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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Photo Post

So yesterday I packed up the kids and headed to WAP. It was a spur of the moment thing after Christopher said he wanted to touch the llama. I corrected him and off we went.

I was smart this time, atleast now I'll know what birds we saw

Alyssa right after she consumed some bird poop! I hope she doesn't get sick. I saw her chewing away at some nasty looking thing. Well the stroller was positioned a little differently and she stretched and got some from off the wood in the back of the stroller. Can you say YUCK?
Hopefully the boy didn't get any on his hands. He would have freaked out.

Now this was our main purpose for this visit.

Alyssa was terrified of the deer and I believe she was too afraid to even move "How about this one mama?" When it was time to leave, I told him to say goodbye to the animals and he went around to all of them to say "bye bye see you next time"

We got some great shots of the lion this time

I was walking away when 2 cubs ran into view. As you can see I only managed to get a photo of one of them.

You won't believe how long it took me to convince him to walk through this thing


Not a very good shot but I thought it was cool since my boy looked so tiny compared to this balloon. No service this day. It was grounded due to high winds. I know the photo is dark. Christopher is in the bottom left corner

I wonder

So my son's favorite book is "The Runaway Bunny". We've had this book for a long time and always turned the pages really fast because he didn't like it. What changed?

I think little bunny is a little too fresh for my taste.

It reads, "If you become a sailboat and sail away from me," said his mother, I will become the wind and blow you where I want you to go."

"If you become the wind and blow me," said the little bunny,......." Now where did little bunny learn those words from?

Well I thought it was funny, don't you?

Trouble x 2

I was dreading this but really, I knew it would happen. How could she see her brother climbing on everything that he shouldn't climb on and ignore it.

I guess she wasn't thinking about how she was going to get down when she climbed up

They were playing nicely in Christopher's room, so I thought I would try to clean up. I heard soft screams at the beginning so I wasn't too concerned. I know what level of screams mean what. Then the screams turned to the panic scream. I ran to his room and saw this.

Let's stay positive here. Atleast she is learning something right!

on est mal barrés

By the way, she also trashed his cleaned up room so Christopher and I had some work to do.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A fun day we had today

Check out my boy on his horsey!

I am on a high right now because for the past 2 days he's been obsessed with cleaning his room. I bought some storage containers for his toys so that we can ditch the plastic zip bags and he's gone cleaning up crazy! I shoudl have taken a photo of the storage containers stacked nicely in the other corner and he did it all by himself.

Yes a few stains on the rug but look, we can actually see the carpet

I'm not complaining. I just hope this lasts longer than I know it would.

We were talking the night before. He hugged and kissed me and while he was hugging me he says, "Mamas the best ever!" I love my baby. It's nice to know he thinks so highly of me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stupid Troubles

So I can't even say that I am enjoying the sofa. Don't laugh at me when you read this. I am afraid to sit on it. My husband and I like 2 fools, sit on the floor and on the old ottoman when we watch TV. What is wrong with us? I know it's just furniture, but maybe deep down we want to keep it spotless for as long as we can. I cannot explain this foolishness any other way.

We had had the old furniture for over 5 years and they survived 2 moves so I know it was time to go.

The good news is, I think the fabric was treated with some stain guard or liquid repellent because the same day they arrived, Mr. Christopher jumped on the sofa with his CranGrape juice and spilled it. Luckily for me and my heart it rolled right off.

I wonder how long this nonsense will go on for.

I'm so excited

It doesn't take much for me as you've probably noticed. I just came from Walmart. The boy and I went there on Sunday and saw the sign saying that they will be operating 24 hours from Nov 24 - Dec. 24. Now tell me, who can ask for anything more?

So I had a date with myself last night. I put the kids to bed, waited about an hour or so to make sure no one got up and then I made a run for it. On my drive there, I took the long way, I blasted my favorite CDs and sang off-key. I loved it! I drove in the parking lot at 11:43 pm and look at the time I posted this.

Let's just hope that this ends my garbage troubles

I didn't go for anything in particular. I just wanted to go because I could. I did manage to get a replacement for our garbage can in the kitchen. Alyssa broke our old one and my husband got a new one from Home Depot a few days ago and believe me when I say, "He bought garbage for the garbage" (Funny how everything breaks all at once. We've had a lot of replacing to do lately)

From the moment I saw the thing it screamed trouble. Alyssa was the first one to prove me right. She has a thing for the garbage and we needed one which prevented her from opening the lid easily. However, one swipe of her hand and the entire cover flew off. Garbage I tell you and talk about flimsy. Shame on him!

That thing made me say some really nasty words earlier today. I only hope Christopher didn't hear me. Everytime I opened the lid to put some garbage in, it fell off on the floor. Stupid piece of garbage.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Man what a day

Sunday's Events ~ UPDATED(I meant to post this one yesterday)

When I woke up this morning my husband was already gone. I called him and he was at the warehouse waiting for the guys to load up the truck with the sofa portion. When he got here, I convinced him that I, supermom, could do just as good as one of his male buddies. "Don't call anyone and disturb them on this lovely Saturday", I said. Well if I could I would kick myself.

I tried to get the whole thing but failed

Only one chair was able to fit in the truck and he had to make another trip just as I had suspected. We managed to get the sofa inside and take out the old one which was just as heavy if not heavier. I've been spoiled. The last time we bought a large item I was pregnant so I didn't have to lift a finger. The same thing the time before that. If only I had planned better I wouldn't have to do anything this time around.

