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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


is my husband's 41st birthday. Whew when I write that I feel pretty young! But first, yes, you've guessed it. We had another tantrum episode. I think we can average them down to "2 photo" tantrums before he quits his nonsense and says cheese. Today I told him I was taking the photo to send to grandma to which he shouted, "NOOOOOOO!" "Then stop it", I said.

I sent him on timeout and he didn't like it one bit.

I have to tell you what led to this.

He was jumping like a madman on the sofa, ottoman and the chair. Rolling and tumbling. Back and forth he jumped
ME : Christopher stop jumping on the furniture
HIM : Sorry Mama
Yet he continues to do it
ME : Christopher do not jump on the sofa.
HIM : Sorry Mama
ME : Didn't daddy tell you not to do that?
HIM : Yes mama
He continues to do it and I think I gave him enough chances
ME : Christopher what did I just tell you? If I have to repeat myself again that's it Mr.
He sits on the sofa. His cheeks are red, he is so worked up. He starts back again. What am I a joke? I don't even warn him this time. The TV comes off and I tell him to march upstairs.

After I told him I would send the photo to grandma, he ran downstairs


Cheese! and that was that.

Ok like I said, today is the husband's birthday and it rained just for him, so his job cancelled! He was excited! I mean what are the chances of it raining on his birthday? Yesterday it rained and they made him work in the mud. It was a messy affair. He was quite the sight when he came home. I hope he doesn't get sick. His boots were soaked.

We went to lunch. Grandpa drove from Irvine to meet us. Before lunch we stopped at the mall. He was shopping for his present for himself. He wanted tools and tools is what he got. You should have seen these 2 men in the tools section at Sears. It was a sight. They were both so excited. He bought himself some close ended wrench set that, to me, was way over priced. "It's Craftsman", he said. Yeah whatever! His dad bought him a tool bench. Is that what they're called? Maybe cabinet may be more appropriate. Oh I just checked, it's a Craftsman tool center. The big ones with wheels and locks on them, because God forbid I try to break in there for a screwdriver.

We also got something for me. So goodbye 24 hour fitness. The monthly fees were a gift to them from us. I couldn't go regularly. 10 months this went on for. No more, we both agreed. So this was the present before I got to work on assembling it. It had less screws and pieces than that stupid desk so I was positive I could handle it.

But sadly I got this far and when I turned that back wheel something was rubbing on the inside. It's supposed to be really quiet and since this thing costed way too much money, it has to go back. Hopefully they have more in stock. I saw a scratchy mark on the wheel, like it got damaged in packaging. So Bill at Sears, we'll be calling you tomorrow and this baby's coming back.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Another tantrum!

Just look at that face. I bet you can actually hear the screams that came from that mouth

But it was much shorter this time. So short I only got 1 photo. Maybe I'm on to something here. Why do I feel so bad taking photos of him when he is ill-behaved?

You would think I didn't have anything better to write about. But I do! In fact I have some posts already drafted just waiting to be published but I just HAD to share this with everyone.

Then he was all better. I am not sure why he chose to cover with his rug but who knows what's going on in that almost-3 yr old head.

How could I have forgotten!

Spots apparently ran away today. Christopher broke off his tail last week and maybe he had had enough of the abuse. But seriously I have no clue where the cow has gone. He had him whole evening and when it was time for bed he was nowhere to be found. I made sure to take him with me when I looked for Spots so he will know I was not telling him tales.

We looked and looked, then I told him Spots is lost. He sighed a bit then he said, "Spots in the garbage?" I told him no he is gone, we don't know where he is but we will try to find him tomorrow and that was acceptable.

He went to bed and hugged Spot #2. He is the backup that we got for him about 1 yr ago.
We've made it our business to put Spots # 2 in the bed with him everynight so he can bond with it also just in case something like this happened. Can he give up Spots, the original, so easily?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tantrum Stopper??

Chris sent me out to have some "me time" this evening. I got some more candles for myself. On the way back he called to find out how long I would be again. I was only 20 minutes away.

When I got home he had cooked a lovely dinner for me with wine and candle light even! We weren't alone though. Although Alyssa was and still is sleeping, Christopher was sitting doing something, can't recall. He started climbing on the chairs and we told him to stop. His reply, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Noooooo....Nooooooo" as you can see. As loud as you could imagine.

I used to do this all the time and I am not sure why I stopped but I will surely start back.

Anytime he threw one of his monster tantrums I used to record it, not just photos. Is that bad of me? He always stopped really quickly though.

