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Monday, July 31, 2006

My Acrobat

Shame on me for encouraging this but he was having so much fun.

Today, I was heading to the mall. I finally got to go shopping by myself without any kids, my husband's job got cancelled and when I woke up this morning there he was! So I left the kids at home with daddy and off I went.

As I was driving I was at a stoplight and decided to check all the cars that were turning in front of me to see what the drivers were doing. I think I saw maybe one man who was not on the phone. Isn't this crazy. Now I am guilty of chatting on the phone while driving but I have bluetooth so I am sort of excused. Right? I really wanted to tell you about this one lady I saw. She was drinking a cup of coffee, smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone, a handheld phone, no headset. Could you imagine that? I lie to you not. One other lady I saw was reading a book! Reading a book! I really want to know, what in the world could be so very important that you just couldn't put down a stupid book until you got to where you were going. I was so amazed you know what I did? I called my husband to tell him....HAHAHA

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some late night fun

The "Making of A Masterpiece"

Sorry about the lighting

So I visited my friend's latest blog entry and started feeling so badly about not giving my son paints at home to express his creativity, which I know he has.

I haven't bought him paints yet, but we have the next best thing, crayons. Although I had put them high up on the shelf after he went crazy with red and purple one day. Since then, they've been collecting dust.

So Carrie, even though it's not paint, I am sure Christopher wants to say Thank You for making mommy feel guilty.

Helping Out...I guess

I will explain since you probably cannot see it properly. When I had first picked her up I actually thought she had spit up and was playing with it and got it all in her hair but when I smelled it, it was so yummy. Sweet Pea to be exact. Amazing, these Gerber fragrances. My son got the baby lotion from my daughter's dresser. I am sure he was trying to lotion her skin but he put it all in her hair. Poor baby she doesn't know what is going on.

He has been talking up a storm over the past couple of days and sometimes it's very clear. He still jumbles his words. I asked him to do something a few days ago and this is what I got, "NO! I don't want to!". I know it may not seem like much but I have always felt he should have been speaking clearly quite some time ago. I no longer try not to compare him to other kids his age anymore, since I realize every child moves at his own pace.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

No Drama Needed

A friend of mine actually got a hold of me on my birthday. We share the same birthdate just different year. I dated this guy before I was married and had to let him go since he was in the service and knowing myself I could not deal with deployment. Once is all it took. It was sort of early in the relationship and he had to leave for 6 months. During that time I made up my mind before things got more serious.

Anyway, so he sends me Happy Birthday wishes and asks how is the family and kids. I tell him all is well. You know how that goes. Then the online conversation went from that to this:

Him : when are you going to send me some photos of yourself
Me : What?
Him : Yes when?
Me : listen, I told you already I am a happily married and well kept woman
Him : so
Me : I should know that wouldn't mean anything to you.
Him : When are you coming out to see me?
Me : (The door slams shut and IM ended)

You know it got me so angry how some people don't respect other people's vows. I take mine very seriously and was not about to encourage this type of nonsense. How dare he try to disrespect my husband. He's lucky this was not a phone conversation because although I hardly resort to profanity I could have changed that in a second.

Ugh, what nerve!

Loving siblings

As rough as he is with her there is a softer side
Say Aahhhhhh!

I was watching my son today as he headed to the refrigerator to refill his bottle of water. I began to wonder, why can't toddlers just walk to where they're going. He was running just to get to the kitchen. He runs everywhere but I think it's just so cute. Also, he is finally finding his tongue and speaking more. You know what he told me today when I asked him to do something, "NO! I don't want to"

I totally forgot about this. A few days ago when I checked my e-mail, strangely enough there was message
sent using PIX-FLIX Messaging service. This message was sent from my phone and I certainly did not do it. When I opened the message it was just the letter G. Now my son had gotten a hold of my phone sometime and it was obviously him who had done it since the husband wasn't home either. Now that cost me about $0.40. Just had to mention that. I think I will ask him to teach me how to do it. I've never used that feature in my phone and we all know that Motorolas aren't very user friendly. So how in the world did my son do this?