It's not that big but it was seriously heavy
(Yes I watch Boomerang Channel but I hate the Flintstones)

Oh you should have seen the goodies I found once we had moved the old sofa. Things I thought I had simply lost. It was kind of fun like finding treasure. Anyway, with that done he headed out again for trip number 2 hoping the entertainment center and chair would fit and it did. The single chair was no problem but holy tons of brick batman, the entertainment center was impossible.
don't know how we did it. Our nice neighbour saw when my husband pulled up and offered to help but my husband politely refused not knowing what he would have to face. At one point we both stood on the grass holding this massive item, thinking that we needed to call for help.

The ottoman was re-upholstered by yours truly as someone took something to the old fabric and ripped a huge, and I mean huge hole in it. It matches somewhat even though I did it before we chose the sofa & chair

I know my husband is very strong but like me he suffers with back pain and I didn't want that flaring up. He's thrown out his back on more than one occasion since I've been with him for less stressful work.

We did manage to get it inside with no help but he immediately said he needed a nap and well.....the nap continued until around 9 pm when I woke him up, he was on the living room floor, and told him to get in the bed. He said he had a really bad headache.

I hope he is feeling better tomorrow. We have a fun day of bbq-ing and drinking when his dad gets here tomorrow. Maybe then I will finally take that picture of the new grill. (Updated: Ok I missed the opportunity to take the grill photo again)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today's funny event

I have a longer post saved and ready to go, but I had to share this one.

Grandpa came over to day to watch our "hopeless" team play football. We were still trying to clean up the place when he got here. Alyssa was sleeping so we only had to keep an eye on one child who was extremely hyper and happy to see grandpa even though he saw him on Thursday.

"Build grandpa?"
"Build airplane, grandpa?"
So he ran for the Duplos, brought the huge box and emptied the entire contents on the floor that we are trying to clean. Grandpa got on the floor to build with him.

Chris and I were both busy trying to re-wire the receiver, cable box, speakers and whatnots when I heard a noise. I didn't say anything because I thought it was Christopher.

Then I heard Christopher say very loudly, "grandpa farts!"

I turned around to look at where they were both sitting on the floor and I saw my father-in-law silently chuckling. So I started laughing too. It was then Christopher really started. "Grandpa farts! grandpa farts! grandpa farts!" Oh my gosh I felt so embarassed. Then grandpa says, "sorry about that"

I couldn't stop laughing and Christopher had to say it one more time. Grandpa then tells him, "yes, everybody does it."

It was only then that I warned him. I said, "yeah, he likes to call people out." What else could I say? It was so funny. That's my boy.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pushy sales people

It's so strange & wonderful having my husband home, all to myself and I still have 2 days of this left. I know it will be over soon so I will enjoy it to the fullest.
(Pictures from a few days ago)
Holidayish Pants??

On to the story. Now my husband was already at Jerome's for 1 1/2 hrs when he had called me. He couldn't decide on the sofa which moved up to a sofa and loveseat or sofa and chair. *sigh*

She loves to sit on the Hippo and have her brother push her around the place

Now, I am cheap cautious when it comes to spending and it's very hard to get money to leave my hand. Knowing this, the husband called. He became panicked I believe since he saw something he really liked but knew he would not be allowed to spend anything near what it cost.

See why I love this man? Always thinking about me. So he tried his best to describe the thing to me on the phone, hoping that I would fall deeply in love with it's description but as soon as he started I caught on quick and stopped him in his tracks. I asked "how much is it?" That ended quickly.

Guess who's the paper?

So on to the pushiness. He ended up coming home with nothing since he wisely thought all items needed my visual approval. He came home, we woke the kids, this was at 7:30pm and we all headed out. We got there at 8:15pm. Unfortunately the poor guy who helped him for the 1 1/2 hrs had left and someone else came after us. You know they work off commission too.

She tolerated it pretty well

You know the type. I call them human fleas, because no matter how many times you brush them off they will keep coming back at you. I grew very annoyed. Because from the get go when he asked us if we needed any help my husband quickly explained to him how long he spent with Martin a short time ago and we pretty much knew what we wanted but needed to bring his wife to see what he had chosen. Do you think he got the hint? Nope. He said, "okay, just let me know if you need any help". Yet every 5 minutes he would walk up to ask us something or the other.

"Have you seen this one?"

"Did you sit on this one?"

"Did you see the one with the feathers? It's the softest in here" I couldn't take it. I said, "NO" rather loudly I might add. I don't want any feather filled sofa cushions plus I am very allergic to those things" My husband is way too nice when it comes to dealing with these fools. I know it's their job but good grief. Too much is enough. I walked away everytime I saw him coming. He was like a vulture.

Very interested

Anyway after looking at his choices, and to give him credit he choose a nice entertainment center, we saw the sofa w/chaise and chair that we wanted. All the looking about took 40 minutes and we walked over to tell them we were all set. There he was again. Do you know what he said? "Don't worry, I will make sure Martin gets the credit for helping you". Uhm...yeah...right. Stinkin' liar.

We have to go pick it up at the warehouse tomorrow since I told my husband not to give them any more money for delivery. It will take him 2 trips in his truck and he has to get someone (we don't know who yet) to help him but it will cost less that $69. and we will get it sooner. If we opted for delivery it would be sometime next week and we need it in time for the football game on Sunday...
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