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Friday, March 30, 2007

Say it IS so!!

I never win anything. Well that's not entirely true I've won small things but if I won this I promise I will use it everyday. (Toes & fingers crossed) Do you think they would fall for a bribe? Maybe if I send them a really sad story my chances of winning will be increased.

Something like this:
The vaccuum I currently have does not work on tile. I must be stupid crazy because everytime I use it I think it will miraculously start picking up the dust balls and stray goldfish that's been thrown across the floor. It has caused me much grief. After I vaccuum the rug, I still have to get the broom to do the tiles. Either that or the Swiffer. Nonsense. Not to mention a waste of time. Precious time that I could be spending with my family. I won't tell you of the injury my 2 ton vacuum has caused to my back. This ofcourse would not have happened had we been able to afford this light weight Dyson.

So how am I doing?

Okay, you've probably already heard of the contest but if you haven't please run on over here to enter the giveaway. Are you ready? It's for a Dyson Slim Vaccuum no kidding.

Yet another (sour) trip to Legoland

...only this time, this past Wednesday, the fun was cut short by a monster tantrum. We hadn't had one of these in quite some time.

Before we left home Christopher asked me for medicine. He says, "Mama, I'm sick...medicine." I believed him because he had a runny nose earlier in the morning although he just asks for it because he says it tastes like candy.

So I give him the medicine and off we went. Big mistake and that was totally my fault. On the bottle clearly states may cause drowsiness but it may also cause excitability. In the past it's been the latter. So I guess I knew I was taking a chance.

We hit the little boat first after waiting in a semi-long line. Again another spring break day and it was so crowded. I then decided I would let him have a go at the cars. It's for kids 3 - 5. They must know how the steer and push the pedal. I figured he would figure it out as soon as he got in the thing.

Well we never made it that far because the monster came out of him while we were in line. He threw himself on the floor and started screaming. I was very calm and tried to talk to him. He kept saying, "Go drive cars NOW!" I explained to him that there were people before us and we had to wait. That didn't work and I told him that if he didn't stop behaving badly we would go home.

He stopped for a few seconds that it started all over again. I meant what I said and kindly asked those in the back of me to let me pass. He screamed all the way to the car and threw himself on the ground several times.

Then he said he was tired. Yes the medicine had actually caused him to become extremely drowsy and irritable. He couldn't tolerate a wait in the line nor would he do as I say.

He fell asleep on the ride home along with Ms. Alyssa.

That's the last time I'll do that!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh I could just cry!

Our old camera just came back from repair today. I am impressed with the folks at Canon. It stopped working some time mid last year so I visited the website only on the 8 th of this month to see about sending it for repair. What prompted this you ask? The husband was talking about buying one for himself and I just couldn't allow him to spend the money. Cameras cost too much these days.

Anyway so I visit the site and I see a note to consumers of certain models. Apparently there was a malfunction with the
CCD Image Sensor and an advisory was posted. I emailed them and things were taken care of in a matter of minutes. 24 hours later a prepaid UPS labelled was emailed to me. It took my lazy self a whole week and some days to mail the thing back and today it arrived via FedEx. Our Canon Powershot A300 is working again. I haven't even told the husband we got it back. I decided to check to see what the internal memory had stored and it took me back.

Look at that baby face even though it's not a happy face. I can't believe how much he has grown.

I lost a lot of sleep when she came along. Not because she was a fussy baby but for the first couple of months I watched her sleep to make sure she was breathing. You know, SIDS. Since she was born she never slept on her back as they recommend. She simply refused to. Seems like she had developed her own little habits before joining us, including the finger sucking which she still does.

I want my babies back

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A remodelled fish tank

So the big Oscar fishy died and "I" was the one who was left to clean that filthy tank. Mind you this was supposed to be my husband's project. When we purchased the tank, those famous words of, "I'll take care of it" were spoken by him. I should have known better.

I cleaned it some time last week and Chris bought a couple test fishes to make sure the water was correctly balanced. A few days later, the fish were still alive so we were good to go.

Sunday morning I took Christopher to Petco, I actually prefer Petsmart but the closer store had to do. We started to stock the tank.

You probably can't even see the little fishes we bought. I prefer to buy them small and watch then grow. Which is what I had done with the Oscar. When I bought him he was probably 1 1/2". When he left us 10 yrs later, he was almost 12" . He had a full life. I believe their life expectancy is somewhere between 10 and 12 yrs.

So the husband had mentioned those frogs that he had seen at the fish store. Then Christopher got so excited when he saw froggie at the store. I can't believe I did this but yes, I did. If you look closely in these 3 last photos you should be able to see the small thing.

We'll keep adding fishies every week. Hopefully they'll have a long happy life like the fishies in our smaller tank. They've been around for many years and have survived 3 moves. Such troopers!

UPDATE: Froggie is nowhere to be found. I am a little concerned.

The wind is crazy here causing something to rattle in the chimney. I love it! I am going to make a cup of tea, bundle up and head out back to enjoy these high winds.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Today at WAP

I wanted to take everyone along for the ride so I started the picture taking even before we arrived. Dangerous i know and shame on me but if it makes me look any better, I didn't take my eyes off the road while snapping away which is why some of the photos look like they do.

