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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Alyssa

Better late than never. Stupid Blogger wouldn't let me post last night!

Waiting......check out my Jacuzzi in the corner I hadn't even held you yet. They were wiping off the cheesey stuff!Finally, I held you after 9 months of waiting, well almost 9 months, 8 months and 2 weeks to be exact
Mommy's calling everyone to share the great newsSeptember ~ A few hours old October ~ 1 monthNovember ~ 2 months
December ~ 3 months
January ~ 4 months
February ~ 5 months
March ~ 6 months
April ~ 7 months
May ~ 8 months
June ~ 9 months
July ~ 10 monthsAugust ~ 11 months
September ~ 1 year old

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. It's been a wonderful year for us all! We love you!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My baby is almost 1

We went from this,
to this in 12 months

I'll have to do a special entry just for her tomorrow. As I've been saying, this has been the fastest year in my entire life. I am happy but I want to cry. It just went by way too fast.

Love Thursday

My girl loves balls

Hahahaha.....I mean Beachballs!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So, what's in your wallet?

I wish it came in Pink
Tell me something. How come when I was working my wallet was smaller? Now I have to walk everywhere with two. It's ridiculous! The main one, the turquoise one, I know it has seen better days, should be able to hold a check book but it can't. Too many cards and what-nots in there so I have to walk with a separate zipper thing for the check book because you never know when you might need it.

I really loved that wallet, thanks to Robinson's May when they were in business, but I am afraid it has to go because I need more room.

I am looking through the wallet as we type:

In the change section - Luckily for the wallet, I had emptied it out last week so I only have about 12 coins in there.

In 1 of the Bill$ section - Coupons! Coupons that I absolutely MUST walk with in case I had to make an emergency Mall stop. I see a Bath & Bodyworks and a Famous Footwear coupon in there too. I need to use them fast!

2 nd Bill Section - I have $1.00. It's never good to walk with a lot of cash....hehehehe

Card Slot Section - On display, where my ID should be, there is a picture of my kids hugging

Here we go :
Roadside Assistance Card, Costco Card, Hallmark Rewards Card, 2 JambaCards(yummm...I had forgotten about those), Quick Reference Guide for my cell phone(don't ask), Car Alarm Reference Card( I am so afraid it will just go off one day), Borders Reward Card(newly added), Library Card, Famous Footwear Card, Legoland Membership Card, Seaworld Member Card, Zoo Membership, Quail Gardens Member Card and a guest pass, Starbucks Card, Resident Card(in case Homeland Security decides I look suspicious), CA ID Card(not sure why I am walking with this, I guess in case I lose my license?) and yes my CA Driver's License.

Next section : Our Health Insurance Cards all 3, Dental Insurance Card, FedEx Card, and a grocery Card, because the stupid ones that attach to your keychain stop working in a few weeks.

Next comes my lovely photo section, just in case I forget what my kids look like, even though they are with me most of the times.

Last of all, and I think this is what's really causing the bulging wallet syndrome, is receipts. I have a problem you see. It's hard for me to part with my receipts.

A few weeks ago my husband kindly asked me to get rid of the envelope that kept turning up everywhere it seems, with my receipts from years back. So I sadly parted with them. I can't even tell you why I still had receipts from before I even got married.

Like I said, I have a problem.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess What!

I received more address labels in the mail from March Of Dimes and something else came from St. Jude. Wait let me see I haven't opened it yet. Oh a bookmark. Wait, and you know what is so funny? They're asking me for money and have the nerve to tell me :

Please respond by: 10/31/06

You know I couldn't help it!

Highlighted in yellow too, like I owe them!!

I ask again, what am I going to do with all these address labels? Sometime later this week if I have time, I will calculate exactly how many labels they've sent me.

Funny photo and sort of funny story

Honey, what are you doing to our daughter?

I have no photo of what I am about to tell you, as I was busy running over to my son to interrupt what he was about to do.

