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Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Legoland visit

Believe or not this morning I was bored. I had no intentions of braving any kind of heat today but at 2 pm when I realized my son was not going to take his nap(he had gotten up late) I said to heck with it. I packed up the kids and off to Legoland we went. It's always fun and it doesn't seem as though my son would ever get bored. He wanted to play in the water sprinklers again so I took a chance. You'd think I'd learn by now.I'm sure that feels great on his bottom. Just look at his face!
It also appears that we are in need of some "Crack Spackle". Ha! Not sure if I spelled that right.

When he was all done with the water, it was off to slide. I didn't even bother to try to get a picture since he was running around like a madman. But today I decided to put LaLa on the ground to explore. She chose to show off her extreme flexibility.
And even tried to stand up on her own.

When we got home everyone was tired. It was 7:30 pm when I put them both to bed. I think I got maybe 30 minutes before the crying started. Yes he does not feel well. Maybe it's something in the water? I gave him his medicine in an effort not to have a repeat of his last episode. Alyssa is fussy also which is unheard of for her really. She's such a quiet one. I nursed her a few minutes ago and I'm waiting to see if that works. She feels a bit warm, so I'm only hoping I won't have 2 sick kids on my hands tonight.
Daddy got stuck in the furnace, AKA Campo and just called to say he has now left. He won't be home until morning. 2 hours to drive back and another 2 to service his equipment. Apparently there are mechanical problems that just can't wait until tomorrow. This sucks!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Potty tales

I am really trying to stick with this.

He is without clothing as we speak. No Pull-Ups this morning and no accidents. We've been in the bathroom, in and out for
the past 1 1/2 hours. Each session I make him sit there for 20 minutes. I know that sounds harsh but I saw him run and hide and make that familiar I-need-to-go-#2 face. So I grabbed him quickly and placed him on the toilet. He no longer wishes to use his potty. He wants the big boy toilet. He has not gone #2 yet! How long can he hold this? Wouldn't his tummy start to ache? I am so determined to get him to do this today. He has #1 all figured out so we need to graduate to the next step but I am so tired and need a nap and I know as soon as I put him in his room for his nap he will go. Which is no huge deal except that he takes the Pull-up off and causes a mess. YUCK!!

Someone suggested that I give him some privacy. So we attempt this in daddy's bathroom, yes daddy's bathroom. Since the bathroom counter is empty and he has no lotions or anything. I figured he couldn't get into much trouble. Well I told him go sit on the toilet and he does. He asks me to close the door. I let him stay in there for little while and entered. There was water everywhere and it wasn't from the sink or the shower. All on his head and the floor. That wet nose and upper lip is not from a runny nose. The mats were soaked and so was the toilet seat! Turns out he had taken an almost empty bottle of his bath soap, and filled it with toilet water. He probably gave himself a bath which explains all the mess and the wet face. Well atleast he smells good. I don't think you can see the mess very well but he was quite happy with himself.

Someone....Anyone...I need help! He just brought the potty in the living room. He has found some candy/tic-tacs. I told him he can't have it unless he goes poop in the potty. He says okay and here he is. I'm waiting!

More DMV stories

I wish I had a picture for this one. I had to stop by my favorite place, DMV, again yesterday oh wait that would be the day before yesterday. It's amazing how many strange people and strange stories you hear while waiting. So I got my number and sat down. Meanwhile I was paying very close attention to the goings-on at the window for the seniors or those with disabilities.

Nearby, I saw an older gentleman, probably around 80 - 85 no kidding, with an oxygen tank. He was talking to a lady next to him. I later came to find out she was not with him, just assisting. On the speaker, the woman calls for I005, he immediately stands up and looks at his ticket. I hear the lady say NO that's not you. She said I005. He says YES. She says no, you are J0005. Okay this more than caught my attention and several other people's also. As a matter of fact the whole section where I sat focused on this man. I am guessing we were all thinking the same thing. That this man is actually going to be driving on the same streets and we are!

Well he sat down and finally his number was called. He jumped up again. The lady had to confirm it with him several times as I also learned he is hard of hearing. Wait it gets worse! He walks up to the counter/desk and sits down. His hands are shaking really bad too. I'm thinking it's probably Parkinson's Disease. I hear the lady ask him about the oxygen tank. It is hard not to be nosey because he was talking so loudly that people across the room could have heard. I try to read the wall posters and still heard him say something about asthma and his lungs. Okay...

So he had to re-take the eye exam. This is the part that got me. Here it goes:

Teller : Read the first line.

