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Friday, November 30, 2007

Can you say OUCH!!

Drama this morning. We had purchased some footed pajamas for the kids for camping and also for the upcoming months. They both love them and Christopher never wants to take his Dinosaur footies off.

Here's the scene.

I'm in the kitchen making their breakfast and I see him fiddling with the zipper.
He has just come from the bathroom and is trying to zip them back up. He's already gotten the zipper halfway up the leg.

Christopher: On NO! Ahhhhhhh, mama,
Me: What happened?
Christopher: My penis!
Me: (As I run from inside the kitchen, the gate was up) Oh my God, wait, don't pull the zipper

I swear I almost fainted because although I stretched my hand out to do what-I-don't-know, I had no intentions of trying to free his weewee from the zipper because I was too scared I would make matters worse.

Christopher: : No mama don't hurt me, Don't touch it.

He moves away from me and does it himself. I breathe a sigh a relief

Me : Are you okay? Let me see it.
I know what you're thinking. Where is this child's underwear?

Well most mornings he takes them off. I don't know why. Maybe he just loves to be free but there are consequences for such actions as we learned this morning.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Photo Shoot ~ TAKE 1

What in the world was I thinking?

No one felt the need to cooperate today, so after these few photos I called it quits.
This was the best one & it ain't all that great but if the next couple of shoots fail I will be left with no other choice than to use this.

And yes, that is the table cloth fabric in the background. Am I cheap or what?

Terrible Tuesdays

I know. I'm bad. Since I haven't been able to participate in Tackle it Tuesdays as I can never get anything completed, I had to do something! So, from all angles, I give you my unhappy winter bunny

She was already upset but I was determined to get a photo of her in her pretty dress. When she saw the camera pointed at her the attitude got worse.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed

I am not sure why I always get myself in such messes. I have several projects to complete before the Holidays.

Fabric for the table cloth

Card stock and other supplies for the Christmas cards

Glue sticks and fabric glue

Felt & luckily envelopes that I have left over from when I created wedding invitations for my husband's work buddy

Christopher's blanket that is not nearly completed (I'm crocheting this)

I'm also trying to teach myself how to knit since there are prettier designs that can be made. I did well yesterday and actually got the hang of knitting with 2 needles. I was so excited.

Did I mention that I am taking the kids' Christmas photos to put on/in the cards? I have to make a Holiday type background at home and I don't even know where to start. I bought a red dress for Alyssa last Christmas(sale) and I don't even know if it can fit her!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look what I stumbled upon

She was the chunkiest thing I knew. Just look at those thighs!

She was 8 months old

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Camping we DID go

We had a great time. The kids behaved so well, I was actually surprised. I really thought we would have problems getting them to go to sleep, but not so.

This was our first night there. The kids were playing "Boo" with the lights. Don't ask but they had a blast. That's my friend's husband

The next day we spent at the beach. Whole day! They're young, that's all I can say because even though it was "nice" that day, my feet cramped up and got numb when I stood in that water

Chris even caught a few tiny waves but he didn't care. He loves the water. (bad quality on that 1st one I was so far away and my hands were shaking) Alyssa was quite content just playing in the sand as usual.

Back to the campsite. Christopher kept climbing up there then he would say he was stuck and needed help.

Sunset Saturday.
(I took about 20 of them but I think I like these best

Daddy and the kids

My good friend and her daughter. She's such a wonderful person. I call her my lucky charm. Some day I'll blog about that.

The Camping Kiddies!

Well we can all admit that this was not "true" camping. The husband brought the BBQ grill, well atleast the main part of it(we broke it down to get it smaller), we had an air mattress, and we ate as if we were grilling in the backyard.

The funniest thing was the store on the campground. It sold everything. There was even a laundromat at the back of the store. Within walking distance from the campsite, across the street, I spotted Starbucks & 711. Yeah, we really know how to go camping. Convenient Camping I call it, but whatever it is we're heading back there next month because from the time we got home Christopher has been asking to go back.

I don't know how we're going to fit everything in. We're supposed to go skiing in the mountains. December doesn't have enough days for us. We haven't even mentioned the 2 family dinners for Christmas.

And lastly, If you're ever in need of a good gut busting laugh, jaw dropping stories or wish to be in the know about the trendiest kid fashions click on over to Teeny Manolo.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Learning Fun ~ Coloring with a twist

I broke out the crayons and allowed them to have a bit of free fun with them.

Alyssa loves to scribble

We practiced our pictures and he was asked to name them

I hope none of you are laughing at my artwork

Then more free play

Then I took the crayons away to get him a little more focused. Usually if I try this when he has his crayon basket he ignores me.

After I wrote out the alphabet, I told him every time he gives me a word he will get to color. It was a long drawn out thing and he kept repeating the same words sometimes but he enjoyed it. Even Alyssa got in on the learning. She contributed one word

He still has a little trouble recognizing some of his lowercase letters so I made it a point to write both out.

