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Saturday, September 29, 2007


It's so hard to believe that today, 2 years ago, at 4:26 am, I saw you for the first time and only a few minutes later held you in my arms

I fell in love again as I had done the year before with your brother

We took you home the following day

You're so sweet

You're growing so well and we enjoy being you're parents

I am so excited and a bit scared.

Having a snack at the park

Today we're heading to the happiest place on earth. We'll be spending 3 days and actually staying in a hotel with these kids. While I am super excited because I know the kids will, no they must have a blast, this will be our first time away from home with the kids. Will they sleep comfortably at night? We got a kid's suite, I think that is what they call it. 2 rooms separated by French doors so mommy and daddy can put the kids to bed and have some privacy.

I hope to have some great photos. Grandpa will be joining us on Sunday and I think he will babysit while the husband and I go gallivanting all over the place. I know this is a much needed trip but I also couldn't believe how expensive such a short trip will cost us. Everyone knows I hate spending money and it sort of made me sick thinking about the expense and we haven't even started talking about the money we will be spending at the park. YIKES!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're going to jail!

I took the kids shopping on Tuesday. I was going through their closets and realized that most of their pants were too short especially Christopher's.

Christopher at 3 yrs 7 months has apparently grown to big for his 5T jeans while Alyssa, who will be 2 this Saturday needs something larger than 24 month pants.

Well we made it to the mall grabbed up a bunch of stuff and hurried out. All the while Christopher is grabbing up stuff for his sister and throwing it in the stroller basket. He says, "Look mama this is so pretty." I thought I caught him at all his attempts and told him to put the things back. But I was obviously wrong.

The tops my son stole for his sister

Because after I had made it to the car, put the girl in her car seat and strapped Christopher in his booster, I noticed these 2 long sleeved hooded tops at the bottom of the stroller basket. What was I supposed to do? Certainly not unload the kids and head back to the store?

Now any parent knows the work involved with getting the kids out of the car seat then having to strap them back in so.....you know where this is heading.

Well it was just too much for me to do so I threw the things in the back, packed up the stroller and drove off. All the while as I drove through the parking lot, I felt like eyes were on me and at any minute someone would run in front of the vehicle to bust me....the thief.

Now honestly, what would you have done?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Please don't hurt yourself laughing...

In my defense,I'm no good at drawing with these art programs but trust me, aside from the confusion in this image, unlike my husband I think it may actually be...interesting.

A Halloween Mess

Let me explain the confusion. I know even though I swore I was going to buy something for these kids to dress up in this year, I didn't like my choices and I wanted them to be something that no one else would be. I think I've done it! As the ideas come I'll keep updating my lovely drawing here.

She will be my lovely Halloween Alien Spider Queen, just out of this world.

Come on, use your imagination okay?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

All to our selves

Just take a look at the background in all the photos. I'm not kidding. The parks always clear out at about 12:30 - 1pm. It's lunch time and then nap time. At least for those scheduled driven mamas with younger ones.

So we took advantage of that on Wednesday. I left the house, still not well, with all intentions of just dragging the sick kids to the store to get medicine but somehow we ended up at the park instead. So here are a few photos.

He was so proud. He had not only dressed himself but he chose his own clothing. It was a little chilly for short sleeves and shorts but he refused the sweater, so....

We had just arrived, so he decided to do some tricks.
And the copycat decided to follow

Look at her, no fear of falling

Bunny goes everywhere ~ they were heading to the play structure

She made it!

Jumping Christopher

They spent quite sometime on the large structure then headed to the smaller one

They were slide~ racing

Tunnel Crawling

Playing peek-a-boo

And the girl had a few bad ideas, but no one was hurt

I have no news to tell Andie D.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sometimes flattery gets you everywhere

Yesterday the husband comes home and says to me, "Honey, why isn't the air on?" It wasn't warm inside so I told him there wasn't a need for it. He gave me a confused look and with a straight face he says, "But honey it is. Don't you know you need to run the AC whenever you're home because you're so HOT!" See why I love this man?

So you know what I did for him last night? No not that, I'm keeping it clean...hehehe After I put the kids to bed I danced like a stripper in the living room for him. For free! He loved it! Then he went to bed and I cleaned. Yeah, I cleaned. I was feeling so sexy that I was motivated to get some stuff done.

And today, since everything is frozen, I shall drag the kids to the grocery store, by some things and cook.

Just keep those lines coming and you just might have a warm meal waiting at home, 3 times a week. Maybe

Monday, September 10, 2007

Running Down the Hill.....

On Wednesday, my husband played hooky, since his best friend & family was visiting for a short 5 days from CO. So we met them at the beach.

We were all packed up with a cooler full of beer, soda & water, another filled with sushi trays, the back of my Snowflake was stuffed, beach chairs, an umbrella & a wagon full of toys. And yes I said beer. This particular beach was chosen just because it's one of the last ones left around this way, that you can actually sit on the sand with a beer in your hand. For the record, I wasn't drinking.