Tonight I gave the kids' their bath together. Many times I have to do it separately since Christopher loves to throw water on Alyssa's face. A lot of it. So I had things under control for most of the night. Alyssa would get soaped first, I'd wash her off with some assistance from my boy, dry her, dress her and let her watch me give her brother a bath.

I'm so sorry Alyssa

It all went smoothly until I dried off the boy and let him run around naked. I just needed a few minutes to put the girl to bed. So I put her in her crib and ran out quickly to see what our mischief-maker was doing. I froze for a moment as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Remember he was naked right! Well he had gotten one of his snack bowls, don't ask me from where but the last time I saw them they were in the higher cupboards.

Anyway, his butt was in the air and he had placed the snack bowl between his legs directly under his penis. I couldn't believe he was about to go peepee in the bowl. Where does he come up with these ideas? What's next?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday's Events

I already admitted I have a shopping problem when it comes to buying things for my kids especially my daughter.

So here was my to-do list on Saturday. I obviously got a little carried away.

The girls were off to do some shopping at:

Mall - Bath and Bodyworks to redeem my coupon and check a few other stores. The kids need clothes...hehehe...
Pier 1 - Candles

Kohl's - Sunglasses, Children's clothing
Walmart - Injector, Thermometer for my mom, Shampoo, Facial Soap for the husband and some other little things
Henry's - Mangos

Grocery Store - Diapers (I had a $2.50 off coupon)
Panda Express - Some Mandarin Chicken....mmmmmm

I made it to all but Henry's & Kohl's, the poor child was just too tired and time crept up on us. I did okay though.

My first stop was Albertson's to get the girl some diapers. She had NONE and I had been using my son's Easy UPS on her. I never buy Pampers Brand training pants but I got it for $5.49. How could I leave that on the shelf?

Next Stop, the Mall.

Alyssa's New UPF 50+ Reversible Hat

I was really heading to Naartjie, since I got some a great bargain there a few weeks back. I was hoping somehow they would put out some of last season's stuff but no luck. So I headed next door to the Pumpkin Patch Store. Oh how long I've waited for them to finally open their own store in the mall.

I couldn't leave it. I just thought the girl was so cute with her thready hair

Before that my only other option was to get this brand at Nordstrom and we all know about their prices. Lucky for Alyssa that I had purchased that top, because by the time I was heading to the other stores, it was a little chilly for her to be in the short spaghetti strapped one piece that I had dressed her in.

I decided to attempt to get something other than pink. That was hard for me but the top had glitter

Funny thing when I walked in that store. No one greeted me. Can't say I was the least bit surprised. The couple with the newborn who walked in right behind me were greeted though. Only after I had grabbed up a few things did this lanky chick ask me if I needed help. I saw her approaching but pretended not to see her and without taking my eyes off the rack I politely said, "No"

This is only the 2nd red item that my daughter has. What a shame!

I also thought this was cute. There a glittery things on it and I liked it. I am sure she will like it too.

My attempt to get him motivated to go poop in the potty

I didn't forget the boy. I did end up going into the book store on my way out. I think it's Borden or did the sign say Waldenbooks. Whatever, it's all one company.

Cool Pictures

I got this cool Pop Up Book. My son loves Pop Ups. He also loves to destroy them but I'll take a chance for $5.00. The book was a hit and I'll be going back this week as they have like 4 or 5 other similar adventures! Plus the cashier made me join their rewards program, so I have to start racking up those points! Man I'm a sucker!

Next stop Pier 1.

I was so excited when I pulled into the parking lot. I was off to buy myself some candles. I am familiar with this particular store so I knew exactly where to go for the clearance items. Or so I thought. They had moved it. Figures. The 2 ladies in the store were so busy playing with Alyssa so I used this time to grab up all I could find which was not much.

I got the last 3 x 3 Bamboo Mint candle and I had to search far behind the other candles to find it. It seemed like someone hid it from me. I also grabbed all that were left in their Icy Citrus. This is my NEW scent of the WEEK. Plus the husband loves it too. It smells just like VS's Blissful Moments. I'm sniffing it as we speak! Mission somewhat accomplished.

