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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tantrum Stopper??

Chris sent me out to have some "me time" this evening. I got some more candles for myself. On the way back he called to find out how long I would be again. I was only 20 minutes away.

When I got home he had cooked a lovely dinner for me with wine and candle light even! We weren't alone though. Although Alyssa was and still is sleeping, Christopher was sitting doing something, can't recall. He started climbing on the chairs and we told him to stop. His reply, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Noooooo....Nooooooo" as you can see. As loud as you could imagine.

I used to do this all the time and I am not sure why I stopped but I will surely start back.

Anytime he threw one of his monster tantrums I used to record it, not just photos. Is that bad of me? He always stopped really quickly though.

Once I was playing it back for daddy to see and Christopher happened to see it and he wanted it off. He really didn't like it. I must say my intentions are not to record him and show it back to him. Somehow that seems wrong. I just want the photo. Maybe that's not right for me to do either.

By the time I had finished snapping these photos he was finished.

One last cry....

One last sad look...

Then he said, "Cheeeeeeeeeze!"

And all was well and back to "normal" whatever that is.


  1. interesting that Christopher didn't like seeing his own outburst...

    and very interesting about another baby... I shared a room with my sister for ages... and my kids have all shared with each other at one time or another. but I am glad that as they got older, we were able to let them have their own space.

    see how it goes... and early congrats!

  2. Anything that distracts him is great, and that sounds like it does the trick!

  3. Hi there. It's my first time here via Grumpopotamus. I think it's brilliant how you got him to stop his tantrums. My husband and I used to pull up some chairs and watch our daughter when she was having a fit. She would become instantly confused that she had attracted a quiet audience and would immediately stop. Memories!!


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