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Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Fall please come already.....

I was just too lazy to do it....
so Christopher did story-time (taken a few weeks ago)

Ahh, I am dreading Summer. We had some unseasonably warm weather over the weekend and it continued today. I am not going outside. A few hours ago, it was already 97 degrees. YUCK! I hate the heat. December and January are my favorite months. I know what you're saying, you're in California woman, what do you expect? I'm just not ready for it and I never will be.

Remember when you first started to read how you'd point......

I remember saying to myself, before I was pregnant this time, that I would enjoy every moment of the next pregnancy as it may very well be my last. I'm really trying but it's not happening, on most days, that is. Make it even worse, I'll be huge when the heat really hits, sweating every moment of the day, with back pain, possibly a headache and grumpy as hell.

Please someone tell me how to end this habit now - look at Alyssa sucking on those fingers

Anyway let me stop bitching about things I cannot change. Maybe I'll feel better later this week when we get cooler temperatures but it won't last.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A fun Day with friends

The Pink Princess & Superman were present

It took me 2 1/2 hours to get out of the house with these kids yesterday. Christopher, in particular decided to really try my patience. If we weren't meeting someone I would have just given up and stayed at home.


Ah, the health insurance people called this morning, well as I had suspected I am not far along enough to have them request that we keep my OB/GYN. I already knew this and I just want to get this over with. Martha, the Kaiser lady was pretty nice. She called to give me my medical record number, confirm my due date and other information. She also made the call to the appt. office to schedule my first appointment, May 7th and informs me it may take 60 minutes. Good Lord what am I going to do with these kids during that time?


Anyway, we hadn't seen our friends in months so we had to be there.

Both kids now choose their own clothes. What next?

She really loves the frilly tops I make for her

My bubble machine was a hit!
Alyssa was so proud of herself for swinging
I find it funny how Alyssa is usually the one always watching the camera. What a hog! Pretty soon she will start pushing her way in front of everyoneLook at Christopher's face! They were having such a blast spinning that log and letting it rub on their little fingers

And who doesn't love the slide

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ahhhh....to be a kid!

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And some more......they really know how to have fun!

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

After the 1st round of spinning was over Christopher had gotten off and asked me if I wanted to try. He said you can sit right here mama. I should have taken him up on his offer even though spinning get me sick. It sure looked like fun!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My brother

Last week, In Bequia, St. Vincent & the GrenadinesMy only brother. He'll be 36 in June. WOW! Old man :)

It's been, let's see.......about 7 yrs since I've seen my brother and I fear if I don't head back East this year who knows when I may see him. I mentioned a while back that he wanted to move his family over here. Well it's confirmed. They should be moving some time next year. And get this, for 10 yrs not 3 as he had originally told us. His wife Michelle, now realizes that he was serious and she's having trouble sleeping at night. She will leave her business and what little family she has back home and head far East! The good news is many of their friends who are pilots or stewardesses are over there.

When he's not busy flying, he takes his wife and daughter on vacation. Why can't he take one of those trips over here? His excuse, I am too far? Whatever! I explained to him already that it's much easier for them to come here than for me to travel back East. He's not buying it though.

Who pissed in her juice? Look at that face. I was dying

Anyway he's very bad about sending photos to us. I always have to beg him. Including the time I begged him to send me a photo of him in full pilot get-up! I'm still waiting. We've never met my niece and she turned 3 in December. He took them on vacation to all places, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, where my mother was born.

This is Mikaela. They were at the Botanical Gardens
Seems like someone only likes to take pictures by themselves!

She already has quite the mouth on her. They had her in what I guess Americans call pre-school. (They live back home in Trinidad) Well the teacher referred to her as baby not in a bad way but like how you'd talk sweetly to a child. She told the teacher, "NO, I am not a baby, I'm a big girl." She was only 2 1/2 yr old.

On another occasion she went potty and the teacher tried to wipe her after she had already done it. Well that didn't go over to well. She refused to let the teacher do it and told her, "My mommy and daddy told me nobody but them could wipe me down there. " And that was that! Smart girl!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Drama this week

I just finished the top for her. See it's not pink!