Christopher wanted to go see the animals today so that is what we did. As I mentioned before we are using the stroller less and less and to guarantee that I stuck to it I removed the stroller from the back and left it in the garage, just in case I was tempted. Sometimes Christopher would act up when he's tired. Knowing I have the stroller and knowing there is a small possibility that I will carry Alyssa and put him in it, he tends to misbehave. But not today.

So join me in my trip please and forgive me for the lousy, bad quality shots.

There is a lot of land out there in Escondido as you can see.
It was overcast for the most part which is one reason I didn't complain when the boy asked to see the animals.
Some of you know how bad it can get when the sun is out, right Carrie? Remember our brave visit last summer. Yikes, never again.
Once it gets warm we will purposely avoid going there. I'm not sure how the boy will handle that.
I wanted to pull over to take a better shot of the Ostrich but someone was riding my bumper so I did the best I could. Large signs are outside this place advertising Ostrich eggs for sale. I could never eat them, but I wonder how they taste. Any different to chicken eggs? And I don't even like chicken eggs.

Once we drove in the parking lot I realized this trip may have been a mistake. Two words...Spring Break! Parking was impossible and after circling for a few minutes I decided to do what was best for the kids (since there was no stroller) even though it may be considered lazy. Yes, we opted for the Preferred Parking, an additional $5.00 on top of the $6.00, we only have the regular pass. But it guaranteed us a closer spot so we did it.

As soon as we entered, the boy made his request for a carousel ride.

We saw this Ibis, I think that's what it is, on the way there. Alyssa was in awe. I guess things look different when you're walking and not being rolled around.

Not sure what plant this is but it was so beautiful I had to take a photo
So on to the carousel we went. Alyssa was so scared I barely managed to let her go to take this photo
Christopher was fine of course although his face still changes when we ride it. He still isn't sure whether he enjoys it or if he is scared. Maybe both!
I don't really enjoy riding it because it make me feel sick

When we were finished we walked around in circles looking for the Railway. Since we would all get a chance to sit for a while I figured we would all enjoy it but after walking for quite some time I spotted the sign saying the Railway in no longer. Now there was something else, the new Journey Into Africa Tour, that was not free. $10.00 for mommy and $5.00 per child so we walked on by. We passed the Pudu who was ever so shy and hid behind his/her wooden log

There was the Monitor. Christopher was not too thrilled to see it. This was taken the second time we passed it and only then was he okay looking at it.
I think the Porcupine was sick and being nursed back to health. He's the one on the left :-)

Now this is really why we came to the Park.
He wanted to feed the animals
I know they are all tamed but they always look so sad. They just laze around and eat. Many of them refused food from Christopher. I am sure they were just stuffed to their necks. I wonder if they get out to run?
We didn't stay too long. He was sad to leave them and actually cried a bit, then said his goodbyes. I promised him that we will be back soon. I am hoping we'll return for the first day of their Butterfly exhibition on the 31st. When is that? Friday? Oh no, Saturday? Maybe daddy will be off and we can drag him along. That ought to be neat.

He was ready to see some monkeys. I tried to correct him, they were actually Gorillas. He said yes, monkeys. Okay.

She just loved to be out of the stroller and walking.
Notice the bucket in his hand. He suckered me into buying him a Kid's Meal. Actually it was more like a bribe. He was tired and started whining so I did the best I could and bribed him. It worked.
For $6.99, he got a huge hot dog (we threw the frank away and Alyssa ate the bun), a small bag of animal crackers/cookies, a box of raisins, a small bag of chips and a drink in their special animal themed kid cup.I guess that wasn't too bad but you know how cheap I am. I travelled lightly today and it was my fault it came to this. I made sure or thought I made sure their tummies were filled before we left home. I had my hand bag with 2 diapers and a few wipes, my wallet and keys. That was it.I let them play in here for a little. Alyssa was smarter than he anticipated. He expected her to follow him around and through the log but instead she kept running inside, back and forth, from one end to the other. That's my girl!

We were off to see the monkeys GorillasApparently Alyssa was excited to see them too! She took off running.

We spotted some kind of bird nest. I seemed to have missed the sign and didn't know what type of birds they were.
He looked like the boss and just sat there watching everything that was taking place

Including these 2. They were chasing each other for quite some time.
Christopher said to me, "Look mama, they're friends!"

We'll I had looked away for a second to make sure Alyssa was not climbing under the wooden barricade and when I looked back this is what I saw. The frisky things.
What could I say? I told him that they were friends. He then told me that they were sleeping. Everyone around seemed to be embarrassed. I heard 1 guy say to his friend, "No! I'm not going to record that!" I felt privileged for some reason, and changed camera modes immediately and set it to record. I really wanted to share it here but then when I looked at the short clip at home it seemed X-rated.

After our brief Zoo Porn we were on our way out. Birdies were relaxing all over the placeEven Mr. Pelican
On our walk to the exit there were ducks everywhere! Here....
and here.....
Tiredness was starting to settle in. She was no longer running.
We got to see one of his favourites, the Flamingos. I must say the smell was horrible.

Isn't this beautiful? I love it

More beauty!
Poor thing, her feet were dragging now and I had to carry her at this point
We were heading out the park
See you soon...Bye Bye!
I couldn't believe I actually got the cows
And a decent one to boot

Alyssa was already asleep a few minutes after we left. I put her down for a "nap" once we got home at around 4pm and well, she hasn't gotten up yet. So I expect her to be up any minute now because my baby should be hungry. Maybe...
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