He reads it but throws in some numbers and kept changing his choices of letters. Now there are no numbers on this vision test

Teller : Read line 3

He reads it and again does the same thing.

Teller : Read line 5

There is silence. I looked around my little section and everyone is looking at this gentleman.

Teller :
Read line 5

Silence again

Teller : Sir line 5, can you see anything?

Man : I see a lot of things but no line 5

WHAT!!!...everyone in my section had a really worried and surprised look on their faces as we all sat there and watched each other with raised eyebrows.

She then tells him to read line 1. Yes again. He reads it with many errors.

And then finally, she writes something down

Teller : Sir, you need to take this to your eye doctor.

This man should definitely not be driving.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Wild Animal Park trip

I had seen this upon entering the Zoo and the show that was displayed was beautiful.

It wasn't moving at the time and I was shocked to see it was alive
It danced and .....
shook like a real tree
My son's jaws dropped and his mouth remained open for most of the show
They really wowed the audience

I had also seen this in the background. It was motionless
She too was alive
I felt so stupid, it was no statue
Evening Grooming session

Quiet Kitty
Baby ducklings
The cool flamingos. They smelled really bad too.
Some were just sleeping
Posing for the shot
Resting after a long day
It seems as though the animals get a bit frisky at night!
I think I got some good shots for a novice anyways

Monday, June 26, 2006

A hot but successful Morning

It's 93 degrees today and only 12:30. Needless to say we are staying inside, AGAIN! Well atleast until evening. Thank goodness for Central Air. We're taking our first trip to Nighttime Zoo. Never been there at night.

Our morning is going great so far. No Pull-ups since he got up a couple hours ago and no accidents. He's been to the potty 4 times. We're trying for #2 today. The only catch is I'll have to keep an eye on him all the time. I mean I can't let him out my sight not for one second.
So wish us luck.

We've spent the morning counting his new snack and I've finally tricked him into eating raisins for the 1st time. Yep...they're Chocolate covered. He doesn't even like chocolate so this is new. Actually he'll eat chocolate chip cookies so that's not entirely correct.

Well daddy is opening the door as we speak, t
his is such a surprise so I'll leave it here.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

How exciting!

I got 8 1/2 hours sleep lastnight. Yes, only a mommies gets excited over sleep! I can't remember the last time that happened. I got up naturally as they say. It's very quiet now. The kids are still asleep and the husband went surfing.

Well my son has a song he's been saying for the past couple of weeks which makes me feel kind of bad It goes something like this,

"no no no no noooooooo....no no noooooo...no no no no nooooooo..."

I wonder where he got that from? I remember trying to refrain from using that work too often when he started getting into everything/trouble. I used to say don't do that but I just said to hell with it.

Yesterday, I was nice enough to give big Chris some "me" time. So I packed up the kids and made 2 store runs. First to Henry's then to Walmart. For the first time I let him push the "shopper in training" cart. He looked so proud of himself. I didn't have much to get so all the produce went in his cart. My heels are still sore from the damage he made from not looking where he was going but it went well.

Off to Walmart, and that was great too until we left the store and we were about 3 feet from the vehicle. Then all hell broke loose.
I first heard a very quiet whining then suddenly he threw himself on the ground and started kicking and screaming which ofcourse scared his baby sister and she sounded off too. I spent a couple seconds trying to decided who to load in the car first, groceries, Alyssa or this crying monster. Afterall I didn't want some car to mow him down yet I decided to put Alyssa in first. Then I tended to him. I spoke calmly at first until I put him in the carseat and he went to a level 5 tantrum. He was kicking and screaming and clawing at me. I didn't and still don't understand what brought this on. Maybe he just didn't want to go home! I got kicked in the stomach several times and scratched on the arm. Thankfully I was out of his head's way because he was quickly turning it from side to side. You should have seen this. I was struggling to hold him in the seat. He's very strong. All I had to do was to get those straps buckled and he could kick and scream as he liked. It took me a long time to accomplish this but when I was through, he took his pint sized water bottle that was in his car seat's cup holder and threw it at me. Yes..it did hit me and I would take no more of this abuse.

I grind my teeth and gave him my mean look and said, "You are in so much trouble."

I ran and threw the groceries in the front, left the cart to the side and jumped in.

I was so mad. I raised my voice at him.

Me : What got into you?

The crying stops at once and there was complete Silence. Even Alyssa was quiet.

