make us stronger. There is no one else I'd rather struggle with in this world. He is my calm half and he loves me so much. I see it in everything he does.

Happy 5th dear. It's gone by so fast. We love you so much.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Oh Yummmmm..... or for some NOT

Don't worry they were fresh & unfrozen when I bought them this afternoon
They're great in soup or a stew. I am going to make both. I just need to get my squash for the soup

I'm laughing as I type this because I know this is not common among Americans. My husband refuses to even try it. He says he can't eat the part that touches the ground. Yeah whatever.

I finally made it down to the Vietnamese supermarket, Lucky Seafood. With the 2 kids, after a 2 1/2 hr playdate, I was in and out of that store in 20 minutes. It's a first. I got there at the perfect time because there was no crowd. I've never seen it like that in all my years that I have been going to that store.

Oh yes for my sweet cravings - I've loved these things since I lived back home

I got some drumsticks for the curry chicken and potatoes that I made for my husband for dinner. Yes I cooked today. Why? Well I have been bad about it since getting knocked up but here's the real reason. My phone rings on the way to play-date and as I said hello this is what I heard, "Hi sweet! I have an idea. Why don't you go to the grocery store today, buy something and cook". Click. He hung up.

I was laughing at first then I started to feel really badly about it. So that's why.

I also got 2 large pieces of Yellowtail and finally a 20 lb bag of 'real' Jasmine rice. Somehow the ones at Vons and Ralphs don't cook the same. Even the aroma is different.

We called them Chinese wafers back home

My day was pretty productive. The poor man was so happy that he had some food to eat when he came home today. He's been working some unheard of hours.

Here he is, well here's his girl at random jobs. He loves to shine her and keep clean. Some Sundays he will spend 2 hours with her in the morning.

I call it the spider

Yesterday he left home at 2:30am YES AM. He had to drive his equipment to some place in LA. The kids did not see daddy yesterday because he didn't get home until 12:47am this morning. And guess what time he had to get up, 4:30 am. I don't think that is even legal, but after such a horrible dry spell with the housing/building industry neither one of us is complaining. Savings don't last forever. There were weeks when he would work only 2 days but I was the only one stressing. So, this in a way is good.

That's him way to the back of the boom pump by the cement mixer
I often make fun at him and say all he does whole day is play a life-sized video game. He has a remote aka"game controller" to control the boom. I know I'm not right, set-up on those jobs is a bitch and some of the hoses are heavy as hell.
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