Aren't there laws against this?

I leave him with the kids for a couple minutes and look!

All he needs is a whip in his hand

Christopher looks like he was really working up a sweat here. I wonder if daddy pays well.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Continued - Christopher's sickness (Disneyland)

So we got home Tuesday morning and that's when whatever he had hit him full force. He really put on a good face for the duration of our Disneyland visit. I guess he was home so he let all guards down. He spoke to daddy earlier that same morning and when asked how he was feeling he said he was fine. Once daddy left for work I asked him the same question and he said he needed to go to the hospital and then the doctor.

At almost 4 yrs old, I am not sure why he thought he needed to be so strong for daddy. Then he passed out on the couch. I kept checking for fever, which he did not have. Also he had not been eating anything and that concerned me. Surely he was hungry. So after a few hours of sleeping I woke him up. He looked awful. He was weak and could barely stand up. Then he started vomiting. It just shot right out without warning. I didn't even have time to make it to the bathroom. It was all over me, on the couch and on the floor. It looked just like water as he had no food. I forced him to drink some more water and Gatorade then laid him back down. I asked him again how he was feeling and again he told me he needed to go to the hospital and then the doctor.

After about another hour I tried to wake him again and couldn't. I shook him, I called his name, I even tried to tickle his toes but he was unresponsive. That was when I began to panic. Alyssa was napping. I ran upstairs threw on some clothes, got him dressed, he didn't even move and was heading back upstairs to wake Alyssa and get her dressed. I called my husband to tell him we were heading to the ER because Christopher has gotten worse and I couldn't wake him. Then I decided to call his pediatrician's office first.

I spoke to a nurse and described what was going on. She then asked me a few questions. She told he has a virus and was fighting it off. She made me feel better, she was so nice. But when I told her I couldn't wake him she grew a bit more concerned. Don't you know by the time I got to the end of the phone call with her he had woken up and was telling me he was hungry. I was so happy!

I'm sure glad I called because I would have looked like a fool in the ER. It took him a few more days to get back to his old mischievous, smart-mouthed self but I'll take that any day over how he was. It's down right scary to see your child like that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catching UP

Geez, I have been so out of this blogging, so many things have been going on. Anyway, remember we went to Disneyland for Alyssa's birthday? Christopher was sick but we didn't know how lousy he felt until Tuesday morning when we returned but I'll save that for another post. Just bringing it up to help you understand why his face looked sad in most of the pictures.

So here is a photo entry of our trip, as short as I could make it of course.

On our way there. The scenery was beautiful. Look at those mountains

They were excited for the most part. We are heading to that Science Center soon. We've never been visited this past weekend, will blog about that as soon as I finish catching up.

Almost there

My Birthday Girl ~ she loves Dora
Daddy thought it would be nice to get each of them a new toy just because

The following day we were up bright and early to enjoy ourselves

Very festive atmosphere

This is what he wanted to see forever since he's been seeing
the castle on TV

That's what he was showing Christopher who said, "wow" very dryly

And the spending began

You know me, I was just snapping away with that camera

I didn't care. It was dark but that didn't stop me

It's a small world. Look at that girl's face. She was terrified!

The next bunch is of photos I took inside the ride

Bye bye

We took a ride on that boat, but it was so darn hot

These things were so life~like

Look at poor Christopher's eyes. The child was so sick

We were in line to drive the cars and I spotted this. Funny eh?

Grandpa, Alyssa & Daddy

Someone needs a tan, badly.
One can only guess what the discussion was about
but it looks serious

Not so happy faces

Off to more rides

We went on some boat ride and I took these

Waiting in line for the Carousel

Daddy managed to get a smile out of him

But then there was this sickly face

My guy

Back to toon town. Christopher wanted to go again after daddy took him so I went. That's me. Christopher told me to put my hands up

Off to the teacups which he loves. That's a real smile there. Daddy made that thing spin so fast

Alyssa wanted no part of the photo
And those are the sunglasses, the pricey gift to myself, that you wonderful readers helped me chose

One night we met to open Alyssa's presents with the in-laws

She now loves Carebears

Christopher was helping

Disney's Grand Californian

It was dark but I took that 1st one from upstairs. The lobby was big. We were heading to the van to put some stuff away

Why I love Disneyland

Alyssa lost her bunny on this trip and although I left a report with lost and found I thought it was hopeless. We got back home on a Tuesday morning and later that same week guess what came in the mail. I could not believe it. I was more excited than Alyssa because even though she loves her bunny, who she now calls daddy, she did fine without it for those few days.

Overall, we had a great time and we're heading back there for big Chris' and Christopher's birthday. This should be a whole lot more fun as long as neither child is sick.

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