Yesterday, oh yesterday was a bad, bad, baaaaaaad day. You may recall that I have been camping out on the sofa night after night because 1, Alyssa doesn't sleep in her bed anymore due to the loss of bunny and 2, Christopher gets into mischief like the cupboards and I've caught him trying to sneak outside. Do you know where this is heading?

So I get up at about 9 something AM and Alyssa is by my side. Christopher as usual asks me if he could make his waffles. I tell him yes. He makes them, takes them from the toaster and heads upstairs, where he either watches TV in "daddy's room" or plays in the toy room. Daddy bought him some new track-like-street-thing so he parks the cars on the road and plays nicely.

I am still laying down with Alyssa and we both doze off for a little bit. 10 something I wake up. Alyssa is gone. Yes GONE! The house is unusually quiet. I call Christopher and get no answer so I run upstairs to see if they decided to hide from me again. The toy room and entire upstairs is empty and it was then I began to panic.

I started checking all the house doors but they were all still locked. I checked the garage, nothing. Then the sliding door to the backyard. It's unlocked. I run out and there are no kids. I check the gate and it's locked. I called my husband to make sure that he didn't happen to come home early and take them out because he sometimes does and since I am a very heavy sleeper I would not have known if he came home.

I get him and he tells me he's still at work. At this point I begin crying. I tell him the kids are missing and I am calling the police. Before I called I had run out to the front of the house where they never play but you never know so I checked.

I run up the street all confused and I'm crying and calling out to Christopher. NOTHING! It's a really weird feeling because I didn't know what to do. I was walking up and down the street screaming out their names and the place was so quiet. This neighborhood is unusually quiet most of the times. I see no one to ask then anything. My phone rings and it's Chris. He is in a state of panic now and tells me jump in the van and drive instead of walking.

By the time I get the van and reach to the corner of the street I see the kids. I was on the phone, on hold, for a live 911 operator. I hung up. The kids, still in their night clothes are on their trikes. Alyssa in her underwear and
white long sleeve crocodile jammy top, Christopher in his striped blue, green and white pajamas. They are both in their slippers. AND.........there is a white car driving slowly along side them. I ran over to him sobbing. He tells me where he saw them and told them to go home. He followed them to make sure they were safe. I hugged that man so tight through the car window and couldn't stop thanking him.

The pleats close-up

At that point I felt so ashamed & guilty. What kind of parent doesn't hear when their kids sneak out of the house? This is one of the reasons I sleep downstairs. I failed my kids Saturday morning. The "child-proof latch" on the side gate did not work and why should it have, no child-proof anything ever works for these kids.
I cannot stop thinking how different my day could have ended. I am just so thankful.

There are very bad people out there, something we have told these kids time and time again. Thankfully someone was looking over my kids yesterday. When I got them inside, I really broke down and it scared Christopher and he started crying to. He'd never seen me like that, ever. Needless to say this brought on some cramping, so I laid down most of the day today.

So we've changed the front door locks to those where you'd need a key to get out and a key to enter. Why? Because Christopher climbs up on the window and jumps to reach the latch and has unlatched it. We now have locks for the sliding door. And my husband has removed the child-proof latch from the side gate and placed a lock on it. Only trouble now is the gardeners won't be able to come in.

So be it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been sick......

Painting in the backyard
Look at his hands

.....from stress. I've been going through health insurance issues this week.

Sunday night my husband's boss calls to tell him there is a meeting on Monday regarding the company changing health insurance. When he tells me this I immediately started feeling sick. Why? Because I just knew they were switching to a provider that my doctor does not fall under. I'm just lucky like that. And I was right. I told him to call the boss back to ask him what provider they were changing to. He didn't get it. It doesn't matter he says, but I knew better.

Look at her feet

So he calls him back and tells me Kaiser. GREAT! Oh I can't tell you how much I cried this week. I got sick Monday morning, Tuesday was no different, only on Thursday after my mom counseled me did I feel much better.

