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Monday, February 26, 2007

Apparently I have a problem

Well...still no doctor. I bought the husband some Icy hot for the ankle and he said it made it feel a little better. We dragged him to the park today so that the boy could get rid of some of his bottled energy but now the ankle that he should have been resting is hurting more than ever. The poor thing, Christopher that is, has been cooped up in the house for a few days. I mean I took him out with me but it was just to the grocery store so that didn't count.

Before we left home today I took a look at the ankle and it has now taken on a green colour. Now I know that can't be good. Is it possible for an infection of some sort to set in even though there is no broken skin?

This evening the husband had a talk with me. I felt like such a kid. Turns out he's been checking the bottle as I have been drinking more than usual. My excuse? It's just that the boy had become a huge handful since he's been home and I have been taking many sips throughout the day to keep my nerves at ease and big sips at that. Not good I know. He thinks I should slow down. So I acknowledged his concern and had to agree that I need to stop putting the bottle to my head so often. So starting today I will try to drink only on weekends. I am sure once he gets back to work this won't be an issue but one can never be too sure.

Nothing exciting. Alyssa has come out of her shyness a bit and when I took her shopping with me a couple days ago, she waved and said "hi" to everyone she saw. Holding babbling conversations with these women. She brought a smile to so many people's faces that it made me extra happy.

I still haven't come completely out of this funk but I am getting there.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good or Bad idea

Possible relocation to this place. No, no not me but my brother, Michael.

My mom is not taking this too well. When Michael shared his grand idea with her she did not have a wink of sleep that night. His wife is not happy with his possible choice but doesn't want to tell him exactly how she feels (he's lucky he's not married to someone like me) Before this, it was Canada. Up until Christmas it was Canada. What in the world happened?

My mom asks the wife how she felt about this possible move and there was silence. Then she went on to tell my mom why Michael wants to move there and how it will only be 3 years and blah, blah, blah........ Well that's good and all but what about you? Hello, you do have a say woman, you're his wife and you guys have a child! If my brother were single and childless, I know him, he would have moved already.

So I spoke with him and here is his reasoning. It's all for his daughter. Translation, it's for the money. He tells me, when it's time for her to go to school, I don't want to tell her she cannot go to so and so because we can't afford it. Okay, well let's hope that you make enough money so that you can say yes to the second child that you guys are planning on having okay?

The Booboo'ed foot

I was trying to get a decent photo so you could see the difference in size of the 2 feet but while I was snapping he complained it was hurting. He had just hobbled his way downstairs and was sweating due to the pain he was in. So still no sign of him changing his mind on the doctor visit so he has self-diagnosed his injury as a bad sprain.

I think he put the bandage to tight though. You can see the wrapping marks. He said he felt like his circulation was a bit cut off. Oh great!

You can see the swelling a little bit here. I mentioned to him again today that he should go to the doctor. "Oh I know what they're going to tell me", he says. Okay Doctor Chris.

I think this is the best one. As you can see it's bruised

Well, I think it looks a lot better today. The same night he came home it was more discolored that today. Shall I take that as good news?

And me? Well the morning could have been better but hell I woke up right? I hate going through these funks. It didn't stop me from doing my exercise routine thank goodness. I mean business this time and instead of skipping a day like I did when the machine first arrived I am now doing it daily.

I upped the resistance and incline last night and got a real good sweat and it made me feel better although my knees started acting up. That's about it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's time for me to do some complaining

I don't mean to sound bitchy or ungrateful but I am tired and sick. It's been a hard few days especially last night. I barely got any sleep, maybe 1 hour total. The kids colds came back and the husband..well the husband is on one foot.

As soon as I settled down to try to relax my phone rings. It's the husband calling from upstairs. Can you bring me blah, blah, blah....Now it's not his fault that he has a busted ankle and I feel rotten for whining but I must. It will make me feel better. I had to help him get to the bathroom. He saw the look on my face and once he was back in bed he tells me I would make a lousy nurse. This of course was after he spent quite sometime having me adjust the pillow under the foot and the ice packs.

Geez....well excuse me, I was tired, still am, the kids are sick and I need a break! I've not been getting enough sleep. I am entitled to not look happy. Which is why my face was all twisted and full of impatience. I just wanted to sit down.