Once I was playing it back for daddy to see and Christopher happened to see it and he wanted it off. He really didn't like it. I must say my intentions are not to record him and show it back to him. Somehow that seems wrong. I just want the photo. Maybe that's not right for me to do either.

By the time I had finished snapping these photos he was finished.

One last cry....

One last sad look...

Then he said, "Cheeeeeeeeeze!"

And all was well and back to "normal" whatever that is.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Scrabble, babies and other stuff

After a full day of trash-talking from the husband of how he was going to beat me so badly in this game, I silenced him at about 9pm last night. He was the one who brought out the dictionary in case I "decided to cheat", he said. Needless to say I won.

Friday was a wonderful day. He's been off of work since Wednesday. What a joy! We needed to do some fun things to get our minds away from the sadness so we headed to Sea world but I forgot the camera so no pictures. He did get a fun pass so that he could take the boy without me. It's well worth it, I think, since most of the times we will all be there and my Silver pass covers parking. So we win both ways.

I had mentioned in a previous post how much I wanted another child. Well for the past few days I came to terms with the possibility of that not happening and even though it was my greatest wish I was not sad about it anymore. I really didn't think it would be fair for me to force him into this and believe you me I could have. We all need to be on board for such an event.

Then while we were getting ready for Sea world, my husband spent a really long time just watching Alyssa, Christopher was upstairs. As he walked to the garage, out of the blue came, "maybe we could have another when the boy is 5. I said "Yes" not even knowing what he was talking about. Then I asked him, "have another what?" "Another baby", he says. I replied, "Well wasn't that the plan?" Hehehehe....but here's the catch. We have to move again. Under no circumstances would my husband allow our kids to share a room. Whatever! My brother and I shared a room until I was 6 or 7. As you know, we just moved. So in 2 yrs we must be living in a 5 bedroom/3 bath house, then all lights will be green! Don't ask me how we're going to do this.

So, I'm pretty happy right now. Now I have 2 yrs to lose this weight. I am already holding on to extra weight from 2 kids and there is no way I am going to add a 3rd to that mix.

Tonight the husband went out to see a band play ~ Pennywise. It's the 2nd one this week, the other was on Thursday - Kottonmouth Kings neither of which I listen to I might add. It's all noise to me. So while he's out rockin' I am home cleaning because I'm in the mood to clean. The kids' rooms were done before they went to bed at 8pm, and I moved to our bedroom where all I did was change the sheets because downstairs needs a serious going over. Where does all the dust come from when I cleaned the day before? I even bought a Swiffer Max which I really like.

All under the sofa, on the desk and oh so much crumbs on the carpet. But I swear these are crumbs from my husband, not the kids. Laundry is also being taken care of but I just have one question. What is it that is in my husband's shoes that prevents Clorox from removing the dirt from his socks

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A sad day for us today

Remember this?

Well unfortunately he passed away on Sunday. My sister-in-law called us and told us today. She's very shaken up even though they were separated and had their own lives, they were still very close. We had spoken a few weeks ago and he was fighting really hard after receiving a heart transplant on 1/10/2007. My SIL said he was in the OR for 30 hours. Can that be right? They tend to exaggerate at times but I believe he was in there for a long time.

Apparently he had some serious difficulties. All organs were failing but he made it through.
Last week they tried to get him to wake up, he'd been on life support. So Sunday the decision was made to disconnect the machine. I felt so sick this evening when my husband got off the phone with her. All I could think about what his son is going through. She had been more involved with taking care of him than his own girlfriend. It's a shame.

Now they would like to have a service next Saturday. So when we were all supposed to be getting together to celebrate the family's January birthdays, and most of them are born this month, we have to go to this service. Thankfully not the funeral, that I definitely cannot deal with. I don't want to go. I don't do well at these things. I literally get sick but my husband is insisting.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Have a laugh......

on me.... I only wish I had a photo of myself on these 2 occasions to show you so you could form your own opinions.

Joke #1:

I bought some tops, "cleavage exposing" tops...hehehe for myself. I wore one of these said tops a few weeks ago and headed to CVS. I was armed with my coupons and I guess a very pleasing chest view. Hey I have to laugh at it all.

Her best Ms. Evil impression

When I walked up to pay for my things, the man behind the counter couldn't stop smiling with me. He had some years on my husband. I notice these things. All of sudden his voice got so gentle. I wondered what that was about. Anyway, I handed him my coupons. My pre-coupon total was $50+. After this idiot nice man was finished scanning and incorrectly entering "allowance" info (Is that what they call it?) I was a couple nickels over $20. How could that be?