I don't want to change doctors. I love my OB/GYN and was looking forward to her delivering my 3rd baby. She was great when I was pregnant with Chris & Alyssa. I tried to explain to my husband how hard it is to find a good doctor who actually puts their patients first and listens to them.

....and her neck

The sad thing with Kaiser is, you are not guaranteed to have the same doctor to deliver. It just depends on who is working that day and that sucks. I'd never heard of such a thing. My doctor saw me throughout my pregnancies, she was at the hospital when I was admitted, she delivered both my kids and even circumcised my son. I couldn't believe it!

So bye-bye lovely doctor-patient relationship. Some stranger is going to deliver this kid and mommy is not happy.

Lovely Art

I should not be this negative and I should keep hope alive right? Because of the pregnancy, I was given some additional forms to fill out. The insurance people are going to try to have me keep my doctor. I'm just not counting on it and have already prepared myself for the switch. So I'm waiting for some answer. How long does that take?

That's about it!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baby's healthy

These are the poorest quality shots I have ever gotten but I am not complaining. It was nice to take a peek inside. Baby is quite healthy. Estimated weight's at about 1 lb. My due date has not moved up though. I've gained 3 lbs in 4 weeks. Ugh and I feel every lb of it. My doctor on the other hand seemed particularly pleased, telling me that some women gain 8 lbs and up and that I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Though it made me feel better I was thinking I cannot afford to put on that much weight in 1 month, 8 lbs? What would become of me in the last trimester? No more cookies for me.

I had an almost full bladder and this child seemed to be a bit angry with me. Baby kept banging it's head into me and I swore I would pee right there. Would that be a nice story to come back and write about! Anyways, here goes.

Baby on the inside looking out
I increased the contrast to see the spine a bit better
A waving baby - all my kids seem to wave
And finally the most telling shot. 2 legs. Wanna give it another guess?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And 1 month later

I have to tell you, it always takes my husband months before reality hits him. Tonight, before I took this photo I caught him staring at the belly & smiling. I said, "What?" His words, "Wow, look at your belly. It's getting bigger!" In my defense I said, "Well what do you expect, I just ate dinner!"
He just smiled again. I could see the excitement in his eyes.

And I'm thinking to myself, "yes Mr. you knocked me up again just when I was within 5 lbs of my weight loss goal. I'll just have to work harder after baby comes, I guess. Another summer not looking cute.


I'll try to take the monthly photo in this pink thing until it can no longer cover me!

1st 2 shots at 14 weeks 2 days, 2nd at19 weeks 4 days

Anywho, tomorrow is my big day. Wanna take a guess?

Oh and check the last post I finally uploaded a photo of the Pink and Purple dress.

So, what's missing on the dress

Macey's Purple & Pink Dress
I know, Alyssa is not in it. I am unsure where that photo disappeared to since no one but me touches my camera. I couldn't take another one as she is having her lovely nap at the moment. So that's a mystery......

I haven't put the buttons on yet and I haven't found any ribbon that matches perfectly or near perfect.


This was last night's project. Geez aren't I on a roll but I can't and don't sleep like I should so I make use of my time. They're all beginning to look alike. I think every one of them have pink no? I want to be bold and get away from it for a while. Maybe green or something. Oh, blue would be nice!

Notice the 2 nasty blankets.

We went to one of the most fun places for the kids this morning,
Pump It Up
It was so much fun. I got to chat with few moms and the kids had a blast on those inflatables.
Just look at those poses. And to think it seemed like only a few months ago when I had this cjild. She growing up too fast for me. This morning when she saw her new top she smiled at me and said in her tiny high pitched voice, "Thank you mamum, it's so pretty!"

That's all I needed to make my day.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bad mommy! Bad, bad, bad....

We went to the park this morning. Don't laugh, she picked out those boots and insisted on wearing them today.

