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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did my blood work this morning

...and got notification a few hours ago that the results had posted online at my account. YAY for Kaiser. Man they're fast! So while the glucose testing came back normal, it appears that I am anemic. Do they give you pills for that or something? My RBC, HGB & HCT were all low. So I suspect that I will be contacted by my doctor shortly.

Well I am glad I got that taken care of anyway. Daddy had the day off today so I took Christopher to school and headed right on down the road to the lab. When I got home as tired as I was, I took Alyssa to the park for playdate. Now she is napping and I should be doing the same but I have been spying on my child in his classroom for the past few hours. The just came back from break outside so I am off to spy again for a few more minutes. Gotta love those classroom cameras.


  1. They will give your iron pills or tell you to eat more foods rich in iron. I was anemic after I gave birth and had to take iron pills for a month...they make you contipated :( so I was given a stool softener as well. Hope they will just perscribe dark leafy green vegtables for you and meat :)
    My sons school has oneway mirrors so you can spy on them too..hee hee

  2. That is so cool that you can spy on them, I'd be at it all day.

    Good luck with the anemia, they will probably give you pills.


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