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Thursday, June 28, 2007

We had an okay day

First, I'd like to thank all for their well wishes. Personally I think I have a high tolerance for pain but this last case was too much for me. I am almost totally back to normal with the exception of a little soreness probably from the massage.

Moving along.........

I run a multi-cultural parents group and today we had a playdate. I think it's important for the kids to realize there are other people who look like them so they won't feel different. It's never to early to start either.

Anywho, so this morning we're getting ready for playdate. I'm in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids when I hear, "NO that's my car" I immediately dropped everything and went running but I was already to late. On my way to where they were, Alyssa starts to cry. She's obviously holding on to his car and won't return it. I arrived in time, (they were by the front door) to see him push her so hard and to hear him shout, "that's mine Lyssa, my car"

This is the front door, notice the side windows. Well she fell and hit her forehead on the edge. It was swollen in a couple seconds. There was a straight line across the side of her forehead. I got so sick and was too upset to take a photo but I will tomorrow. I was crying right along with her. Strangely enough she only cried for a short while but I continued on. I scolded Christopher and when he saw how badly Alyssa's forehead was he got scared and started crying too. I managed to get some ice on it and it looked so much better by tonight. One of the moms is a nurse and I expressed my concern about the injury and my fear of brain damage. She told me it was okay and things I could look for that would raise a red flag. Throwing up or her not being herself, her wanting to sleep immediately after, etc.

So there was no TV today and he has lost every single one of his stupid Hotwheel and Matchbox cars. That really hurt him. But I was sure to remind why he was being punished.

We still made it to play date and I am so glad that we did. The kids had a wonderful time and the moms were fabulous.

Did I mention that I moved the kids in together? Alyssa is now in Christopher's room because it's bigger. I am so surprised that it has been working out so well. My main reason was to help him go to sleep better plus now I have 1 less room to clean. Hehehee....

Well he gives trouble at night time but with Alyssa in the room, I can put them both to bed at the same time. This way we have only 1 storytime. They are so different. Even though they slept like angels when they were younger, Alyssa continued that but Mr Christopher is just plain ole' trouble at night. I was tired with the fighting.

I moved them in together last week and I told him that Alyssa was scared to be by herself so she needed her big brother closeby and he understood. Tonight he asks me, "can Lyssa sleep in my bed? She's not scared." So I put her in there and a little later peeped in the room and snapped a photo.

I think it's good for the both of them especially Christopher. The first night I put her in there she cried a little but I was outside the door listening to make sure no disasters took place. I heard him tell her, "It's okay Lyssa, don't be scared" and she was all better. I am so blessed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I've been out of commission for a couple days

Man what a horrible weekend I've had. I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't move my neck and could barely walk. I've been suffering with back pain since the kids came along and have had stiff necks in the past but this was the worst. I was in tears for most of the day.

My husband had gone surfing pretty early so I had to tough it out until he returned. When he came home he attempted to "fix" my aches but it was more pain than I could stand. I needed to get myself some help. Help came in the form of muscle relaxers and a much needed professional massage. There was a huge lump in my neck. So after the Soma kicked in I could actually sleep but man was I on a zombie cloud. I slept away most of Saturday and Sunday morning. I guess I needed that sleep too!

In other news, this was the last time we saw him. It's been week or so but my husband beamed his Mag-lite at the bandit and was gearing up to spray him with the hose when he ran off and never returned. We're still waiting though.

Sunday evening, we showed our faces at Mason's 1 yr birthday celebration. The only reason I dragged my sore neck out of the house was to see how the little guy was doing. Can you believe it? Walking and all! He filled out pretty well.

Here are some of my favourites from our last trip to the Gardens. Click on it, they're really pretty even though they're common plants.

They were a complete mess. I love the middle photo and the sharing photo also
Bunny goes everywhere. Christopher was relaxing after running about

More running. I'll have to share our photos from our day at the beach soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My photographer ~ Christopher

We went to the beach today, but that is not what this is about. I will share those photos maybe tomorrow.

Taken tonight

This is the lowest I have ever cut his hair. It's getting hot, and the hair grows back so fast! I didn't do too bad seeing I had had a little drink before I started. Rough day.

But after I took the picture, he asked for a turn. "My turn mama". I though about this for a quick second, put the strap around his neck and handed him the camera.

I tried to explain to him that when he saw mommy's face on the back, press the button. "This one?", he asked, more times than I could recall.

Yes I'm ashy. Haven't washed off the salty water from the beach yet

He was so excited. Then I got nervous and told him one more.

