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Monday, January 28, 2008

Through Christopher's eyes

Two weeks ago we headed to Quail Botanical Gardens. I had a surprise for Christopher. He's been bugging me for the longest to use my camera which I only allowed once. On this day, I would secretly walk with my old camera, the Canon Powershot A300, and it would be his for the afternoon. Yes it's outdated but it still works and I rather have that break that my current one.

Getting messy and having fun at QBGs Seeds of Wonder

After playing with our friends at the Seed of Wonder, I changed their clothes (they were soaked) and we headed to the Garden section for a lovely stroll by ourselves. It was there I handed him the camera. I still made him strap the thing around his little hand, twice. Just in case. He was so excited! I told him, "take pictures of anything that you find to be beautiful", and so he did.

These are my favorites.

You know, sometimes I forget that things must look so big to these kids. Those trees alone must look amazing

And then there were these. Don't laugh!

Even though that last one will blind you I love it

And of course my foot in a blur....and his favorite he called it SHADOWS. I took one also (a shadow photo) but it's his time to shine :-)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fun trip this morning for this crafty mama

Two months ago I joined a Sewing group to help motivate me and it's been working. This morning I headed to my first event held at the N.C. Swap meet.
It was hard getting up at 8am but well worth it. I would have left the kids but daddy had to go get our taxes done. NO last minute April 15th business on this end.

It was a pleasant 35 minute drive and guess what! Ms. Bad direction got lost, how fun! I was not ashamed to pull over and ask for the correct directions either even though I "mapquested" the address for directions. I should've know better. This is not the first time that program has led me astray.

This is what I got! I could have kept on spending because the prices were fabulous but my well-behaved kids (and they were this morning) was getting antsy and I didn't want to push my luck.

I have some thoughts of what I want to make with them. Take a look. I had to get some close-ups to show you the beautiful embroidery.

With this piece I would love to make a Summer/Spring skirt for me and a top for Alyssa with the left over fabric

Definitely a skirt or maybe some Capris. It will look great with the embroidered edge

Two close-ups for this one.
Pink is my favorite color. I'm thinking a maternity dress. I have one that was store bought for the last pregnancy and it looked great. I'll copy the style. I have no clue how to do maternity clothing which is what all of the dresses/skirts would need to be. Come to think of it the skirts should be easy. I'll just need to use elastic in the waist, right!

My Beautiful Blue, I'm not sure what I'll make with this one yet.

The other 2 pieces that I have no close-ups of is a plain white with white embroidery and a gray wool blend. The white piece needs to make a short maternity summer dress for myself and a top for Alyssa to go with the gray gauchos that I would love to make with the other piece.

The good thing is all the pieces are huge. Enough to make something for both of us.

What the photos can't show you is how thin and soft the fabric is. Perfect to keep me from overheating in the summer. I'll be huge. Great!

So many plans and no time. How will I ever accomplish these things?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello from Melbourne......

No not me *snicker*. I wish. Our traveling Cynthia (the husband's mama), is at the Australian Open doing her job and having a great time, I suspect.

This year she is blogging about it on the Tennislife website so check it out when you get a chance. Visit here, that will take you straight to the blog. If you wanted to read other stuff from the magazine site you can go straight here then when you're finished catching up click on her photo that says "Visions of Oz"

It must be nice to have the opportunity to travel all over the world. We, the husband and I, would love to travel, but at the rate we're going it will never happen.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well I never........

Pricey Earrings

..knew about this before today. Did you? In my spam folder, I received an "invitation" so to speak. I'm not sure why I clicked on this mess, but I did. I mean it was in the spam folder right where it belongs.

Pricey Bracelet

I always felt that if I you couldn't afford it, don't borrow it, from a friend or a business. Like a credit card, you know. I always ask myself 2 questions, sometimes more.

Pricey Hello Kitty Ring

1. If you had the cash on you would you buy it?
2. Honestly, can you afford it?
Then comes the other questions, do you need this and what do you need/want it for?

Pricey Necklace

What if your child, or park buddy damages your newly borrowed Designer Bag then what? Will they make me pay a fair price for a handbag that someone has already used?

Pricey Handbag

When I clicked on the link as I thought it would be interesting to read, I kept thinking of some crazy lady clicking away through the site, overly excited, ordering her Hermes handbag 'for borrow' at the low price of $1600+ a week. A week! Do you know what I could do with that money? That's almost a mortgage payment. How about a down payment for a new vehicle!

