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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Part 2 ~ The Mess Continues

Taken today.

Giving Kisses ~ Alyssa is suspicious of everything. You should have seen her "test' the doll before she decided it was okay to get close enough for a kiss

It's a Care Bear Water Babies Laugh a lot doll who is supposedto jiggle and feel like a real baby when filled with warm water. I am so curious but I haven't tried it yet. The husband got it for her.

Yes I do exist. It's just that I am always the one taking the photo but today I have proof
I totally forgot this present in my van so she got it today

And among mommy's favorite presents were:

Set of Sorrelli's from my honey, one of my favorite designers

Story about this ~ when I woke up this morning, I found that the husband had cleaned up all the boxes downstairs. Well this was in one of the boxes. I searched frantically for the things and no luck. He was off from work but wasn't home but before I called him I decided to go check the garbage outside and guess what I found. All wrapped nicely in the tissue paper. The man is nuts!

The ipod Nano from the husband and the perfume from Liza and man does that thing smell good. She told me where she got it and I had no idea there was a L'Occitane boutique at UTC but I will never step foot in that store and I told her so....a bit over-priced for my cheapness

The mother-in-law got me a new wallet. I love it but I would love it even more if it were pink. HA!

I felt slightly embarrassed and asked her if she had seen the poor condition my wallet was in. She said no but maybe she did and to top it off, a few weeks ago the wallet fell in water and part of it was water-stained. Not very pretty.

It's almost over...

Well we still have to do Christmas with my father-in-law, his woman friend and daughter. That will be on Saturday and my mom will be here to spend it with us which is good.

So here are a few photos from our Christmas Part 1

Before the kids got up and the place became a pile of boxes and wrapping paper
Woooo what is this ~ from her Cynthia
She stopped by the night before to drop off the presents so they would have it when they woke up

He was not as excited as I thought he would be ~ this only lasted about 1 minute then he went back to his favorite tiny bike below (taken last week)

After an hour of riding, he came inside to change clothes and open more presents.

Alyssa was all ready for the show but unfortunately the pretty dress was a bit too snug on my little sweetie pie and will be going back to the store. But I made sure to get a photo of the princess before we changed to the back-up plan

As we saw before, he loves to give hugs...hehehehe Poor Alyssa

Ooh it was a work bench from Auntie Liza, great. More noise with the hammering
Auntie Liza, Cousin Colton, Christopher

His cousin put it together as he patiently waitedAnd the banging began

Linda, Skip and Cynthia (they were busy cleaning up for us) We didn't lift a finger. Dishes were washed and dried.

I met my husband's aunt Linda and her man Skip for the first time. They are some really great people. Linda is nothing like her sister Cynthia, complete opposites.

I am proud to announce that we had no disasters on this day. I only got by with 30 minutes of sleep right before our guests arrived. I stayed up for the entire night cleaning up and making sure the dining area was prepared ( I had to assemble the chairs and that sucked) but you know what, I charged the labour to my husband so it wasn't too bad. I got 11 hours sleep last night and I am about to go relax and maybe turn in within the next half hour.

More to come.....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

How much is too much?

I am still at it people and I only have 1 more day. Chris and I both agreed to pass on the lights outside the house. I will try to put some of the garlands outside but that is pretty much all we will do as far as outside is concerned. I already ran 1 string of lights right out side the door a few night ago. We can't do it. There's just not enough time and we have more important things to do.

I think only 2 or belong to Alyssa the rest are Christopher's & I'm not done yet. Haven't even started on the in-law's presents

I will be off to Walmart again, once I am through with this post. I thought we had boxes to put the presents in and I was sadly mistaken. When we bought the presents the stores were all out and at the time we thought it would be no big deal, since we should've had some from last year.

So the husband got a little out of control on the presents for the boy. Alyssa is another story. We are having a hard time finding things that are age appropriate. I just wanted a large doll but no longer can you find just a simple doll with no attachments/accessories. I don't need a bottle for it, I don't need a carrier or a stroller(I already got it for only $8.00) and I don't want a doll that comes with a wardrobe larger than my daughter's.

It's not easy, especially finding safe things to put in her stocking. I guess we can just put some snacks in there the morning of. She is truly daddy's girl and has daddy's appetite also. She'll be quite content with food.

Can you guess which one's the husband's? Yes my plan to make the stockings failed and I had to buy them. I am going to put some pink ribbon on mine.

