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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I look at my kids and ask myself, did they really come out of me? My baby is getting to be a big girl, Alyssa that is. I had an early appointment downtown today and could not take any of my babies with me. Yes that included Ashleigh. The husband took the day off from work. I was so afraid. Why? because Ms. Ashleigh does not take a bottle. How come she was okay with it for the first couple weeks of her life? I tried to feed her before I left but she only nursed for a short time and then fell asleep. So off I went.

On my way downtown I dropped off Christopher at school. I didn't get home until 1pm. That's right. Over 6 hours with no boobies. Chris tried to offer her some milk in a bottle but she wanted nothing to do with it and got super upset. She cried, he said, then cried some more. She finally gave up and fell back asleep once he put her in the swing.
She loves the swing.

When I got home she was all smiles. I was so happy to see her. I missed her so much. I am just so accustomed with her being with me every second of the day.

Here's the big sister. Daddy took these, which would explain the poor quality...hehehe....just kidding
This is my favorite one

This child swears she a movie star of some sort. She goes nowhere without her sunglasses. That's my princess!


  1. She is growing up! She is the sweetest EVA!

  2. Oh! Look at that sunshine! We've got snow past Divina's knees here. We're missing you and California a lot.

  3. very very very cute! you know she is a supastarrra :)


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