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Monday, August 27, 2007

WAP at dark

Just a few photos of our day. I completely forgot that my camera would be useless on this visit. I didn't even have the zoom flash so forget it. At least that would have helped me a little. I tried my best but I think it's time for an upgrade.

When we first got there (He loves this hat ~ thank you Patra)

Anyway we met with 3 other moms and it was really nice. Still hot at that time of the day but that's Escondido for ya. Even when we left at 9 pm it was hot.
YUCK!! You can tell by the photos of the kids below.

Our first stop was the lion area!
See what I mean? Lousy photo but I had to post it. Alyssa was afraid but she didn't want to leave.

Hopefully you could see him pacing

We went to the glass viewing area. He kept pacing back and forth probably watching all the kids and thinking, "Mmmmmmm, how can I get some of that food"

We'd had enough of the Lion King and headed to some laser show. Sorry to say but if you've never seen it, don't waste your time. The kids enjoyed it but it was a bit lame. (I guess that's all that matters though, the kids and their enjoyment)

On the way to the show

She was getting tired.....
then we passed the African Drum players.......
and she started dancing.

It's a full moon tonight and on our way out I couldn't help but try to capture it. If you click on it, it looks a little nicer

Why not? They're part of the park too, so I took their photos.

Trying my crafty hand at something

Satin Brocade

Aren't these pretty? Well I think so even the wrong side of the cloth. I saw them at JoAnn's and started daydreaming of me carrying some nifty handbag or in my case diaper bag, made from the material. I must add that I hate working with these types of fabric as they fray like nobody's business.

I bought a cut of both. So maybe in a few days I will have something decent to show.....anyone want to put in a bet that I fail and ruin the cloth?

Okay you know me and my sleeping issues. Well I decided to give it a go and the more I look at it, it looks like a top that I cut and made into a handbag.

Look at the shape of it. Not quite what I wanted. Remind me never to try this again when I haven't slept.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Geez...I suck

Well I decide to attempt to add 2 pages to the empty scrapbook that has been collecting dust since Christopher was 6 months old. No I don't scrapbook like the hardcore scrappers that I know. But a few nights ago, while my mom sat with me in the living room, I decided to bust out the scrap booking stuff. I figured it couldn't be THAT hard to create a nice looking page right? Well it's hard. So maybe after scoping out other people's books I will find a clue.
This was all I could come up with
Christopher at a few hours old

*sigh* Someone please give me boost

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nothing to report so I'm just rambling here....

This is my 16 yr old 6' 4" nephew at the sports club in Del Mar

Contrary to what some may think, including a couple of my wonderful readers, Alyssa doesn't have THAT much clothing :-) although my mom thinks we went out of control with the shopping. I told her they are only young once so why not buy a few things.

Any who, I considered getting rid of all the outgrown stuff and I have actually gotten rid of some but then changed my mind. I want to hold on to a few in case I am blessed with another child that happens to be a girl.
I'm all about saving money.

I was so shocked that she was having a ball, as you can see (normally she's afraid of water)

Oh gosh my keyboard is going on the fritz, it's one of the space bars so pardon me if this comes out jumbled.

My mom is leaving in the morning and although I am very sad about this, as we have been spoiled for 10 whole days, I'm a little happy as she and her cooking has frozen my weight loss progress. The husband and I have been out on 4 dates. Probably more than we've had in a whole year and that is sad.

After repeatedly telling her not to run, she finally fell down.

Anyway, I am so ready for the another baby. Yes, you read that right. It's been on my mind for quite sometime. Despite all the troublesome times and tantrums I want to add to the confusion. Am I mad? So maybe in about 15 lbs we'll be good to go. This is not an order from a doctor but my own goal. I am not going to try to lose the weight gain from 2 kids after #3. That is just insane. I have lost 10 lbs in about 1 1/2 months and would love to lose 15 more.

Can you tell my why chunky thighs aren't cute when we ladies get older?

Anyway, here are some more photos of our day at the sports club. The kids had a great time and I think we found ourselves a suitable baby-sitter. He is great with the kids and he's family.

Christopher had a blast as usual. He loves water.

Just look at that girl's face

That's the kid's auntie behind there, the husband's big sis

Auntie was trying to get Christopher prepared . Look at that second-to-last photo. He was so afraid

I didn't think he would be so scared because we go to the pool & spray ground which has something very similar only difference is you're not standing in a kiddie pool, you're on the concrete

Right before we left. She is so comfortable with her cousin. She never has that much fun when I take her to the pool :-(

Monday, August 20, 2007

Drum roll Please........hehehe

I am so excited that you all helped me with this one. We were down to these three:

I have a problem though, I like them all and couldn't decide but my husband would have a heart-attack if I did the unthinkable and got them all, right? I mean, could you imagine?

I could hear him now, "Hey sweet! Do you know anything about this?" (showing me the bill)

ME: "Yes, it's for the sunglasses. Remember you told me get what I wanted?"

ME: "WHAT? Did you mean I could get any 1? How was I to know you meant only 1? You said to get what I wanted".

ME: "I have to do what? Send one back?"


So you know what I did, I bought 2 of them #2 above and this one below. I can't believe it. It's so not me. It's so loud.

I must be going through some early 30s crisis. Talking about going through something, my husband bought me something today. We had to take my vehicle in, because the alarm started acting up, disabling my power locks causing a major inconvenience.

Anyway, I put on the outfit for the drive back to the dealer to retrieve my Snowflake. My husband was all smiles. I'll let you guess why.

I felt so slutty. He on the other hand was so proud and can you believe that my mom was all for it! I took her to the mall this evening and she convinced me to leave that top on.

Look at my face. I know I look funny but I just HAD to post it. I was tired and the kids were acting up terribly. Everyone was calling me, and I was trying to tell my husband, "Not now" to which he responded, "Just one smile, a real one"

Well buddy this is all I can muster up!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm on a roll & I need some honest opinions

Okay I know I haven't given you much to work with but this is the best I can do.

About twice a year, I think, I try to get something for myself that I usually wouldn't get. Something that is outrageously priced at least in my book. And it does take much for me to think something is expensive since I am Mrs. Cheapster.

So I am asking for your advice. Using your best judgment please tell me which one of these may look best on my face type. Why? Because I am also going against one of my rules of never, ever buying sunglasses online. You know how tricky it is to get one that fits your face perfectly

This is one of my favourites and I think it's safe

I still have my decent priced pair on the photo above but I need a nice one for when I go out because darn it I'm worth it!
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