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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Christopher.....

Here are this week's funny photos

Eeeek....they don't come much goofier than this. Just look at how he is standing and Lord that hair and those humongous teeth. He said some girl had braided it and that's how it looked after he took it out.

.....the small one not the big one. He's been such a pleasure to be around for a the past weeks. I honestly thought we would have to ship him off somewhere. Something had taken over my boy a few months ago and it was horrible. Tonight I took them for ice-cream. Well I took myself for ice-cream and dragged them along.
Oh before I forget, we always ask him every week about the baby. Last night daddy says, "hey Christopher, what should we call the baby?" He thinks for a while and says, "Brianna". Now I like that name even though I was stuck on an "A" name. Then he changed his mind and said, "Ashleigh" which is the name I had mentioned weeks ago, Ashleigh Hannah. My husband was opposed to it because of the spelling I chose. We had actually decided on Hannah Ashleigh but I need some more just in case she doesn't look like a Hannah. So throw in Brianna Ashleigh as another choice.

I think his mom is gorgeous

When we got home the living room floor was such a mess. Toys, cushions, shoes, you name it, it was all scattered on the floor from earlier. My baby cleaned up so nicely. He knows where everything needs to be better than daddy does. I am looking at the floor now, pleased, because I couldn't have done it better myself. I was so tired and I wasn't going to pick up the mess.

So when I took him upstairs to tuck him in, I caught a glimpse of the toy room. Books were all over the floor along with some baby clothing that someone got into. I am not sure who. I sighed. We both stood there looking into the room. I asked him who made this mess and what were we going to do about it. He says, "Uhmmmm, she did it. How about we clean it up?" I gave him a big hug and told him we'll try to do it tomorrow.
I thanked him for being such a helpful boy. I thanked him for cleaning up downstairs and told him that he does such a great job, that I think I'll let him do it all the time. He agreed. Hehehehe......he was so happy. I don't think he realized I was trying to trick him into cleaning. Hey it was a compliment nonetheless. We'll see if it works.


  1. cute post. I like Brianna but could that be because my 11 year old is named Briahnna?? :P

  2. That 1st pic is cracking me up, was he trying out for a Breck commercial or what?

    I like both Brianna and Hannah!

  3. I like them all but my personal favorite is Hannah.

    Good for Christopher. He's at the right age to start helping (when it's still fun).

  4. Great name! I love that name Ashleigh! Brianna is a great name too.. But when I was pregnant for my lil girl, I knew it was going to be an Alishya. Because I just love the name Allie. Luckily she came out looking like an Allie. LOL!

    Anyways, how's the mama getting along? Hope you're doing great and getting enough of R&R! :)


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