This was his last shot. Not bad for starters. I have been thinking about getting him one of those kid digital cameras but I don't know if it works well! We do have my old camera, now daddy's, the PowerShot A300 I think but even that I don't want him to break.

Oh and by the way, I asked my wonderful neighbours about the 2 trees in question in the backyard. Yes one's an apple tree and the other he said is cherry tree. "Are you sure it's not Apricot or maybe plums?" , I asked. "No it's cherries, the dark red ones about this size(he shows me with his hands)" Hmmm sounds like plums to me. He says he's seen it when the last owners lived here. We'll see, but he assured me they're edible. I also told him about Mr. Raccoon. Now he realized why Simba, their cat, stares out the back window making strange noises. He said he wasn't aware but warned me they once had Possums that used to keep everyone up with their noise....GREAT!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Backyard Bandit #2 and other things

I am still annoyed about this raccoon situation. Tonight, I will be researching online, ways to keep this pest out of our backyard, if there are any.

Do these look like apples? This is the other mystery tree in the backyard in addition to the so called Kumquat tree.

The plants are doing well since we started watering then daily.

More evidence

I went out to the back today and found my slippers scattered about the grass. I had assumed since daddy was on shift this morning, that he just let the kids go wild and they were playing with them but not so. Upon further inspection you can see what happened.

Just look at my flip flops! Well just the left side. They've been dragged through the dirt and destroyed! At first when I showed big Chris, Christopher falsely owned up and told me he bit them. Yeah, right. There are claw marks all over the slipper. Go ahead click on the first one. And we all know who the culprit is. I am reaching my end. Somebody please tell me what to do. We are not getting a dog so we need other solutions.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Backyard Bandit

Last night I had the fan going downstairs and I was checking my emails. I kept hearing noises. At first I thought it was the blinds hitting against each other but when I got up and turned off the fan the noise continued. I realized it was coming from outside and I had assumed the hose was busted again! But no, this is what I saw in the darkness.

I was mad. Why? because a few days ago, we discovered the pool leaking and I spotted the hole. The hose also mysteriously busted open, the new hose. Now I know why.

You should have seen this thing. I watched him for a while in between photos. No he didn't run off as I flashed away. Instead he put on a show like he bought the toys, hose and pool. He was playing very similar to a cat with a ball of yarn

Rolling on it's back, fighting with the hose. Then swatting the balls which are all deflated right now, even the teeny tiny ones. All the while I blamed Christopher who actually threw it on the cactus and one of the palms with thorns. Sorry Christopher.

And now tonight, I was not disappointed, although it probably was as there was no water to play in. I took up the empty damaged pool and threw it in the garbage. Take a good look. You will see the 2 glowing circles in the tree in the far right corner.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Check out Alyssa's Big Girl Bed

Remember Ms. Daredevil started climbing out of the crib? (see last entry) Well there is no need to climb anymore. How about just step out. Here was Alyssa, earlier.

I had no intentions of heading to the store today but I was running so late for playdate that I decided to skip it entirely, keep going South and head to IKEA. I got some pretty cool things plus I like their prices and that is rare for me to say.

Look at my Princess. I hear her fussing as I type but she has to get accustomed to it. It's funny how excited she was today when I assembled the thing. You should have seen her jump up on the bed and start going around in circles.

The box at the foot of the bed I believe can be used as a writing surface. I'll try it tomorrow. I also got 2 storage boxes that fit under the bed. It's so cool. The room looks so much more organized

Now let me tell you why I love this bed. It's an adjustable Grow-with-you bed = $$$aver. She doesn't have to get another bed until she leaves this house.

Right now it's at it's smallest. The mattress is a 3 piece thing which can also be used at the head and foot of the bed as a bumper. I didn't use them because I was so smart that I didn't buy a sheet set for the child.

But as soon as she becomes accustomed to the idea, I will skip the middle size and move it to twin size. I love it.

I was able to capture her nasty Boo Boo a little better today. Believe or not it looks much better. It's lightening up. it was purple/blue before. These tiled floors are a curse. Atleast in our old place there was carpet to shield such a fall.

Oh my little baby girl

No more crib

Last night was her first night without the rail on the crib. It became pointless to have it on as she got the clever idea to climb out. So rather than risk her hurting herself with her antics (she's been climbing out for the past couple days), we I took the rail off.

