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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mystery Attacker & stuff

I have to start off by letting my handful of readers know that Alyssa is in no way completely potty trained. For part of the day I let her run around in her panties. And like I did with Christopher, every few minutes I ask her if she needs to go potty. Right now she thinks it's a game but anything is better than nothing. I didn't force her the first time so that is good. We'll take this one at whatever pace she wishes as it will help me from becoming frustrated like I did with Christopher.

He has been making faces in the mirror lately - this is his mischievous face
Funny, silly face
Surprised face
Angry face.
I believe this is how he sees me when I give him the "don't-mess-with-me-look"

Happy face

Now this morning, I woke up minus some skin on my forehead. I don't know how it happened but my husband had a late work day so he gave the kids breakfast and let them loose downstairs. I had fallen asleep on the sofa since last night. When I woke up they were playing nicely but my forehead was hurting. I felt the spot that was sore. I didn't know it at the time but there was some dried blood there. I am thinking maybe Alyssa and her long nails scratched me somehow. See how these kids beat me up?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some days......

At the Lake yesterday

...I just want to be whisked away but only for a couple of hours. I think I'll miss the kids if I were away for much longer than that. How lame is that? Not much has been going on. I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Sunday. The husband and I went on a date, a real date. We were restaurant hoppin' YAY! Appetizers here and there, then settled down for diner at Kings Fish House....Can you say YUMMY!

I didn't over do it as I have been seriously into this weight loss business. I started a little over a month and have lost 9 lbs. I feel great well not really I feel down. These kids are driving me into the ground. And I say let's have another and add to the madness. What will become of me?

Anyway, I had a little bit of an issue before we left. See I had invested in some White Crinkle Michael Kors wide legged pants before I started the weight loss and well you know where I'm going with this. I just had to have the pants as much as it costs but I ripped off the tag on Sunday before I tried them again. There was no time to bust out the sewing machine for alterations so I improvised with safety pins in the waist.

Back to the birthday business. I got a really cool bike from my wonderful father-in-law and my husband got me a bunch of candles, a GC for Barnes & Noble and one for Macy's. I'll take a photo of the bike tomorrow. Plus he came to babysit for our date-night.

We've been going to the local pool and spray ground in an attempt to get the kids more comfortable with water. Alyssa especially has improved a whole lot but she will not go under the running water.

Christopher on the other hand always has a blast.

He loved having the water fall on him. We usually go in the pool which I am happy to say is heated, for the last 1hr or 2 that we're there and last week Tuesday Ms. Alyssa grabbed on to me for the entire time. But when we went on Thursday she sat on step of the wading pool and had a blast splashing her chunky toes in the water and playing with her rubber duck that I brought

Here's my guy again. He's so handsome and he's getting so big. His 4T pants no longer fit and he will be in need of larger sneakers soon. He's already wearing 12.5 and he's not even 3 1/2 yet. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anyone Notice anything with Alyssa!!

I know. They're not great photos but so you see?

Friday, July 13, 2007

All is well & the kitchen is clean after a fun filled day

First thing's first. When I came home, the sink was clear of dishes and those 2 egg noodles in the pot on the stove were gone. The husband had gotten home early today and celebrated his "me time" by doing a little cleaning. Hurray!!

We had just arrived

Today we went to Sea World with our friends and I now noticed I took no photos of them. I was having a rough day from the get-go but it got better.
Her daughters really helped with my kids and I don't know what I would have done if they weren't there. Well I do know. I would have come straight home.
Notice the man in the sunglasses to the right. You want to know what he was looking at? My boobs. I had on one of my husband favourites (the cleavage exposing tops) and what made it worse I was bending over to take this photo. Oh well.

I took over 200 photos but I will try to share only the decent ones. I was busy fidgeting with the different settings on the camera so they may not look that great but I'll get better because you know, I am reading the manual piece by piece and practicing daily. I needed a hug earlier this morning too.
The show was going so well. We had purposely sat way up above everyone else so the kids won't disturb anyone. But a lady, very friendly at that, picked the empty seats right in front of us. Out of all the other empty seats. Oh well. She was so loud and clapped for every single thing. She kept turning back asking Alyssa if she could see. I told her she may not be that interested so no worries. When the show was over she held Alyssa by the face and gave her a big kiss and told her she was such a darling. Okay....Lots of splashing as you can see.
Christopher really enjoyed it this time. He kept saying wow! Alyssa said " Ooooooh" once in a really high voice, when she saw the first splash. It was cute.
Then it was off to the dolphins........
Then the Sharks.....I barely got any shots in here because people were shoving others trying to get photos and I wanted no part of this. I had Alyssa in the sling at this point and these pushy fools didn't even seem to notice. They shoved me too and one guy even stepped on my foot! The lady & her boyfriend who stood next to me was very angry as the same man who hurt my foot almost knocked them over. It was crazy. I couldn't believe it. So I just walked right through after these 2 shotsThe Penguins......
The Beluga whales.....
I had never visited this area in all the times we have gone. Shame on me.... Isn't she beautiful. I think her name was Snowflake......

On to the Polar Bears...
There wasn't any action He looked like I felt and so it was time to go.
I couldn't resist taking this on the way home.

We spent about 6 hours there and it was hard on the kids but all in all I cannot blame them for getting restless and grumpy from being tired closer to the end of our visit. And poor Alyssa who just could go no more. I hardly ever take a stroller when we go to these theme parks and I didn't today. She started dragging her feet and just plopped down on the ground.

I was happy because I rarely get to wear her in the sling and I got to do so today. Any reason to have either of them close is great.