Today I spent the earlier part of the morning driving here there and everywhere looking for his crutches. Everyone was out of them. Was there some mass leg injury thing that I hadn't heard about? Finally I scored at Walgreen's and to be honest that was going to be my last stop. I only had Christopher and he was quite the trooper getting in and out the vehicle as we failed at store after store. I had already made up my mind to pay whatever it costs at Walgreen's since his employer would be paying us back anyway.

Now this evening, he ran his errands but with crutches in truck, ended up at a buddies house. Now normally I wouldn't have minded. He works very hard and needed a break regardless of how it came, but he didn't get home until late and I thought that was selfish on his part. He knew I hadn't had sleep because he jumped me out of my few minutes I had when the boy started crying. I managed to put him back to bed but then it was Alyssa, then back to the boy's room because he now wants to get up at 7 flicking 30.

Everyone was asking me to do this, that and the other and I threw my hands up and just stopped in the kitchen. Not by choice mind you.

He asks me what's wrong and it was only then I told him of the migraine I've been dealing with for the past few days. Did I mention I was 15 minutes late taking the boy to his gym class because I was driving to the end of the earth for his crutches? I am sick and have been dealing, quietly, with flu-like symptoms for quite sometime. Who am I going to complain to and who is going to baby me and take care of me?

I couldn't do anymore. I let the boy scream because he doesn't like daddy to fetch him anything. He was asking me for juice and couldn't find the cups. Daddy was getting it for him and he threw a fit. I ignored it and I turned off the TV. I just couldn't function so I blanked everyone out. The slightest noise was so amplified that I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. I think daddy felt bad and told the boy he could watch TV upstairs in our room and off they went. Not another word to the grumpy mommy. They are now, sleeping. No room for mommy in the bed and you know what I don't care. I will sleep on this comfy sofa, have a little too much to drink and I will get my peace and quiet damnit.

When I signed up for this job as wife and mother, I didn't read the fine print. Any other day I could handle this but for now I am on strike. Oh wait, there's more might I also mention that Alyssa fell and busted her lip today too? Only it's not as bad as the boy's and her booboo is more on the inside of the lip.

Argh, I quit!

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn

No, no pictures yet and no he refuses to go to the doctor so I give up. I don't know what is wrong with this man. Instead he is now on crutches and all wrapped up. I have to take a picture when he gets home.

He went in to work today to show the boss his "booboo". He called him right when it happened but I didn't think they knew how bad it was. For some reason, the boss and my husband think he will be back to work on Monday. Yeah...okay.

I don't know how he even managed to drive the truck when it's the same foot he has to use for the clutch. But you know, I guess if he were losing blood he would still have left to run his errands. No injury is too great to not go for a case of beers.

Christopher, Alyssa and myself still made it to the Little Gym and lucky for us he still loves it. I actually signed him up for Parent's Survival Night next Saturday. 4 whole hours he gets to do lord knows what at that place. I can't wait. It's great for him to be away from mommy for a few hours. I wonder what Chris, Alyssa and I will do?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A not so good day

but atleast I can say that I cooked a darn good meal today. I knew it came out well because it was prepared with love and never once did I utter a foul word while I cooked. I made vegetable fried rice, sauteed mushrooms and Jerk Red Snapper. I was so proud of me. It's been a while. I was happy and excited, until the phone rang. It was big Chris. I asked him if he was finished working yet. No. He left at 4am this morning. He didn't get home until after 9 pm. Talk about a long day.

Anyway, he called to tell me he thinks he may have broken his ankle (photos coming tomorrow). Just like that. "I wonder if I will be able to go skiing still?" Is he nuts? "Do you think they will let me change the date of the flight to 3 weeks later?" Craziness! He's going skiing in March with his buddies that he grew up with. They're in Colorado. I was actually so excited for him and encouraged him to go. He on the other hand had hesitated because when it comes to himself he hates spending money.

Well, anyway, I looked at the foot when he came home and it looked bad. I couldn't even see his ankle, the swelling was so bad. It's on the left foot this time. I am thinking a bad sprain but whatever it is, there will be no work for quite sometime, weeks. Why he won't go to urgent care or I guess the ER, doesn't urgent care close early, it's beyond me. He cannot walk on the foot and it was swollen pretty badly. When I tucked him in bed a few minutes ago it was beginning to turn purple~ish blue. So I did the whole elevation, ice pack business. We'll see how it goes.

He tells me before I leave the room, I hate being like this. So I am thinking he hates being all laid up in the bed, helpless. Then he says, "I'm missing work". Aye ya yaye! Believe me mister they will stay afloat without you.