Her new winter bunny house slippers - pink of course

I smiled, a huge smile, said thank you of course and ran out of there so fast because I knew how much my coupons should have deducted. I sat in the vehicle to look over the bill. Aside from my manufacturer's coupons and extra care CVS coupons I had one that allowed me to get one of those free kid hand soaps with the pump ($3.99). I think it's a Kandoo product. Whatever.

Well he took off the entire cost of the Huggies Mega pack
that I had purchased and I saw a few of my coupons scanned twice. That alone took of a lot. I laughed all the way home as I was thinking how silly men can be. I thought these systems these days prevent double scanning.

Up and down she went
Joke #2:

I had another "feeling sexy" moment. This seems to be happening quite a bit lately. I had on a really nice top and pants. Simple but nice. A little fitted on the top but loose enough to hide the lovely present my 2 babies left me struggling to lose.

I was all dressed when Christopher came in the room. I'm still laughing when I think about it. I said very confidently mind you, "Christopher, how does mommy look?" He smiled, pointed to my mid-area and said "tummy". Ugh, these kids and their honesty.

Christopher calls the doll - Donald

I tried to make myself feel better here and asked him, "doesn't mommy look pretty?" He pointed at the flower I had in my hair and said, "pretty flower" so I asked him again, "doesn't mommy look pretty?" and because my son doesn't know how to lie yet, he said, "NO". Yelled it as a matter of fact, laughed and ran out of the room. It was as though he knew that was the wrong answer.

When Chris came home I told him of his son's honest comments and he swore I made the whole thing up. "You look very nice dear", was his comment.

Something's terribly wrong here

He's a pretty fish in a fishy kind of way

I took these photos last night as a sort of remembrance thing for the fish. I fear he may not have much longer. He killed his mate some time ago and now he doesn't seem to be doing so well.

Look closely you can see the actual lumps, the pellets, in his tummy

I told my husband I suspect fishy will be no more very soon as he has not pooped in days and continues to eat. Look at fishy's tummy and today I noticed a little bubble like boil on the underside of the belly. As you see below

Is there such a thing as constipation in fish? I've never heard of it but I suppose it's possible.

...and still eating

Silly me

Hmmm....it looks so small in this photo

I could have sworn I posted a photo of the completed nightmare. I am happy with it so far as it does have lots room. Lots more room to store lots more junk.
Can you believe all those pieces made this somewhat small looking thing?
It came with that feature that all these desks have now. A central USB station. It is much more convenient. See the little circular thing with a blue light on the right side of the desk where the hutch meets the desktop. That's it. I hadn't known about this before.

As I sat hour after hour cursing to myself, I thought about the sales person at the store laughing at my husband when he decided this was the desk he was going to purchase.

I imagined this person going home the same day of the sale and telling his entire family and his friends by phone how this unsuspecting man came in and bought this horrible piece.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

You've got to be kidding me

I wonder what I did wrong. The husband says he bought this "desk" for me because he loves me. "The one you have is just too small". Now this is true but this is going to take me whole night.

Nuts & Bolts and theTop Of the Desk

Pieces, Pieces.....................................and more pieces

I started at 9:11 pm on Saturday 21st. Wanna guess what time I finished?

This is love? If it is I want no part of it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The 1st of Many?

Last night, no, yesterday was one of my worse days yet. I think.

We were heading out to return some pants when while holding my hand Alyssa squatted. We were in the garage and I did not release my grip on her hand. When she stood up the crying began. I thought nothing of it. I know she didn't squeeze her little fingers in the door so we continued on our way to the store.

I notice she only cried when I put her in and out of her car seat and anytime I picked her up with my hands underneath her arm.

I cut my trip short when she just slumped back in the stroller and I realized her left arm hung limp.

I put her to bed as usual but she would not stop screaming. So I brought her downstairs and I held her. For the whole night. This morning it had not improved and she with little sleep and me with none I took her to the nearest ER.

We got there at 12pm and was out by 1pm. I don't know if we had priority since she was a baby and because she screamed murder when the nurse touched her arm but whatever it was I am thankful it was not a whole day event.

The doctor saw us. Alyssa pouting and mommy on the verge of tears. He held her little arm for about 8 - 10 seconds. Alyssa screamed. He told me to comfort her, not to worry and left the room. When she stopped crying he returned.