Next Stop, Walmart!

I was in and out of there in record time. I got the Cement Mixer there. I thought it was so cool since my husband runs a concrete boom pump and all, that I just couldn't leave it.

It was so cold for the girl on the walk to the car. Even with her new long sleeve top, you should have seen how I wrapped her up in the blanket.

Next Stop
I only had a Mocha Frap for the entire day and it was a few minutes after 9 pm. I was feeling the hunger shakes coming on. I was happy to discover the drive thru would be open until 10 pm. I made it! We wouldn't have to get out the car.

So I decided to order the 3 entree meal so that the husband can have some Mandarin chicken and the boy would have some rice. Oh did I tell you it was boys night out and they weren't even home yet? Ha!

I also added an order of Veggie Springrolls. This somehow confused the man. I said, I would like the 3 entree meal, with a double order of Mandarin Chicken, an order of Mushroom Chicken and an order of spring rolls. Fried rice please.

As I looked at the "accuracy screen", I saw Mandarin Chicken twice, then I saw Sesame something and Orange Chicken. He asked me if that was right! No! Where is my Mushroom Chicken and I didn't order those other things.
"Wait a minute" he said and he cleared of the whole screen.

People we did this 3 times then he finally got it. I am not sure why he had so much trouble. I had to wait a while after I paid at the next window. I guess they made the food fresh, something I was concerned about at that time of night. So I was very happy.

When we arrived home the guys still weren't there. Poor child, he had no nap but it turns out he had a blast and was very well-behaved at our friend's house. The guy hardly had any furniture so Christopher ran wild for hours!

I was tired and so was the girl. When the Christophers came home they were both pooped also. It was a fun day!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why are some store workers so dumb?

I went shopping yesterday but this post will not include yesterday's events. I only have a short time as my son has to go to bed soon and I promised to read him his 3 new books. So I will post yesterday's events later.

Today I decided to make a quick run to the nearby Pier 1 Imports up the street. Why, when I already have enough candles? Well first of all you can never have too many and second they had clearance sale.

I did make it to another Pier 1 yesterday but according to their online store search, that was the wrong one. So I searched again today and it sent me up the street. In I walked with a purpose. I wanted nothing else but my Bamboo Mint Clearance Candles. I found a lady and this is how it went:

Me : Can you tell me where the clearance section is?

Her: Oh, we don't have a clearance section

Me : Hmmm...really? The online store locator sent me to this one. I am looking for the Bamboo Mint candles.

Her: You mean the Diagonal Ones?

Me : Yes

Her: We don't have them. We send all our clearance items to the other stores because our store is so small.

(I looked around the store and thought to myself, the other store I went to yesterday was the same size! Anyway)

Her: Have you tried the other stores?

Me: Well yes, I just came from the one in Oceanside and I got the last Bamboo Mint candle, so they're out of stock (I lied a little, I got the last one yesterday, makes no difference)

Her:Did you want me to call to find if the other store has it?

Me : (Sensing her cluelessness) And what store would this be?

Her: The one in Oceanside

Me : But I just came from there.

Her:Ooh, yeah, sorry we don't have it

Me : (I smiled) Thank You so much ( I was still nice, despite her nonsense)

My husband will kill me if he sees this....

The 2 men in my life
Alyssa woke up a few minutes ago screaming her lungs out. I tried everything, I rocked her, I sang to her, I rubbed her back and tummy and massaged her legs, I wiped her tears away, made shussing noises in her ear, I even tried to nurse her but that was a No Go. (Today was also the first time since she was born that she didn't nurse, so I guess she is finished with me).

I laid her on the floor as I started to get really nervous. She was shaking. That's how hard she was screaming. She also wouldn't move which is why I laid her on the floor. Finally after some time she sat up. I guess she was so caught up in the cry that she could do nothing else. Anyway she's all better I think she was hungry because I gave her some milk and now it's quiet once again.