Personally I think toddler beds are a scam to get our money since it is basically the same size as a crib, so like we did with Christopher, there will be no official toddler bed here. No Barbie Princess headrails, with fancy schmancy side railing. We are gong to buy her a "big girl" twin sized bed. Besides, I think she needs the room, don't you? Poor thing. Just look at her. Legs hanging off and all.

I also replaced the lock on her door. For some reason the old one wouldn't allow the door to stay closed. So if there was a breeze the door would open. And the last thing I need is for her to be roaming around the house in all hours of the morning. I already dealt with that with Christopher, which thankfully has stopped.

No more Little Gym class

Show week was this week and Tuesday the kids had to put on a show for parents and family to show what they had learned. I was pleased with Christopher as he behaved himself and didn't push any of the other kids. Turns out he was actually listening to the teachers. He is the youngest and the strongest in his class.

We are not going to enroll him for Summer as every Tuesday, instead of me being excited I was nervous and started dreading Gym Class. He started to yell at the teachers and misbehave. Plus we're desperately trying to get him in pre-school. But the waiting lists are ridiculous.

So I give you my little acrobat and his biggest cheerleader sporting a brand new boo boo, Alyssa (check her out in the background of the uneven bars and the balance beam with her pom pom)

The Floor Routine

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The Uneven Bars

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The Balance Beam(poor lighting=poor quality but you can still see)

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And when he had no audience he was flawless!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Does it really have to get worse before it gets better

I am not sure if this means improvement, but after medicine and lime & honey for the throat, the cold is breaking. I think. Only it hurts worse now when I cough and hear it rattling in my chest and throat. Nasty really. I will spare you the details of describing what is coming up when I cough.

My husband called this morning to find out how mommy was doing. Get this, he is almost finished working and will be home soon. He is, for the FIRST time, going to attempt to take both kids to the park so that mommy get rest and get better. He has never taken them both out. We'll see if it actually happens. Then again, he will probably try his best since the house is falling apart without me. Let's just say, "You should see the kitchen" YIKES is right.

Monday, June 04, 2007

More stuff....and some comedy

Superhero sleeps

Remember I was going on about the rug that the boy ruined? Well we decided to get a new one, a cheaper one, get the other one cleaned and roll it up until the kids get a little older. Which is all good and well but it won't work, since there hopefully will be another little one when the kids get older. Someone else to ruin the carpet. The smell was really getting to me.

It's not dirt. Ha! I sprinkled some of that Glade carpet thing and hadn't vacuumed it yet.

More and more I've noticed how easy it is to make Alyssa cry. She sure cries a lot. She's so emotional, this girl. Even though she is the more laid back one. What's going here you ask? Well they were playing with Christopher's trains. Alyssa provokes him sometimes and she likes to put her foot on the track so the train cannot pass.

Christopher was nice about it at first. He said, excuse me Lyssa. Then he gently moved her foot but she put it right back on the tracks. She then grabbed up one of the trains. Then things turned sour. I told them they needed to work it out. Christopher grabs the train from her hand and pushes her then yells, "NO LYSSA, that's my train!"

She in turn, grabbed on to his to toe with her teeth, yes she bit him and held on for quite sometime. Christopher was so shocked he looked at me confused. His mouth was wide open but no noise. Then she let go, got up and started screaming. Just look at that face.

I'm becoming pretty crafty. What you think? I made it from scratch even covered the metal clip

Oh before I forget. I think we have a miniature apple tree in the back yard. If it is, that would be fantastic! I'll have to take some photos for you experts to tell me your opinion.

In other news I am sick. Whatever the boy had I caught it and it hurts. I sure hope he wasn't feeling this bad. Sore throat, aching body, coughing but i don't think I have a fever. But the world doesn't stop when mommy is sick, so I have to go on with my regular routine.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


For weeks now I have been trying to get a shot of the many Hummingbirds that visit us. So yesterday I sat in the back with camera in hand waiting for them. I bought them this lovely gift.

40 minutes later I got this. The quality is poor as I still haven't read the manual for the camera but I think you can still see the bird. I was so happy I called the husband. He didn't share my excitement but that's okay.

I got this one this morning. I hope they tell all their Hummingbird friends so that I could get some great shots when I eventually figure out this camera.

My flowers are doing great. I'll have to take photos of my tomato plants in their early stages. They're doing great as well. I spotted some tiny green tomatoes a few days ago.

Can anyone tell me what these are. The husband said they're Kumquats(sp?) but I am not so sure. The tree is in the backyard loaded with these things.

I've also gotten a new baby. I hope it makes it another week. She seems to be doing okay. I have no idea how to care for an Orchid. So wish me luck
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