Oh wait, maybe he read the book!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Kiddie Pool Fun

There were so many photos but after looking through them and seeing my son's exposed privates in most, these were the safest ones.You would never believe how afraid he used to be of getting water in his face, now look at him
My sexy little girl

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bedtime Buddies Again

The famous playmat everyone fights to play on!
Notice his face!
(Also in defense of my son, he was not leaking.
He's been drooling whole day)
He's given up. Lala wins!!

Another try at errands today and I was somewhat successful. Made the run the Famous Footwear and after 20 minutes we were out the store with a new pair of larger sneakers for mommy. I must say I never believed it when people said their feet got bigger after childbirth well I am living proof. My sneakers are comfy, just what I need. So we'll see how that works out later when I head off to the gym aound 1 am.

I went to the Starbucks Drive thru to get my fix. I was in line, boxed in by many cars, 4 of which were ahead of me, when my son says, "Potty". I was stuck. He started pinching himself and saying that it hurts. I couldn't do a thing except ask him to hold it which luckily he did. We made it to the potty. He no longer wants to leave home with Pull-Ups. He longer wants to wear them period but he doesn't have that control yet when sleeping so it's a struggle.
My son gets up from his nap and says "potty". I take him to the bathroom, take off his pants and set him on the toilet. He had an erection and he grabbed his penis and said, "Booboo. Mama. It hurts" Yes ladies all the while your men have been telling you this, it is true for a 2 1/2 yr old has nothing to lie about!


Today I drove to IB. Much to my surprise it was muggy even though our friend's house was close to the beach. My kids had a blast of a time and so did I. I took some photos with the phone but since I am so cheap I am not sure I want to send them to my e-mail and pay the $0.40 per picture message. I may change my mind in a few minutes. Well it turns out I cannot even add a picture even if I wanted to. Stupid blogger. Anyone else having problems.

It always amazed me the different types of relationships married couples have. When I tell some people of my husband's and I no arguing policy they look at me like I'm either nuts or lying. But it is true..

Today my friend's daughter did not nap her usual 3 hrs and she tells me not to mention it to her husband. Not that I would. Why would that even come up? Lo and behold when he gets home, her daughter was in a very crabby mood and the husband says, "what happen to sissy? Did she not nap?" The wife lies and says well she napped but only for 2 hours which was a total lie. She barely napped for 1 hour. What gives?

You know what her son
who will be 3 in October says? "Daddy's so mean to you momma" How sad is that?

My husband is so easy going and laid back I think even if I wanted to start an argument I would fail. It's been over 3 yrs. He has never raised his voice nor a hand at me and he better not either.

Anyway, both kids played in the pool and guess what? Yep, the boy is sick. I wonder what his thing is with water and he loves it so much. He just got up crying and when I asked him if he wanted some medicine he said, "Yes" Such a willing party! So I doubt there will be any sleep for me tonight, AGAIN. I've been running on fumes whole day as lastnight I got 1 1/2 hours. I went to bed super early or late however you want to call it, at 5am, and Christopher got up at 6:30 am, crying and fussing. I tried to bring him in the bed and that failed again so I had to get up. This is really no fun.

Alyssa ate a lot today. She's so demanding sometimes. When we got home from our playdate she ate 3 - 6 oz jars of Stage 3 baby food and nursed for about 20 minutes. Luckily my friend gave it to me because I would have had to cook. I rarely buy the jar food for her anymore. That's pretty much my day. I am off to drink my cup of tea. Still no shower yet so I guess I have to do that too. Man I'm tired!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aaaaahhhhh......what is going on?