I've said this before, I hate the beach as an adult. But the kids always have such a wonderful time, and that is all that matters to me. It's the only reason I drag my self out there in all that hot sand.

And I go rolling down the hill, I....I...I'm Rolling Down the Hill.

She thought about rolling too but decided against it. So she just ran very carefully instead. My girl's smart because you should have seen the scratches on Christopher's back from his antics.

This went on for a very long time. So I of course snapped away. They were taken over several trips down the hill and it started getting dark. I told you it was time for an upgrade. I have the weakest flash ever!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why does my husband hate me so?

Photos from our trip to the Zoo

I think I rarely complain about things...maybe just sometimes. I've been in a funk since my mom left and I am finding it extremely hard to get back into the swing of things.

I only have a few valid complaints today.

Last week I made fries for the kids.

I know it's no good but at least I made them myself as opposed to getting it from the fast food place. So that is done with. I clean up the kitchen and head out with the kids.

When I came home, the husband was no where to be found. We're all in the kitchen and Christopher is telling Alyssa to "be careful, it's slippery". How could that be when I mopped right before we left? Alyssa slipped and fell. That was when I took a closer look. I couldn't even tell you how much oil was spilled all over the place. Being the crazy person that I am I convinced myself that somehow, I just did an awful job so I broke out the mop again and re-did the kitchen. Grease was all over the counter, on the side of the refrigerator, on the stove, the oven door, even on the other side of the kitchen. I was puzzled!

The next day I asked the husband, if anything happened in the kitchen. What do you mean, he said. So I told him. He hesitates for a while then says to me, Ooh! there was a fly in the kitchen and he was trying to hit it with the kitchen towel, that was nicely folded on the counter. Long story short, he was using the kitchen towel to smack this fly and smacked the pot with the oil. Not only did he put the oily kitchen towel back for use, he left the kitchen in a horrible mess. His excuse, he was in a rush to leave. Uhm....okay.

Second issue, why would someone, anyone for that matter give a 3 1/2 yr old a lollipop right before bed?

And another thing, please stop getting the kids all excited when I tell you I am about to put them to bed.

Ugh, I could go on and on but the other
complaints are smaller than these so I'll eat them up and fry.

Oh wait, there's more. We had Christopher on the waiting for a new Montessori. after months the director finally called. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. My boy would be going from 9am - 3pm. He needed this not to mention I needed this.

My excitement was short-lived. When I told my husband, he tells me, "I don't think you should put him in a full day program. He'll only be home with you for one more year and then it's school until he is 18 then he leaves."


First of all, I could still do something with him after 3pm. I was so fuming mad I couldn't say a word. My smile turned to a frown and I wanted to cry. All the while I was thinking to myself, this man is not home with these kids whole day. He has no right to tell me this. How unfair!

So we are going to put him in a shorter program. 9 - 12pm. Just enough time to come home do some cleaning then leave to pick him up.

Oh yes, let's talk about the cleaning. I've mentioned this before. I told my husband again, I am going to be getting a maid to come in every 2 weeks mainly to take care of the dusting, cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen.

This came from the same man who suggested it first.

He says, "Well, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I don't mind if the house is a bit messy. Besides I could clean the master bathroom in 5 minutes and..." I stopped this ridiculous talk immediately.

ME: WAIT! NO, it matters to me! And if you clean any bathroom in 5 minutes then it's not clean.

The talk ended there. No mention of it again. Now I just need to find one.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1 Down, 1 to go

Shipment 1 of 2 arrived today. I'll have to take pictures of me in them so I can get some more honest opinions. I trust you folks you know. This way I will know if I have to send them back. Personally I think they look great but that's just me.

You know what? I just realized that because I am feeling so much better about myself, I am finally allowing myself to get things for me. Strange.... I didn't feel I deserved to have money spent on myself before, but that's another post all by itself. My husband is actually happy that I am treating myself somewhat. Will he feel the same way when the bill comes? Anyway, moving along...

I have to confess, when I put these sunglasses on I couldn't believe how much heavier it was when compared to my $20.00 ones. Not uncomfortable-heavy but fine-quality heavy. You know? Now my cheapos have served me well but yesterday the lens got scratched which means they now belong in the garbage.

I must also report that when I purchased the last perfume set, some months ago, I received 3 samples, 2 of which I just had to get. Here they are below.

I decided to get the cheaper of the 2, yes Heiress by that ahem, lady. Do you know how embarrassed I was to walk in the store and ask them for this? Not only that but I think I was more surprised by how pleasant the thing smelled. The best way I could describe the scent, is fresh and clean, as in the feeling you get when you just come out of the shower. Maybe she needed something like this to make her feel, not so dirty when she......misbehaves.

I'm saving up to purchase the other one.
Everything about it was so classy even the little sample bottle it came in. Maybe by this time last year, I will have enough saved to by some class. Hehehehe.....
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