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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Funny Christopher and happiness in simple things

We saw a character on TV with the chicken pox.
Christopher: Mama look! Nipples.

Anyway, today I am in housewife heaven. I have been doing laundry for the past week or so it feels. Well I have been too tired to fold them so we, the kids and I, have been living out of 4 laundry baskets that were conveniently placed in the kitchen. Can you imagine the mess. I had to step over one of them just to get some water from the cooler. But the funny thing is when either of us needed a change of clothing, I wouldn't put it in the dirty pile upstairs, I'd just throw it in the washer, so I'd constantly be using from the clean piles and replacing.

I folded all 4 of them this morning at 4:40am before I went to bed. I could no longer look at them. Still I had a load in the dryer and one in the wash.

We had to drive to PB and even though I was trying to get the kids together since 10:30am I wasn't able to leave the house until after 1 pm. Someone switched my baby girl and left some child whom I don't know. I'll write about that some other time. But it took me that long to leave. We drove down to PB. On the way back we made a stop in Poway then we had to go shopping at Henry's. Alyssa was extremely difficult in that shopping cart.

So when I finally made it home, I had a migraine. Oh wait did I mention my allergies have been acting up at full blast! My sinuses oh boy. The last time I was affected so badly was 2 years ago. I am sure our trip to the Flower Fields didn't help. So add that to the mix. I refuse to visit the doctor until my eyes start swelling up and I can no longer wear my contacts.

When I got home, Chris was already there. He knew I had a hard day since we constantly phone each other throughout the day and I'd already told him about his daughter. In fact he had heard her carrying on in the background.

I was in a nasty mood and feeling lousy and I ran outside for some silence. When I came back in he told he was sorry I had such a bad day and mentioned that my clothes were dried. I just looked at him and said nothing. He knew I wasn't going to do anything about those clothes and my honey took both loads and folded them. Panties and all.

They are still downstairs folded neatly on the chair. I have switched fabric softeners and I'm now using
Ultra Downy® Experientials ~ Moonlight Garden and everytime I pass by the clothes I get a whiff. It just makes me so happy. I actually think it's better than their Simple Pleasures Rose & Violet, the one that I was using before. To be honest I couldn't find it anymore. Was it simply sold out or have they pulled it from the shelf?

I loved my husband even more today. He shouldn't and didn't have to do that. He had a longer day than I.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Boy was it warm today

It still is! I'm still tired and I fell asleep on the sofa while the boy ran wild. Luckily he didn't get into any trouble this time. However, he got up before I did this morning and I came downstairs to find the huge carton of goldfish torn open with all it's contents scattered on the floor. I guess he was hungry and wanted a snack.

Someone preferred to just hang around and not get in

Take a look at his underwear. Can you tell he dressed himself

For the whole time, it was jump and splash, kick the ball out, jump out, throw the ball back in and jump back in. Over and over.

I just brought them in from the backyard, if you can even call it that. Well at least we have room for some fun things.

Oh so tired but here are my photos from activities this week

We've had quite the busy week no wonder I feel so drained. I only had one day off which was Monday. Well not off but we stayed home. Tuesday was gym class then straight to the park. Wednesday was Strawberry picking. Christopher was so into this and my greedy daughter ate strawberries from the time we got there until we left. Thursday was the Flower Fields.

Strawberries as far as the eye can see

Christopher got down to business immediately

While our dear Alyssa ate as we picked

After the picking we passed to purchase some Giant Tecolote Ranunculus which came from the flower fields, even though we would be visiting the following day.

He was so proud and as you can see, like I said Alyssa never stopped eating

We got too many but we can always share. Look at her mouth, evidence of her greediness and I think we'll go back next week

Thursday, as mentioned, we were at it again. We got to the Flower Fields and boy was it a wonderful experience. I cannot believe I've lived in SD so long and have never visited this place. Thank goodness for these kids because I really went for them. I took so many photos so I will bore you with most of them.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers
They were giving the bigger kids a Stamp Passport. There were 8 stations and you had to walk the fields to find the stamp and match them on your passport. we got all 8. There is is his completed passport and the flowers we purchased.

Alyssa wasn't too happy about sitting there but Christopher was

Still hunting for stamps so up the hill we went or according to Christopher, up the mountain.

We even made a friend


A close-up of what she was painting

Someone fell. I wonder what people were thinking of me as I snapped the photo before I ran over to help her up?

Down the hill we went to the Sweet Pea maze. You should have smelled this little flowers

Clearly we were lost so we cheated and exited the way we came in

The Poinsettias
The roses were nearing their end but they still smelled as sweet as ever
Then came the Cacti

Okay, so I was wrong to even put her there. She was so afraid of the plant

Entrance to the Artist Garden

A pretty flower amongst the pretty flowers

Yes that is a chicken in that 1st photo and Alyssa was trying to touch it

The Artist Garden Exit

Oh so pretty

Time to go. Someone had had enough

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