About the husband. I already stashed some of Christopher's presents for his birthday in February. It really makes no sense to me to give an almost 3 year old so many things. I reminded my husband of this, yet he still went out today and bought more things. I will wrap them but I am not happy about this. Am I wrong? Not to mention when the inlaws come on Christmas and New Years, more presents. I know Chris's mother got him a big boy bike so honestly he will not have any care for anything else that is under the tree.

Alyssa's Christmas dress

Short thing: I was in the Learning Express looking for an engine for Christopher's Thomas train set, his old one died. When this man at the counter asked about some product. It turned out that they didn't have it at that particular store but another store had it. The nice lady had called all over looking for this item for this man. Do you know after all that, she asked him if he wanted them to hold it for him at the other store and that man said no. "It's okay" he said. He didn't want it anyway since the newer version of this item was slightly different than the old one. Then why did he make them do all this work. I was pissed for the woman since she smiled all along and was very polite. Then the man walked out the store with empty hands and wasted everyone's time. I tell you I would never make it in that line of work. They would fire me so fast or I would tell these customers a piece of my mind them quit before I am fired. I can't tolerate people like that and worse at the Holiday Season. Forget IT!

Friday, December 22, 2006

The neighbors are probably talking amongst themselves

I'm convinced I'll get through this

Nope it's still not complete
Yes, he wanted to do this, I didn't even ask

I still need some more ribbon and ornaments but it's a start.

When he got up from his nap there were no decorations on the tree, just lights and it was already dark so it looked pretty amazing to him. He was halfway down the stairs when he saw it and he was so excited.

This was all he saw when he came downstairs. A rather plain looking tree with lights

This was what I heard and I knew that no matter how hard it was for us to get this together it was worth all the trouble. I wanted to cry and for the first time in a long while, I couldn't run for the camera because I was taken by the look on his face. But I wished I could have shared that look with you.

Christopher: "Oh my goodness mama! So nice and pretty. Bootiful. Wow! Look at lights. Blue. Red. Yellow. Look mama! So big! Thank you mama. Love you mama. Best ever hug.

I went to Walmart tonight with Christopher and I cannot remember the last time he behaved so well. We left here at 10:14pm and got back a little after 12:30 am. Yes and he is still up as we speak. Running back and forth like a madman.

A little joke. He was strapped in his seat and I was buckled up all ready to go until I opened the garage door. My husband's truck was smack center in the driveway. I immediately got a headache. What's the big deal you ask? Well it's a stick shift and yours truly cannot drive one.

I took a very deep breath, ran for his keys and tried my best. I didn't want to wake him to ask him to move it because he had to get up at 1 am, again.

My foot couldn't even reach the clutch. It was horrible. I felt so small in the thing. I was trying to make the stupid thing move but all I got was plenty of jerking then the thing shut off. I looked around hoping no one was witnessing this. Christopher was calling out to me as he couldn't see me. I got so confused.

I got him a new bowl also and he made the bowl say "Cheese"

I managed to get the truck to roll backwards giving me enough room to squeeze by but get this I was driving halfway on the grass. It was a tricky maneuver but that was no problem at all for me, just that damn truck. You should see the grass.

So I made it and we got some things. He even got to choose a cute little ornament and he was excited about that. He helped me hang them too.

And BOTS wanted to say, "Cheese"

The husband also got an area rug. He did well. I like it and that's all that matters. It's not going to break us either so we're happy. I got the table cloth today and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it marked down to $2.50. So I grabbed 2 different colours. Now all we need are some placemats, new silverware and I think we'll be done.

I plan to wrap the presents the night before Xmas to surprise the kids, well Christopher, since I am sure Ms. Alyssa has no clue.

That's about the size of it. We're almost there.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pure comedy in this place

I was so excited about her footed nightwear ~ Picked it up at Ross for $4.99

A short while ago I put the kids to bed and was on my way to the our bedroom when I attempted to open the door and realized it was locked. I stood outside the door grumbling to myself. I was confused. I knew at that point it was locked but I had to try it again just to make sure. Yes it was locked. What led up to this?

Now the husband rushed out to get a tree because the kids' naps went sort of long. When he got to Walmart (I called them to make sure they had trees and not only did they have them but the nice man told me they are all on sale for $10.00) Who would have thought? So he called me when he arrived. "Get the kids and come over here so we could let the boy choose a tree." Okay so it was obviously important to him so I woke the kids and was there in about 30 minutes from the time he called. Not bad, eh!

