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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tea Party and Crafts Day

Daddy thought it would be a wonderful idea. He left the house with intentions of just taking Ms. Lazy for a ride. She's been begging him for a ride in the big truck. This is what he came back with.

Disney Tea Set

The thing is, we decided to get rid of a whole lot of the kids' toys because they have too much. It's really overwhelming. We have no where to put them and the mess that they make is just plain ridiculous. Besides Christmas is coming and they're going to get a whole new set of them. So why did he go out and buy her this thing?

He tried to sneak in the house because he knew I would be a little upset, not only because he's getting toys when he shouldn't be but he's spending money when we agreed to be saving. *sigh* What am I going to do with this man?

When I saw what Alyssa was carrying, and she was so excited too, I immediately gave him the stink eye. He ran out in the garage to hide. How come I can say no and he can't? How did they end up at the store?

On to more fun, cheap things. Tonight was craft night for the kids. The lesson was Squares, Rectangles and Triangles. Christopher knows his shapes but lazy Lyssa is another story. I am afraid she will be so far behind because I don't spend enough time teaching her. Turns out she has been listening though, the rare occasions that I sit with her. She knew them all.

We started off on the carpet but then I realized what a stupid idea that would have been. Glue and carpet just don't mix. Time to pick up and move.

I broke out the piece of vinyl I purchased about a year ago. I knew it would come in handy. I cut the shapes from 2 of my Cardstock Matstack books. They were on sale 2 years ago and since I suck at scrapping I made good use of them.

They had so much fun making their shape collages

Tada! Here are their masterpieces on the wall of fame! Alyssa was so happy. She always sees Christopher's school projects hung up on the wall and nothing with her name on it. Now she has something of her own.


  1. I love how you styled her hair...the braids are CUTE!!

  2. Hello Lonely Paul thanks for dropping in.

    Tanyetta ~ it's great that they get excited from simple things

    tnt5150 ~ Thanks. When I comb her hair it's our special time together. She usually falls asleep. I need more styles though.

  3. N does the same thing. We say 'no more toys' and then he comes back with cars for Boy One. Love the craftiness of your children!

  4. They did an awesome job with those cut-outs!

  5. I like the braids as well. Looks like they had a fun time.

  6. She is just too cute. I want a little girl. LOL


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