I am not going in the bed tonight. I am afraid I will kick or roll on the ankle.

Earlier today, Christopher was practicing his gym moves. He's so excited about the Little Gym. Well he had one hand on the back of the chair and one on the end table and he was swinging away. I smelled disaster and I yelled at him to stop doing that. Before I could fully look away, all I heard was a loud, "Boop".

He had fallen in between the 2 pieces of furniture and he started crying, no screaming. I immediately grew concerned because usually when he falls there are no screams. He's pretty tough. But this time there was blood and lots of it.

He ran over to me and asked me for a hug and for the next few hours we sat on the sofa together. He sat on my lap and I hugged him. I enjoyed this time with him even though it was a result of him getting a little hurt.

When I put him to bed it looked so much worse then these photos. He didn't even want me to take a picture and I saw him looking at it in the mirror. I felt so bad, I kept telling him for the whole day how brave he was because that was a really bad boo boo.

Can anyone tell me......

Exactly what is she looking for?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

They're so cute together...

Atleast when they're not fighting.

Always remember

to share,
stay close,
play together,
and work together

Friday, February 16, 2007

These crazy drivers

In her full Valentine's Day gear

So we had a playdate earlier in the day on Valentine's Day. On my way home, I ducked through here, there and everywhere because it was traffic time and I was trying to avoid it.

How come most of my photos have laundry in the background?

In front of me there was this car. Now remember a while back I wrote about how I observed drivers while I was at stop sign and how only one person I saw was doing nothing else but driving? Everyone else was either reading, on the phone, doing their hair, doing their make-up, eating or something else. It's madness I tell you and down right dangerous out there.

Today at the park

Well there is this car in front of me. I knew he was doing something because when the car in front of him pulled off he had us all waiting. His head was down reading or something. My NY attitude didn't surface and I didn't honk at him. Instead I just waited. I had whole afternoon I guess. Up ahead was a traffic light which we both passed and it was then I heard a loud crash.

We had bubbles everywhere

Christopher got so scared. That's how loud it was. Thank God I was paying attention because I quickly looked over my shoulder to the right, I was in the left lane, saw no cars immediately to the side of me and I had enough time to swerve from hitting this man. I never ride people's bumper but he crashed so quickly I had to get out the way.

It was up the stairs, down the slide for most of the time we spent at the park

He hit a mini-van, similar to mine and all I could do was hope that there were no kids in the back seat. His airbag deployed and I as I passed them I saw the driver of the van come out immediately which led me to believe the 2 back rows were empty and she had no kids to worry about at the moment.

Then she'd applaud herself

Christopher says, "Mama becareful" I said I know, that is why mommy cannot get things for you when she is driving. Mommy has to keep her eyes on the road. Otherwise we may have a big crash too. "Okay mama" Yeah we'll see.

I wonder what this idiot was going to say. "Uhmm...geez ma'am I am so sorry I didn't see you at a standstill. I was reading this book and couldn't put it down. Blame it on those damn authors." He was clearly shaken up as he didn't come out his car. When I passed he was just sitting there. I was so angry that he didn't have the sense to pay attention. I hope he had insurance. Now he caused a big back-up but thankfully I was ahead of it now and most of all not involved.


Still had time to say cheese

We had a wonderful night on Wednesday. The kids went to bed without any trouble and they went to bed early too. I am not really into the whole Valentine's Day thing because my husband is special to me everyday. I let him know this a lot too although I should try to do that more often. And thanks Andie D. for giving me permission to steal your poem. Turns out I didn't need it. I gave him something else. *wink*wink*

We spoke about old times and played that, "Remember when..." game. Oh the memories both bad and good. We've come such a long way in every sense.

She ofcourse was busy as ever for the whole 2 hours we were there

We spoke about our future and our plans to have a 3rd. There was talk of a fourth. I told him well if that happens then one of us will be getting fixed. He laughs. He's telling me now how he thinks it would be great for the kids, to have another one. It was so funny to hear this coming from him seeing that he wasn't completely on board with me on this a few months ago. This is someonw who would not be considered the "daddy" type by anyone he knows. Heck he put me on the phone once to talk to one of his old buddies because he didn't even believe he was married!