Why is my son getting up so early. I can't take it! I tried to take him in the bed with me and he wanted to part of it. He stayed for a bit then started kicking and carrying on. I'm so tired and I really need a break. He went to bed so late too around 1 am and got up at 8am. I on the other hand went to bed a little after 5 this morning.

So he got a hold of a pen last night and drew on the wall.......

My artist's Bunny (hope you can see it)

I wonder what animal that is?

and on his tummy. I asked him, "Christopher, what is that on the wall? What did you draw?" Without hesitation he proudly said,"Bunny". So for the next few minutes we discussed this work of art. He showed me where the ears, nose, feet and head was. So he knew exactly what he drew. I know you can see it too. if you try hard enough.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No funny photo today just a few funny happenings

Today was a lazy day. I'll tell you how it went.

I usually don't take pain killers or any kind of drugs for that matter since I am still nursing Booda Girl but last night my back turned on me again and I gave in. I went to bed I think around 2:30am which is early for me. So I took the meds before bed and I had somewhat of a great sleep but then the boy got up super early. It must have been around 8am.

I was still groggy from the meds so I brought him in the bed with me and we slept some more. Somehow he managed to ease his way out of the bed and when I got up at about 10:37 he was gone.

I was scared knowing the trouble he could have gotten into. But it wasn't too bad. He only climbed on the kitchen counter, managed to get his Gymboree Super Bubble solution and spill it on the carpet. He also used one of his trucks as a ladder and got to the book shelf where he took down every single book. But that's pretty much all he did.

Alyssa got up a short while after but she got up tired. I fed her she crawled a bit then she went back to sleep, until 5:30 pm. Yes, she slept the day away. maybe she's depressed about her weight...Ha!

We've only used one Pull-Up on Christopher today and that was for him while he napped. No accidents either and he didn't poop for the day.

When Alyssa got up this evening, she and her brother played nicely for the most part. He likes to play in her room on her playmat with the lights. So I left them in there for a quick second only to return and find my girl with no shirt and Christopher with no underwear. If that wasn't disturbing enough he had an erection? (No photos) How strange is that? I dressed her and brought them out to play in the play area. Don't you know he pulled off her top again. He unsnapped the snaps and was pointing to her belly button and nipples and laughing. When I asked him what was so funny he pointed to her nipples againand said, "eyes".

She in turn grabbed his penis and he began to laugh. I don't know what to say about these kids but mine can't be the only ones who do this.

Anyway, we went nowhere today but it was a nice day nonetheless.

Ok I take that back. he just gave me a funny photo.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

One year older and smelling sweeter than ever

Well since we didn't get to do what we wanted, my birthday will be celebrated next weekend. Grandpa and his woman friend will be coming down to our place to babysit while mom and dad go to dinner and act like teenagers. How fun! Now to share with you what I have received so far.

From my father-in-law, well it's really his woman, she is the one who orders these different things, I received a flower cake. Fear not, there will be more, lots more when we see them this weekend.
From the husband, a wonderful dinner ofcourse from my chef. I have no pictures to share because it was gone so quickly. I had 3 King Crab Claws and we had Fetuccini Alfredo tossed with shrimp and mushrooms.

Something I definitely DO NOT need but man it tastes good!

More of the usual

Please do not think I'm being ungrateful, it's just that I have a huge box filled with these things from Christmas that I have not even gotten to. It's all stashed away under Alyssa's crib. Might I also say this gift is probably more for him. If you know what I mean. Not that I don't like to smell good or anything. As a matter of fact, if you need to get your honey's heart rate up, run out tomorrow and buy Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy Jasmine Vanilla. Both our kids were conceived while I was wearing this. Not to mention us having some pretty wild nights and some thanks ought to go to that wonderful lotion.

My morning started of badly. If it wasn't bad enough that he had to work yesterday, he was also needed at work today. Why on a Sunday? He is teaching someone to operate the wonderful equipment. I guess I should share that with you also while I'm at it. There are 2 people who will be taking their Commercial driving test on Friday, so they both had the pleasure of spending the morning with my man. Now this is not his pump but it's very similar. His own is green and white.