Pricey Belt

So if you need any of these things but couldn't afford to get it for yourself, there is always another option to stealing.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Big Girl

It was getting dark, so excuse the poor quality

Taken the same day (12/26/07) as the photos in the last post. It was her first time on her big girl bike and she did great. Yes she got "Stuck" as she was saying but then with a little help, she did it. If you listen carefully that was the last thing she said, "Look, I did it!" Her voice is so tiny and high pitched. It's cute now but is she going to be one of those females with an annoying voice? You know the type. When they talk you just want to slap them and say shut up. I hope not.

The day after Christmas

(December 26th 2007)

Daddy was home so we headed to the park! It was already getting dark but who cares?

The kids got to ride their bikes....

and of course the swings...

she thinks she can do everything her brother does and she's right!
they slid and climbed

and just hung around
(not sure what button I pressed on that camera but it made my last photo blue)

Friday, January 04, 2008

This part I can do without

Tonight I am up with 2 very sick kids. We're camping on the floor downstairs. I don't want them sleeping alone.

On New Years Day my husband was up whole night vomiting and with diarrhea. He'll kill me if he knew I'm sharing this. About every half hour. Yesterday after a fun normal day, Christopher started complaining of stomach pains at bedtime. You should have seen him rolling and groaning in pain. I could just cry. I didn't know what to do. He had diarrhea but that was about it.

He fell asleep on the couch and I let him so I could keep an eye on him. About 30 minutes later, he jumped up confused, fell off the couch and vomited. It just flew everywhere. I'll spare you the other nasty details.

This morning Alyssa's bed was a mess. She had vomited also. The poor thing didn't even call anyone. Daddy got her this morning and the room stunk. Still she was in good spirits, she just wouldn't eat, for the whole day today which is unlike her. She loves her carrots for breakfast and she refused them today.

Tonight, she drank her milk, but almost immediately after she was finished she started coughing and it all came back out. She's a smart cookie as she headed to the vomit bucket that I had placed next to her and finished up.

I hate to complain under these circumstances but I am so tired. Tired of cleaning up the floors and doing laundry. We went through almost all their blankets and pajamas in a day and a half. I guess I should be thankful that we have a washer and dryer. What would I do with the stuff overnight if we didn't?

What's worse is I got sick from the smell. I wish I could take it away. Their little tummies are probably such a mess.

And I wonder if I am next?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I still can't believe it

I wanted to wait until that 3 month mark but since this blog is my diary I felt the need write about this now.

In the most unlikely of circumstances a baby was conceived. I should not have been ovulating at least no where close to. I know when I am ovulating. I can feel it and I had about 2 weeks before this should have taken place.

No birth control here but like I said I know my cycle. With all my health issues particularly the endometriosis I am still in disbelief that both kids and now a 3rd were conceived on 1 try. My husband is my perfect match and I truly believe this.

Anyway, the funny thing is I knew something was going on in about 1 1/2 weeks. I kid you not so I wrote everything down.

For my records:
1st December, Saturday - the deed was done
13th December, Thursday - Implantation bleeding (actually a drop as small as a pinhead)
And from then on my boobs were hurting like never before accompanied by mild cramping
23rd December, Sunday - took a test (faint positive)
27th December, Thursday - I waited for my visitor who I knew wasn't coming
27th December, Thursday (night) - tested again, just to make sure, strong positive

Everyone was asleep and for news like this I should have barged into the bedroom and woke the husband.

So, I did the next best thing. I left the test on his coffee cup so that he wouldn't miss it. Anywhere else and he may have not even noticed.

He was so excited which surprised me even more. Not that I thought he would be disappointed but we had actually planned to do this closer to May so that I won't be at home with 3 kids. Christopher would have started school by the time the baby arrived. Well so much for planning.

My husband felt like superman and I could tell when he got home. All he asked of me is that we don't find out the sex which I don't believe I can do. I just need to know these things. So I am thinking, that I'd tell the technician not to tell me and I'll just make my own conclusion. Or I can let her tell me and then try my best to keep it from my husband.

Minor details. I just hope all goes well and I make it full term with a healthy baby.

This was my best Christmas surprise ever

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Finally, it's completed !!

My Satin Brocade Messenger Bag and it only took me how long to do this? 4 months since I bought this material. Remember this?

Well here is my bag. Much better than how the first one turned out. I made it yesterday.

My husband kept telling me how lovely it looks but that's his job, isn't it?
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