I also tried convincing him how wonderful it is to be pregnant. He in turn screwed up his face, telling me "Ah, I'm not sure about that, not after what I saw in the labour room." We always joke about this and he would say, "Yeah, she went snip, snip.." (I had an episiotomy with my son, I am positive it was due to his huge head)

And talking about huge heads, my son is only 3. Do you know what size helmet I had to buy for him? That helmet he is wearing is a big kids' helemt. Big kid meaning 8 - 14 yr old. Let's pray that it's full of brains.

He loves pushing Alyssa in the swing

Anyway, we had a lovely talk about everything and what wonderful kids we have. We're so blessed. Who would have thought? Us. We were the same ones who saw parents in the grocery stores having trouble with their kids and in unison would say, "never us" Neither of us wanted kids, when we were dating. Thank God that changed. I can't imagine life without them or the husband. I'd be so empty. Regardless of how much they get on my nerves sometimes. I feel like I am the luckiest girl. I mean we all need someone like my son, who will tell you like it is. You know what he told me yesterday? Here's the conversation:

HIM : Mama?
ME : yes sweetie
HIM : Mama? Can I smell?
ME : At this point I looked at him and asked, Smell what?
HIM : Smell your arms
ME : What? Why?
HIM : Smell your arms mama
ME : He raised up my hand and sniffed. "Smell stinky mama"
HIM : Okay in my defense, I had been on the elliptical earlier and hadn't taken my shower yet.

My inspector did the same thing tonight, but lucky for me I passed. "Mmmm.....smell good mama"

ME : What will I do without you, honey? Nothing!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh I feel so naughty !

The husband was off work today so I took it upon myself to have some "me" time. I ran some errands. My last stop was Home Depot. Earlier in the day we all went to Ikea to buy Christopher his own bookshelf but since it was on clearance and already assembled, we got no hardware to secure it to the wall so that it doesn't topple on him.

I was dressed nicely this evening and I even combed my hair. Hehehehe.... maybe that's why these men were giving me the "eye". Yes and you've probably guessed it, I did wear one of those "cleavage" tops that scored me extra savings at CVS a short while ago. So I walk in and immediately this tall man asked if he could help me with anything. I didn't even have a chance to help myself! Well okay.

I explained to him I needed something to secure a bookshelf to the wall. He directed me to the back of the store after I told him it was okay. "Just point me in the direction, you don't have to leave the counter". I did tell him that very nicely though. All the while he was flirting with me. Well I smiled back. I'm not rude, normally. But it was so weird. Do I sound like a teenager? I did however make sure I fixed some stray grains of hair that was falling in my face with my left hand so that he could see my ring. He should get a ticket or a fine or something for flirting with a married woman. Anyway, I didn't want him to get any ideas.

I have a thing for elephants

Off to the back of the store I went but I could not find what I was looking for. So now I truly needed help. I asked a lady to help me. She in turn loaned me her coworker, a young guy, who found some brackets for me. While I had him I made sure he helped me find some hooks and screws for the child gate (I knew where those were), then I asked him to direct me to the bathroom/shower aisle. We are in serious need of a new knob for the shower in the kids bathroom. It keeps falling off as the screw that held it on decided to take a swim down the drain.

I think it's a boy elephant..hahaha

I honestly tried to find what I needed but there were so many things in the aisle that I became somewhat overwhelmed. I aksed for help. I got an older gentleman this time. No flirting here. We looked and looked and I saw nothing that resembled the knob. He suggested that I'd better bring the broken knob in. I'll have to go back with it!

Now to pay for my goods and this is where I had some comedy. There were 2 checkout lanes opened, no line though. But it was not on the end of the store where I was parked. I pushed my luck. Well did I really? That tall gentleman who wanted to escort me to the back of the store when I first entered, spotted me. He asked me if I found what I was looking for. I told him yes and thanked him. There were 2 of them in that direction and I asked them if I had to use the checkout over there, way at the end of the store. It was sort of funny because we all had to yell since I wasn't very close.

I love elephants

The tall one yelled out, "no you don't have to go over there, I can help you here". The other gentleman, only about 1 second behind said he could help me too but he could only take cash. Now the funny thing is both registers were closed and I knew that, which is why I thought I was pushing my luck.

I wanted to burst out laughing. You should have seen these 2 men acting like teenagers. So I opted to pay cash which could have been a problem since I rarely have any in the wallet. It only came to $2.42. I jokingly asked him if I needed exact change and he laughed and said yes. Great! Well I was short and was frantically searching through the wallet very well knowing I didn't have anymore change, when he reached in his pocket and made up the difference. Was I going to have to do him a favour too? Just kidding....