The boy would not co-operate fully probably because he was not fully awake and was groggy. Anyhoo, he picked the tree and off we went. I mentioned to him as we were all walking to his truck that the tree looked a little tall but what do I know.

Time to get the tree in the house and you guessed it. The thing touched the ceiling and it wasn't even fully upright. He had no time to trim it as he has to get up for work at 1:15am. He dragged it through the living room and dining room and left it in the backyard. Why couldn't he go outside and around the house? More work for me. You should have seen the trail of pine needles. And let's make it more fun here. Alyssa and Christopher both darted for the mess, grabbed a handful, actually 2 handfuls and threw it. It was as though they planned it.


So no tree in the house but it's in the backyard. So Gina, unfortunately you were wrong. Oh how I wish you were right. I could have been decorating a tree but as you can see it didn't work out.

Back to the locked door thing. I guess he didn't want to be disturbed since he has to get up in a few hours so my shower will have to wait. I just needed my night clothes and I would have gladly taken my shower in the kids bathroom but not even that will happen until after 1:15am. So off to Walmart I will go, smelly and dirty, to get some more ribbons, ornaments and hopefully some velvet and fake fur or something for the stockings that I am going to attempt to make. I hope they have someone working in that department tonight.

We're trying to make it a Happy Christmas

but still no tree! I took the kids shopping today and after we were through, the husband called since he got off work early. We were to meet him and we would follow him on our search for a Christmas tree. Well the kids and I are home and the husband came home for bathroom break
and left again. He is still out trying his best to get everything done.

Home Depot had about 3 dried up looking things in the front of the store. We drove down the street to Lowe's only to find no Christmas tree area. Not even the empty fenced area. There was no sign that any tree selling went on. I know it's not too late because Stu Millers up the road still has a whole lot full of them. We just didn't want to go there first as the husband thought they would be pricier than the other stores. What gives? Where are the trees?

One year I got a tree the day before Christmas, but I can only assume they were both sold out today.
So once the kids get up from their nap we will all head out again to Stu Millers Christmas tree lot. I hope they're not too pricey. I guess while we're at it I better buy a wreath. I usually make them every year but that is something I am not in the mood to do this time around. I also bought more decorations, we have a lot since last year and I will attempt to string some garlands at the front of the house tonight. I only hope it doesn't look too tacky.

Wish me luck.

Funny photo for today

Him : Picture Mama?
(Mommy runs for the camera)
Me : Give Alyssa a hug and smile!

Poor baby

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm feeling a little better

The Park

Nothing has changed as far as our Christmas preparations but I am feeling better. I took the kids out today for playdate and I needed that more than they did. They are sleeping.

They are learning to play together these days even at home

We still claim that the tree will arrive today but it's not looking possible. The husband is at the furniture store as we speak trying to choose a dining room set.

Playing by yourself is also fun especially when there is sand involved

I was also online checking some out and saw a really simple reasonably priced one that I liked and you would never guess what. He called me and told me he found one that he really liked and started describing it and it was the same one I had on the screen. I tell you we were meant to be. Either that or I trained him very, very well.

We decided not to worry ourselves too much with the cooking of food for the Xmas dinner when his family comes. We are going to tell everyone to bring a dish. We are only human and it really is too much for us to deal with on top of everything else right now.

My beaded baby girl

I mentioned about the stockings for everyone. Well I think I have a plan and I feel sneaky. I don't know how much a nice stocking costs but we need 4 of them. So I will take the money from the husband and buy the material and just pocket the change. I hate wasting money or overspending for something when I can save. Is that bad of me?

My husband managed to mail out his cards today. Only 4 of them. I on the other hand mailed out none as I can't even begin to remember where my addresses are. I have one address only because our friend's card got here early. So if you're reading this your card from us will arrive LATE! How disorganized am I?

Ha! My husband just called. He bought the dining room set that we were both looking at. What did we do before this wonderful internet? Surely this could not be done with just a phone call and a verbal description.

Now the hunt is on for one of those area rugs. Why are those things so expensive anyway? I don't know much about them. I know they come in wool(expensive), cotton and some other materials. I know some are imported. I have seen some beautiful ones from India, Afghanistan, Tibet and Iran. The prettiest ones, to me anyway, being from India and Iran. Where else do they import them from?

Please tell me something. Who pays $5,000 for something that we all walk on. Do any of you have one of those type rugs? Lay on it and pass your hands on it for me because we will never get one. It's not affordable.
I guess we could pass on the rug and I could keep dreaming.
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