Me : Are you nuts? I am disappointed with your behaviour. You never, never throw things at mommy. You don't kick and you don't hit.


Me : Straight to bed when you get home. No snacks, no TV, straight to bed.


Me : I thought you were a big boy (he loves it when I tell him he's a big boy and I figured he'd understand this) but big boys don't behave that way. You know when you scream like that you scare Alyssa. I don't want to hear a peep from you.
He turns and looks at his sister. She was looking at him too. Her face was red and very messy with all the tears and the runny nose, from crying.

This was the most quiet trip I had ever made. He didn't sing to the music, not a peep. I turned to look at him several times when I hit a stop light and it seemed as though he avoided all eye contact purposely.

We get home and I tell him to go knock on the door and let daddy let you in. He walks away quietly. Poor thing. I am such a mean mommy I thought but he must be disciplined. Since daddy's a push over.

We get home and stays away from me. He was struggling to take off his socks, which I think are a little snug on his large feet and he didn't want me to help him. Oh well, he will live.

I told daddy of my parking lot drama and how I raised my voice at him. His response? Well he needs discipline. I didn't feel so bad then because sometimes he tells me I'm mean. I think he is finally understanding why we have to be tough sometimes. He's been coming home early recently and spending more time with the kids. He's seeing first hand how our son can get sometimes and knows that it is not okay to just let him have his way. Thanks goodness for that.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Now I'm convinced he is getting better

Finally, last night I only had to make one trip to his room. It wasn't due to illness, but because he was wet. He told me so. So I changed him at he slept until his usual wake up time. Meanwhile I was so waiting on those screams that I could not sleep. No biggie, I'll sleep tonight or this morning.

I think it is safe to say that we are binky free! He has not asked for it for days. I wonder how he'll react if he sees a baby with one. Hopefully he won't have a binky relapse.

He was very obedient today, for the most part. Every few weeks I see improvement. He's talking a lot more too which is great! But sometimes he starts calling off a lot of words just because he knows them. It's particularly annoying at dinner or lunch time when he starts naming off many foods. Sometimes I make what he "requested" only to give it to him and hear "NO!" Oh well.

I took him to the park today since we've been locked up in here. He was so happy and I'm so very tired. Still need my cup of tea and have to make lunch for the man to go to work with then hopefully I can catch up on my much needed sleep.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Memory Lane

I was just looking through some old albums and found some photos of my son when he was younger. They do grow so fast. Where did the time go?February 2th, 2004 - Today you were born
February 24th, 2004March 31st, 2004 - Your very first real smileApril 23rd, 2004
July 12th, 2004
October 29th, 2004
December 15th, 2004
Christmas 2004January 19th, 2005
February 9th, 2005April 18th, 2005
May 5th, 2005 - Oh what a mess you madeNovember 3rd, 2005
Christmas 2005
January 26th, 2006

February 16th, 2006
March 28th, 2006
April 26th, 2006
Father's Day 2006

Will this ever end?

Every night I think he is getting better only to experience the same sleepless nights that I have been having since Sunday. I got 2 1/2 hours sleep today, a brief nap yesterday and maybe 30 minutes on Monday. Other than that I haven't been sleeping. Don't get me wrong I am a night owl but I usually go to bed around 3 or maybe 4 am but since Sunday, no sleep. He is still getting up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours and it is easier for me to just stay up. I can't sleep because I am just waiting for him to get up screaming. This really sucks.

In other news, one of my fishes died today. I had her since she was about 1 1/2 inches long. She was fully mature and had been laying eggs very often yet her belly never seemed to get smaller. She started losing her color a few days ago and had stopped eating. The male fish, featured above, which I had mentioned in a way earlier post was her abusive mate who beat her up as he pleased. Not sure what she died from, maybe she just had enough and could take no more. I tried to take a picture of her when she was removed from the tank but my husband quickly disposed of the thing in the trash and took it outside.

Sorry about the messy glass on the tank. It's hard to keep the stupid thing clean when my son loves to scare the fish by hitting and swatting the glass.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So far so good

Thanks again everyone. He was still doing great when I put him to bed. I know his throat is sore as he really gives me a face when he swallows. Also, he's been drooling for days because he won't swallow his saliva. I guess it's just too painful. I was told to take him to the doctor if the throat issue doesn't clear up soon to have them check him for strep. So i'll have to monitor that.

I wonder why my entries are so choppy now. My titles aren't showing on my end. Is anyone else seeing this or having the same problem. Maybe I messed up the template!
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