It was a little chilly so we needed to wear something below the dress-like top. I made this for her last night and she loves it. She loves the bright colors.
I know. I still need to post a photo of her modeling the dress I made for our friend's daughter but the more I look at the dress the more I don't like it.
Christopher successfully completed the whole row of monkey bars! He was so excited! And then there was this...
Oh gosh I am laughing as I look at it now. In my own defense I thought she was going to jump with her feet first like she usually does. Alyssa always jumps from places and she knows how to land properly. Instead there was this. I can't believe it. She landed on those wood chips flat on her tummy with a loud thud,as though she was doing a belly flop in a pool. Oh how she screamed.

I sat on the bench and she sat with me for about 20 minutes. She complained that her back was hurting. She took such a bad fall.

I'm sorry Alyssa. I just had to take a photo.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I swear my husband has issues

He has been out of HIS toothpaste for quite some time and since no one has been to Wal-mart to stock up, he reluctantly used mine. What's the big deal you ask? He's a Crest man and I'm a Colgate girl. So I ran to Wal-mart a few days ago and grabbed up a tube of Crest.

When I brought it home he says, "Why did you buy this?"

I was puzzled! "What do you mean?"

"You got me the cheapest toothpaste, I can't use this"

Of course because I'm a good wife most times, I kept what I was thinking to myself. I was silent. Was he joking? NO. He refused to use it and left I unopened on the kitchen counter. The next day he went out for the toothpaste himself, something he should have done in the first place. Do you know that man came back with the same thing. Well at first glance it looked that way.

Upon closer inspection I realized it said on the bottom. "Gel" Are you kidding? I got paste and he doesn't use paste.

I should tell him where to put that toothpaste but like I said I am a good wife most of the times.

Friday, April 04, 2008

What's with this extended Spring break

We visited the WAP today hoping that the crowd would be at a minimum but as soon as I turned off the road to go into the parking lot I realized that it wasn't over yet! The line was so long. I didn't even bother to circle the parking lot this time, instead this lazy mama simply paid the jacked up fee of $10.00 normally $5, to get preferred parking. It's much closer to the entrance and since I had no stroller again, I thought it would be best. No one wants to drag tired kids to a parking space 11 far rows away. And I for one wasn't carrying either of these kids.

(Alyssa decided to color her face) The kids weren't at their happiest part of the time. We were waiting for the tram to take us on a 25 minute tour, Journey through Africa.

This was after the tour. Christopher hit Alyssa for no reason. What a mom huh? I snapped a fast shot and then comforted her.

I managed to get some more shots of the butterflies but forgot that they don't live for very long. I was a bit disappointed after standing in line to see them. There were hardly any remaining and those that were left were losing their beautiful colors.

We got a quick glimpse of the lion family, the cubs aren't really babies anymore.
Mama Daddy Baby

Even the orchids looked liked they've seen better days. I don't think I got photos of these on the last trip

Tanyetta, I saw this last one and thought of you. I searched to see if they labeled the tree at the bottom but no luck. Did you ever find out the name?

The birds, well they were still as gorgeous as ever. One of them even gave me
the eye...hehehe.

See I am not kidding. Look at that sexy pose

This was the prettiest thing I had seen all day. Just look at it!

Can you tell he's a fan?

I don't like spongebob. Christopher is picking up some phrases that I would rather not have him learn. I have never allowed him to look at that show. It's my husband who's the culprit. I guess I should be happy Christopher is saying, "Oh Barnacles!" when something goes wrong as opposed to "Oh shit" or something worse, right?

The most annoying thing of all is that he's got the spongebob laugh. Ugh!!!!

The shot's not too good but at least I captured them in a happy mood

We spotted this American Alligator on the way out. Cute isn't it? You should have seen the guy holding it! Oh my. I am ashamed as I had some un-pure thoughts when I saw him. This married mama with a kid on each side.

We had just missed the whole thing. Not that my kids would have walked in there to take a photo with it like some of the other visitors were doing.

I think we're due for a Seaworld trip. It's been over a month I think. Christopher keeps asking to see Shamu. So I better plan a day for that.

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