When we got home they were both so tired and started screaming from the time we walked in. I quickly got them in their night clothes. When I asked Christopher why he was crying he said, "I just want to go to bed mama" and so they did.

I wonder.....

How hard it would have been to just put the 2 left over egg noodles in the garbage or better yet eat it, then put the pot and strainer in the sink.

I'm leaving it right there. Let's see how long it will stay on the stove..or maybe I'll be in a better mood tomorrow and clean it up who knows.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Does that house come with a maid?

He can't be serious. But I think he is. He keeps saying that it is affordable but I fear not. Only people who have the money do these sort of things and we're not one of them. Unless he has some secret surprise bank account somewhere

The problem is right now we have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and I cannot even manage that! So what makes him think I will be able to manage a 5/6 bdrm house with 3.5 bathrooms to clean?

All I hear from him is, "We need more room. We have to have a guest room and an exercise room for his weights!" Well didn't you realize this before we moved in here? I even offered to park my van outside in the driveway giving him a place to put these things. Shouldn't that be good enough?

House # 1
Here comes my rant!

I wanted to kick him yesterday. You know what he told me when he saw all the unfolded but clean laundry staring at us in the garage?

Ever so sweetly, "You have to do a little bit every single day then it won't pile up like this", said my darling husband. Oh is it that easy my love?

Okay fine, remember we only have 24 hours in a day. In this time, I have to clean up the living room 1 million plus times otherwise I will either step on a Lego and curse in front of your kids or I will trip over something and hurt myself. Then guess who''ll be doing all the laundry, huh?

I MUST also take them out of the house to let them release some of that Super Bolt energy otherwise you may come home to a collapsed house.

Somewhere in between there I MUST fit in my personal errands.

I usually have to tidy the kids room a little because it drives me nuts to see it filthy.

Since your son may not nap some days, I must occupy him for those hours while Alyssa is taking her nap & you and I both know how close an eye I have to keep on him.

But wait, there's more honey, darling. Everyday I have to clean the downstairs bathroom because your son can't seem to aim his penis properly in the toilet. I think you need to help him on that. I don't have one of my own to show him how it's done. If I don't clean it, the entire area there will smell like an alley. Yes I am happy he prefers to only use 1 toilet and not rotate between all 3. Otherwise there would really be trouble.

Let's not forget the occasional meal for yourself but more so the meals for the kids. 3 at the least with snacks all in between and there are even times you hint at me to make a run to several stores.

I also have to water the lawn, the flowers all around the house and my little "garden" (it's a small square) with the hose because we cannot figure out how to operate the sprinkler system and you refuse to contact the manufacturer. I do it because I don't want to be the shame of the block and the only people with brown grass and dead flowers. But I am working on it buddy. I have visited the website and downloaded the manual which at some point I will eventually read.

Maybe if I have some time left I could actually get some down time for myself, you know, watch a little TV and get a little sleep, yes?

Oh no I forgot, you need service too, right? Okay I'm done.

House #2
But, he thinks if he plays the waiting game that these houses will still be on the market for at least a few months and he will get a steal. I don't know. No one gets a steal when we're talking those kind of figures.

I do have to admit that since the 1st day we saw the 1st house, which was about 1 month ago the price has gone down by $20K, no kidding. Maybe he is on to something.

Monday, July 02, 2007

*sigh* We've had an awful week

My 3 kids

These kids will be the end of me. I don't know if my heart is strong enough. I thought for sure Christopher was my heart-attack child but I think Alyssa is.

You can see her bruise in the 2nd one better

My Guys

My Girl

Remember this and this ? Well we just had another incident. Yesterday we had a family gathering. Chris cooked up a heck of meal. All was going well, they had gobbled up the steak (appetizer) and they were waiting on the Hot shrimp salad dish (my husband calls it his masterpiece) and king crab, when all went downhill. I was sitting in the air conditioned place while all was outside. Sorry it was too hot for me plus I was tired.

Today at the park

Chris was scrambling to get the last dishes completed when he picked up Alyssa by both hands to get her inside. I had no time to yell and remind him not to touch that left arm even if he was holding her by both, when she started screaming. I was actually holding my breath when he put her down but I knew what had happened.

It was so hot today

Strangely enough she was using the arm and Chris thought she was just upset that he brought her back inside. She came running over to me. Looked at daddy and started grumbling something or the other. No joke!

I kept an eye on the arm for the evening because she was tired and went to bed a little early. All hell broke lose at around 2:30am. I managed to calm her down and she slept in my arms. Christopher didn't budge with all the noise either.

Unlike the last 2 times, she was moving the arm so I thought maybe I was wrong. Well off and on whole morning this is how it was, screaming and such. So a little later this morning I called her doctor and took her in. Why not have him take a look at that nasty bruise on her forehead too?

At the park after the doctor popped back the elbow in place

$30 later Alyssa was herself again. I asked him again how long we had to deal with this. His answer, until she is 5 yrs. I told him I am scared to even dress her. I never hold her left hand while we walk and she even knows to give me her right arm. I am afraid when Christopher plays with her and grabs things from her left arm. But still, there isn't anything that can be done. They just outgrow it. It just kills me to see either of my babies in pain.

Chris felt so bad that he was the cause of this. Now he truly knows why I cry with my kids when they hurt.

This is all she does!

Climb! Climb! Climb! All day long!

She had even started climbing before she could walk! I was doomed early!

Can I lock her up until she outgrows this?

I wonder where she learned all this climbing from...Hmmm....

Can you guess?
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