I thanked him and was heading out the door. I thanked the tall gentleman for his help too but his tone had changed drastically from a few minutes before. These men. Shame on me for not letting him ring me up. Whatever!

Now I have to confess. I was flattered by all the attention I was getting. It just seemed so strange since I am married and have my babies. I hardly ever pay attention to things like this unless it is in my face, you know. When I came home I told my husband who said to me, "Yeah sweets, I told you, you really looked nice today" Thanks babe. What a guy.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Farewell friends

How good do you think a 3 yr old's memory is? I think it's great for certain things like where mommy hid the candy but how about with people? They've become good friends but sadly his friend is leaving next week and this was their last playdate together at the WAP.

I was extra sad! Probably because I felt the sadness that he would have felt if he understood his buddy was leaving.

It was so nice meeting you guys.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Call the Dr., the nurse brought the maid's elbow AGAIN!

What a face! We had just arrived

We were at the Wild Animal Park when this happened, again. I wonder if this is something she will outgrow because I cannot stand to see my baby in pain. This time, I thought I was saving her from falling in the mud where you wash your hands after exiting the petting zoo. Little did I know it would bring our outing to an end.

This time there was no guessing about what happened because I felt the pop as I held her hand. Then the crying started. We had to leave. It was a double sad moment because we really wanted to hang out with our friends who are leaving next week. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I had been extra careful with her arm, thinking that she was the most delicate thing on this planet. Dressing her became difficult because I would try my best not to dress her when she was fussing. I didn't want this to happen again.

Anyway, I called the doctor's office right away and we were off. Thanks for helping us to the car Carrie! No questions about what was wrong with her arm this time. I knew exactly which term to use. On our way there she fell asleep but she would wake up crying when I'd hit a bump or when she shifted in her seat.

It took us about 40 minutes to get there. We were seen immediately and her doctor assured me that he deals with this a lot. I told him how concerned I was and asked him how come this started happening all of a sudden. And what's worse is this time, all her weight was not supported by the arm that I was holding. So what am I to do? He told me, "well she's getting heavier" which explained why it was happening now and not before. I guess she is one of those who are prone to this. Lucky me, but I shouldn't complain because it could be something much worse and more serious.

He held her little arm and this time I saw it being twisted a bit and my baby screamed and screamed and screamed. He let me calm her down before he spoke. "I think I fixed it. But it didn't want to pop back in place." He sat with me talking for a while waiting for her to calm down. But she didn't. I informed him that when I took her in the ER for this, she immediately started using the arm. "Why isn't she moving it now?' I asked. He tells me to give her some time. He gave her some Motrin since there might be soreness. Oh, my poor baby.

I love her pants, her brother saw it and said, "Pants for Lyssa!"

He then told me to take her outside and wait for a few minutes while the Motrin set in. We sat by a water fountain which was very calming. She liked it. I gave her some blueberries. She loves blueberries. She ate them but she cried in between mouthfuls. After snack time I went back in and she fussed for the few minutes before she was seen again.

She got brave this time and actually touched a few of them

I think he heard her in the back because he came out himself in the waiting room and called us in. He knew it was not fixed, although she did move it as I picked up. He tried again and said he felt another pop so that was it. She was still crying and I am sure her little arm was indeed sore. But she was moving it. "Bring her back tomorrow if she isn't using it like normal", he told us.

I think we'll go back next week

We got home, she took a nap and was back to her old fun, greedy self. I wonder how many times this is going to happen? The doctor told me one mom was in there 17 times for this with her child. I do not want my daughter to go through that. But what can I do? So that was the earlier part of my day. Not very fun at the end.

And to top it all off I was peed on today. No, no...not some sick sexual fantasy that came true. My son, apparently had it out for me and his sister. I told you something was brewing. First he stood up in the tub at bath time, aimed his business at the girl and let it flow. Right on her back. I asked him, "What are you doing?" he laughs.

Now tonight when it was bed time he asked for a diaper, which means he wants to go poop. I took him in "daddy's" potty hoping for a miracle. Instead he kicked me in the chest as he carried on while I asked him to go poop in the potty. I pleaded with him. Please try. He said "Nooooooooo. diaper mama" I asked him one more time and it was then I felt something warm on my chest. Nasty boy. I guess it could have been worse he could have gotten me in the face. What else must we as parents put up with? Don't answer that.
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