42 meter Boom Pump

This morning Christopher gave me a late birthday present. He got up at 7 am. I brought him in the bed with me, something that I usually don't do except when he is sick or something but I was just so tired. Tired and hung over. Both kids co-operated last night and went to bed at the same time so mom and dad had some "us" time. If I didn't know better and I do, I would think that my husband was cheating on me with some woman who was showing him some pretty neat tricks. I guess it's a good thing that sex is getting better with age, right. Anyhoo on with the story..

He also told me to go shopping today and get something for me. Key word being "me". Now this was a tricky one. Tricky because there was a catch. He knew I wouldn't leave the girl so that was a given. I'd be taking her with me. No problem atleast it's usually not a problem. Christopher was supposed to stay home but when he saw me getting dressed he ran for his pants and shoes. So yes, you've guessed it me and the kids would be going shopping. I needed to get him some big boy underwear anyway and I really wanted him to chose it. So what the hell.

We made it to Famous Footwear. I needed some running shoes. Yes I'm back working hard at the gym and even though I have tons of sneakers they're not for running. So we're in the store and Christopher starts playing with this other little girl. He gets really excited and is jumping on and off the seat where people sit to try on the shoes. I'm telling him to stop and the girl's parents are trying to calm her down too. We both look at each other and just kind of shook our heads. We were helpless. Then he started chasing the girl up and down the aisles. They were both laughing uncontrollably. Then the girl's parents told her it was time to go and all hell broke loose. She started screaming and carrying on while her play buddy just stood watching her. "I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home." Man I tell you it was quite the scene. They picked her up kicking and screaming then out the door they went. By this time I had not found a pair of shoes and it was 6pm, closing time. So I left with nothing. The boy was so hyper I decided to take him home before heading over to Mervyns.

After the drop off I headed to Mervyns. Looking for some tops and whatever else I could find. Afterall this shopping spree was on the husband. I wanted to go the the mall but they close early on Sundays so Mervyns had to do. But it was not meant to be. I managed to pick up a tank top and I ended up grabbing 2 tops for Alyssa(which I should not have done) then I had to leave. She screamed and screamed. Even though I went in the dressing room and nursed her, the girl wanted no part of this shopping trip. So I paid for the 3 items and left. It was all a waste. Well I'll try some time this week.

Funny Photo Of the Day

Wanting Candy can make you do some stupid things!

He made it to the shelf with the "Fruit Leather", his healthy candy from Henry's but could not come down. Silly Boy. Notice the look on his face. He was SCREAMING!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Funny Photo of the day

Our son continues to amuse us!

I swear to you, no one put that cow on his butt! The husband just said, "hey, look at your son", and I did!

Sleeping Princess and a scare

I just took this a few minutes ago. So peaceful.

Anyway, I had to change my daughter's earrings from her pretty hoops(see last picture) to the plain ole' studs(1st picture). Actually the studs are my earrings but who cares.

I wonder why she's holding on to the rail?

Alyssa in her imported hoops

My brother had sent her these pretty hoops all the way from Trinidad and the first scare was about at the age of 4 1/2 months. I figured I'd let her get accustomed to the things and was very pleased that she never messed with them until one day she was screaming bloody murder in her crib. I ran in to find her little finger stuck in the hoop and all twisted. So out they came. Back to the studs. You'd think I had learned my lesson.