Poor Christopher was waiting for me to read him his 3 new books that I got for him today. I went shopping, but I'll tell you about it tomorrow. He sat with me all the while I was trying to calm the girl down but she cried so hard that he got scared and he grabbed his lovie and ran into our room with big Chris.

This is what I just found when I opened the door. I don't think there is any room for mommy in this bed. That's okay, the sofa is very comfortable. Afterall, I spent most of my last pregnant months on it.

Anyway, I think I am safe because Chris hasn't checked my blog in quite sometime.

Night Night All.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another uneventful day

(Today's photos have nothing to do with today)

My brother Michael, his daughter and Jerry's wife and kids. He was our neighbour while growing up in Trinidad

But can you really have an uneventful day when you have kids? I don't think so but nothing much went on today. My husband and his 2 friends went to see the Kottonmouth Kings with Mower & Sub Noize Souljaz at The House Of Blues tonight, so I am here alone but I like it.

My niece Michaela, my brother's heart

I really hope they don't get into trouble. You know those things can get rowdy. The last time they went a few months back his friend knocked someone out. He's a pretty big dude. Apparently this one is supposed to be for all ages so things
shouldn't get too sticky.

She turned 1 on this day ~ what a lovely Christmas present

We didn't do anything today. We stayed inside, although an outing would have been great. It was overcast for much of the day. After the kids took their nap, I meant to go to the mall but I was moving so slowly, that by the time we were all dressed it was 8 pm. I still packed them up and drove around the place aimlessly. We were singing all the while. Until I decided to go hang out in Albertsons.

Me and my mommy last Christmas

The plan was to walk around the entire grocery store, look for what's on sale, compare my coupons and just buy. I have to say it worked out well and Christopher ran to his hearts delight.

To the left: My 15 yr old, 6ft 4in nephew Colton being silly ~ Last Christmas
To the right: My father-in-law's woman friend's daughter Erika

Up and down the aisles, then everytime he would run back to me and smack me on the ass. I gave up telling not to do it.

My sexy baby in all her glitter with grandma

But seriously, he needs to stop doing that, like now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nothing Much going on today

All 4 of us went to a park today. We met with 2 other mommies. It was great! Lots of shade and a lovely breeze.
We played ball
Before I forget, my griping on this post earlier this week has eased a bit. She may or may not have told the pediatrician that I thought he was extremely fussy. Who knows. It turns out the little guy is lactose intolerant.
We had a fun time in the swing
When she brought him here this week, he was a changed baby, atleast for now. Even smiling when I was feed him.
We ran up and down the little hill
Oh, oh, I think he spotted me snapping away in the distance
I couldn't believe the turn around! I'm happy because I think with his new attitude I can continue to help her out.

We climbed the spirally thingy

We rode the bike

And even did a few front wheelies

We reflected on life ~

Tuesday's BooBoo

Please stay quiet and let me take a photo of the booboo - NO

Gosh I'm quite the blogging fool today.

Well, I am not sure how it happened but I do know he was playing with that Blue Hippo that picks up the PeekaBlocks. Not sure what he was doing either. Can you take a guess where mommy was? Yep, on the computer. Daddy was taking a shower but I thought he was in the room with him. He was bouncing on our bed the last time I had checked.

Close your eyes so the flash doesn't get you

I heard a loud thump like something hit the wall and then he came running to me. He was screaming. Naturally the first place I checked was his head. It didn't look too bad. But his legs looked pretty bad on Wednesday. The skin wasn't broken or anything but there were several spots on his legs where you could see that he had hit. They were purple/blue and still are.

He made me put "Bundies"(Band-Aids) on every one of them and by the time I was through half the box was gone. I wish I had taken a picture of him with all his Sponge-bob Band-aids but he took them off only after a short while and said "All better". My, he heals quickly! He's such a tough boy.

So tonight when my husband saw the bruises only then was he concerned. He looked and me and said, "My goodness, what is that on his forehead? Look at it? He was almost descalped."

My husband is so dramatic.
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