"Don't worry mom this is very common". Diagnosis: Nursemaid's Elbow.

What? I had never heard of this but he explained and I was hoping these people did not think I manhandled my 15 month old. It's quite common he confirmed and told me it was fixed. Just like that. Call me or come back tomorrow if she
isn't using the arm like she normally would. He explained what may cause this and that some kids are more prone to it.

She was smiling by the time we were walking to the van. This is not the hospital listed on our insurance card, that drive to Children's Hospital was just too far since my baby was in obvious pain and discomfort. I can't wait to see the bill.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's always something with me

As promised, my cool photos ~ Christopher In Action

I have a joke. The husband got home early today so I decided to head out. After a wonderful play date my kids went to bed from since around 4 today and have not gotten up. So I am assuming they are down for the night. I'm bracing myself for an early wake up cry.

Anyway, so the husband gives me $40.00 and tells me to get him, are you ready:

Sweatpants (not any old ones either, brand name ones)
Bananas (Organic)
Licorice (watermelon flavoured)

Now the last 3 were to come from Henry's. And get this, after I laughed at him when he was handing me the 2~$20.00 bills, he added very quietly, and "service tonight please" Ha, isn't he funny?

Okay, now I have been known to work some magic with money but this I could not do. 1st of all the pants alone would exceed the $40 so we'll just stop at that.

I was heading out to get a long sleeve shirt for myself and look at what trouble that got me in.

On the way home, I stopped off at CVS. I need wipes and diapers for the girl. I have been lazy and have been using my son's Pull-Ups on her which by the way are more absorbent than her Huggies Supremes. I am trying ToysRUs brand Boy Pants for Christopher and they are working very well I might add for both of them. I may switch permanently. I got 40 for $8.98. Can't beat that!

Alyssa's unpretty moment

While in CVS I decided to change her diapers since a red tag caught my eye. PlaySkool now has wipes and diapers. I got 52 for $10.99. I'll start using them tomorrow and they have satisfaction guaranteed so I can't lose.

At the register, I noticed the sale price did not come up. She scans my card and it takes off the $4.50 in rewards that I have earned from the last quarter but no sale price. She manually enters the deduction and I leave. I kept thinking that my bill was still high so I sit in the car and look over the bill. Well sure enough the computer did not accept the $3.00 deduction that she had put in plus the wipes sale price did not show up.

I marched back in there after triple and quadruple checking that receipt. I did not want to embarrass myself. My memory may be gone with other things but I am still somewhat sharp in my math. Sure enough after calling the manager they had robbed me some $5. and change. I could get a Starbucks with that!

The nerve of these fools. They apologized and all that mess but just who did they think they were messing with. Ha! I might add I was extremely polite. No rudeness here.

Highly Annoyed

Listen, why the hell do people wait until last minute to get their stuff in order.

This past weekend, because I almost always have 1 or both kids with me I use this convenient service. On Saturday, I used the drive thru at a different location other than my usual and there was a line. 4 cars were in front of me.

No problem, right? I mean how bad can the wait be?

Well, this one car held up the line for what seemed like 10 minutes although I am sure it was closer to 8 minutes. She waited until she pulled up in front of the machine and decided, oh wait now I need to put my money or check in the envelope, fill out the paper, keep all these people waiting because they have nothing better to do, and hold up the line.

Sheesh....this is not the first time I got caught behind an idiot. The last time at this same location, 1 car was in front of me but 2 people in this vehicle needed to use the ATM. The driver took unusually long, pulled forward a bit and a younger male stretched through the rear window and tried his hand at a pin guessing game.

He tried several times and when that didn't work, he got on the cell phone and made us wait some more. All the while I uttered the nastiest words under my breath.

Needless to say I won't be going there anymore.

Monday, January 15, 2007

For you Nadiah

Like I said, they are much more easier to pick up than bekel since they don't lay flat on the ground. Atleast I think so.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The husband's favourite photo

Strangely enough I have resorted to my old British spelling ways. I go back and forth but realized that I've been doing it a whole lot. I like it.
This is Chris' favourite one out of the 72 I took. He was in awe of the clarity
I like this oneand this one ~ Ms. Busybody although the quality could be better
and this one

Anyway, we had a chilly but wonderful playdate with our "soon to be relocating friends". I have to confess I got some great photos of the kids if I may say so myself. I will add them to my future posts as I go. I have a pretty cool one of Christopher jumping off a structure.

I was pretty proud of my photo taking skills today
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