A few weeks ago I put the hoops back in and I watched her to see if she was playing with it. Days went by and nothing. Until earlier this week when I went to Toys R Us. I took her out the seat, placed her in the stroller and all was well. She was even smiling at me. My husband had called so I was just standing there talking to him when she started hacking up a storm. Just dry hacking. I opened her mouth just out of habit and she smiled again! Then the coughing started and you can guess what she brought up. That darn earring. So we're back to the studs.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting Old and other things

She got up there all my her self (Sorry about the mess)

I thought they say, whoever they is, that girls do less jumping and climbing than boys do. Well, I know Alyssa is a bit on the young side for me to start jumping to conclusions, but today she climbed. She can't even walk and she's climbing? If this is a sign of things to come I am so through. I barely made it through my son's crazy acrobatics when he was a little younger. Oh how many times I felt like my heart was about to leap out my chest and explode. The numerous amount of scares that he gave me and still does. I hope I can get through this thing.

Alyssa also had her own playtime without being pushed, hit or having toys grabbed from her. Maybe she planned it, but she got up from her nap earlier than her brother probably so that she could have some "me" time. I got some great pictures in our private photo shoot today but I won't bore you with them all. Instead I will share with you one of my favorites. She was just so happy today.

It's because you finally gave me a bath mama.

Well there you go.

You know something, my husband wanted to make all these plans to have his sister come babysit and us go out to dinner this weekend. I was puzzled as to why he wanted to do this all of a sudden, until today he mentioned that Saturday is my 31st birthday. Is this happening to anyone else? For the past few years I honestly don't even remember my own birthday until someone reminds me or I get a birthday card in the mail from my mom. What is going on with me? How sad is that? And what is worse, do you know what he asked me today? He asked me if I wanted a carpet shampooer for my birthday. If I wasn't so tired I may have punched him. Ha.....Why doesn't he just get me some pots and call it a day?

Playing in Peace

So while lala naps he had a ball. So much joy can come from these little cars.

Please don't laugh at my crusty knees..hehehe!

Looks like the freeway at 2:30 pm to me!

Here's our joke for the day

My brother sent this to me a couple days ago. You may have seen it before but it sure is funny!

Welcome to the 24th Annual Women Drivers of the Year Award

6th Place

5th Place

4th Place

Bronze Medalist

Silver Medalist

And the Grand Prize Winner is...

Ummm -- for those of you who don't get this last one, she is wearing her helmet backwards - strapped on and everything !!

More Mischief

Meljoy, you've blighted me! Just kidding. You mentioned the powder episode and guess what happened tonight. He said he wanted to use the potty and he closed the door. I stayed outside the door listening to any noises that would indicate trouble but there was none. He knew exactly what he went in there for because I didn't give him much time to get into anything yet when I opened the door, there he was emptying the powder in the toilet. So now my son has become deceptive.

You can't see it here, but that toilet had a lot of powder in there.

He only got a small amount on himself.

I look at this last picture and you know what that face says, "I didn't do it and I'm sticking to my story!" What am I going to do with this child?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Share...No, it's MINE

I was dreading this. As a matter of fact I was foolish enough to believe I had somehow escaped it. Alyssa is very active. She's not walking but she does pretty good with her army crawl. She chases her brother around and she is surprisingly quick too. Well we set up his train set as I thought he was old enough to appreciate the thing, well somewhat. I got more than I bargained for. He really loves the thing. He loves it so much that no one can touch it

I initially set it up in his room but after 1 night of over-excitement and refusing to go to sleep it had to be removed. So we set it up in the play area, next to the computer where mommy spends most of her spare time.....HA! So a couple of days ago, Alyssa was playing with her annoying Elmo play table and she heard the engine chug...chug....chugging along. Needless to say it immediately peeked her interest because she was over by the train quicker than I could blink. I kept a close eye on her as she sat upright watching the thing go around the tracks. I saw Christopher eyeing her closely. Who knows what was going on in that head!
Well Alyssa made the mistake of reaching for the train and before I could reach down to stop her, Christopher pushed her over while saying "NO NO NO.."

I scolded him and told him that we need to share. Well he hasn't grasped the whole sharing concept. It's been going on now for about 2 days, the pushing and grabbing. You should see the look on Alyssa's face. He's also started hiding all the toys, hers included. I have, however, taught him to trade and he does it occasionally. When he grabs his toys away from her he gives her some boring toy. She looks at it for a quick few seconds and throws on the floor. Oh if only she could talk I am sure she'd tell him a thing or two about that.

So that's what I've been dealing with and I'm up this morning thinking about ways to get past this stage without him hurting her or me losing my mind. He's just so rough because daddy plays that way with him. Sometimes he's too rough with me! He's gentle at all other times with Alyssa, just as long as it doesn't involve him sharing his toys especially that train.

Tonight it happened again. He grabbed the train from her, pushed her, and said, "NO. MINE. SHARE" How can those 3 words go together?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bedtime Shots

Today we had a great day but now it's 10:23 pm and neither kids are in bed. I am watching them play in the kitchen as we speak. No one looks tired either. I think I may have messed up their naps today. Oh well.

She just loves trucks. Actually I don't think she has much of a choice
He knows his letters but prefers them in a line. Doesn't all kids??

Tomorrow may not be as good a day. Alyssa has her 9 month wellness appointment. I know it's late, bad mommy. More shots....and Christopher gets so upset too.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Here we go....

Thanks Ann! True for the most part but I doubt that I shock anybody!

Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant Garde

You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog.

You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head.

Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent.

You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content.

Geez this boy is quick

So as I've mentioned before I've been trying to get the boy to go #2 on the potty. Still unsuccessful! I left him in my bathroom on the toilet. He asked me to close the door so I gave him some privacy. It was also bath time so I went to his room to get his clothes. When I opened to door, I was greeted with the strong smell of nail polish. Yes, this is what I saw.

I ask you, how could I be mad at him? The nail polish was not on the bathroom counter within easy reach. It was in the medicine cabinet.

Thieving Old Man

So yesterday I ran a whole lot of errands. One of them happened to be hunting for a tunnel for my...oops......our son's room. I always say that! I figured Toys R Us would be my best bet so off I went. Now I only had the girl. Yes I left the boys together, alone. Well he should have been napping.

While in Toys R Us I decided to get the boy a new engine for his train set. He actually has 2. Now if I didn't know better I would think that some of the in-laws were competing for the boys affection. He got 2 train sets last Christmas, the Learning curve brand and the Brio brand with battery operated engine. Luckily they are compatible with each other so we can build a huge track, plus the cars connect. Now my father in law's woman friend got him the Brio train set. I am convinced it was a damaged clearance item because when we put the battery in the engine it didn't work. I had to bang the stupid thing on the counter to get it to finally work. Ok so I was looking for a new Thomas engine but when I saw the price, $20.00 well $19.99, I sort of changed my mind. I walked up and down the aisle looking for some generic brand battery operated engine that would work with either Brio or Learning Curve but guess what, there were none. Luckily for Christopher, I found a Brio 4 pack, 3 cars and 1 battery operated engine for the same price as the 1 Learning Curve Thomas. So you know what brand the boy got. Not that he cared. He just wanted a moving choo choo train.

On my way to the 1 cash register that was opened, I saw this old man. He had one of the Thomas sets I was considering. It had a Thomas engine(not baterry operated) and Henry or Gordon, some one of them. I waited as the cashier moved in slow motion and I watched this old man walk right out the store with this thing.

Once I paid and was walking to the car, I saw him sitting outside looking at his stolen goods, his prize. He didn't open it, but just stared at the sealed box. You know what I said to myself, it served them right for having me wait so long in line.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Can I share this....

Today we headed to the Quail Botanical Gardens with our friends and I managed to get some decent shots. I think they're pretty cool!

The Rosy Boa

I guess no one bothered to give him a name

Some kind of plant - I should have paid more attention

Poor Cottontail Bunny - He looks like how I felt, hot and tired!

Our Sunny Patch friend - Miss Spider

The Owl (I'd rather be sleeping)

The Eagle, I think

Some kind of cockroach :-)
Eek!....More cockroaches

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